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'Triads And Tribulations' (03:37)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'Chaperone' (Salvatore)


Another day, another letter on the table. Toni is not a happy man.

"We're at WAR. The Triads have a fish factory as a front. Most of their business goes down at the fish market in Chinatown. That laundry still owes us protection. They reckon the Triads are protecting them now, so I say we exact a fitting punishment. Take these boys over and whack the Triad Warlords! Hell, if you get a chance, pop some of their soldiers too."

Take the two goons in a four-door vehicle (Toni surely wouldn't mind you borrowing his Kuruma!) and head to whichever of the dots you prefer. Kill the marked leader there, and do the same for the other two locations.


There are three bosses to eliminate. They can be killed in any order, but they are listed here in vague order of difficulty.

Fish Market[edit]

This guy's standing out in the open. Just run him down. Simple.


This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. Bikes Are Deadly!
To make it really easy grab a bike from the nearby parking lot—the place you visited in 'The Fuzz Ball' (Luigi)—and race between the posts, either shooting or running him down. Repeat as needed. Don't worry if you kill your Mafiosos, you won't fail the mission.

A police radio band message informs you that there is a gang war in progress. Everywhere you'll see Triads and Mafiosos duking it out.

You'll notice this warlord is holed up in the same place as Chunky in 'Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong' (Joey). This time you've got backup so it shouldn't be very difficult to take this guy down.

A sniper rifle should sort him out. Since you've got the backup you could even just rush him with whatever weapon you prefer.

You may have problems vacating the scene without being thrown out of your car (which is why the bike helps) and waiting for the clueless mafia guys to eventually get in makes you a sitting duck. Either run around a corner with them following you and jack a new car, or just leave them behind, it doesn't matter.

Turtle Head Fish Factory[edit]

There are many, many ways to do this one.

Hill Assault[edit]

Forget about finding a van, just go around the back of the factory and climb the hill. You can then snipe the warlord, or fire a rocket, or lob a grenade, or whatever. Even an AK or Uzi would probably work fine.

Riding Shotgun[edit]

Park your vehicle completely flush against the back wall of the factory near the hill. Stand on the car or the hill and fire a few shots at the warlord to attract their attention.

They'll run over and vainly try to shoot through the wall, so just blow the car up somehow (shotgun, uzi, grenade, anything will do) and they'll be caught in the blast. Simple.

No Clipping Shotgun[edit]

Run around the back and attract their attention. They'll run down to the wall and try shooting at it. Their bullets won't get through but a flush shotgun's will due to the GTA engine's slightly flawed clipping handling.

Stand right up against the wall and fire a burst or two (the overhead view will help here). In no time at all you'll have clipped the warlord.

The Direct Approach[edit]

Find a Belly-Up Fish Van. You may have trouble grabbing a fish van without being thrown out, and even when you do it's only a two-door; if your stooges aren't already dead from the Chinatown incident you'll have to abandon one or both of them. The other will try to run along behind but he likely won't make it anyway.

Drive up to the gate and it will open for the van. Then either jump out all-guns-blazing or run the warlord over. They don't have particularly heavy firepower on them so this shouldn't be hard to achieve.

The Stealth Approach[edit]

Like the direct approach, only you park the van beside the left-hand wall of the building. Get out and run behind it and then shoot it to pieces. The explosion will kill the warlord and probably all of his guards, and then you can grab the other truck and escape. Simple.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Blow Fish' (Toni)

NOTE: don't be surprised when the mafia men abandon you at the end of the mission; they won't follow you outside this mission and act like normal mafiosos, this isn't Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.