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I Scream, You Scream
Provider Grand Theft Auto III Map Icon - El Burro El Burro
  • Forced car swap

El Burro needs you to fetch a car bomb and plant it on a stolen ice cream van so it can be used to lure and kill rival gang members.

Fortunately this mission is straightforward and can be done without any hassle from the gang. First you'll need to follow the marker to the bomb in a briefcase near the small Harwood overpass. After that the Mr. Whoopee ice cream van will appear on your radar, so track it down and hijack it. The bomb will be readied automatically.

Drive to Atlantic Quays in the harbor area and you'll be shown where to park the vehicle. Get out and stand a safe distance away, and once the Forellis surround the van use the remote to blow them up.

For completionists: If you haven't delivered a Mr. Whoopee van for the nearby Import-Export Garage and you intend to do so, now is the easiest opportunity in the game! You can actually kill the gang members any way you want, so running them over and taking the van after the mission is over (or delivering it during the mission if you don't care about failing) will save a headache finding one later. You only need to park it for them to spawn first.