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Sony Greatest Hits
Year introduced1997

Sony Greatest Hits are video games for the American Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable consoles that have been officially re-released at a lower price by Sony. While the term "Greatest Hits" only applies to selections in North America, equivalent programs exist in PAL territories (as the "Platinum Range"), and Japan and other parts of Asia (as "The Best").

Greatest Hits titles are colloquially referred to as "red label" (or "green label" for PlayStation titles) referring to the colored band that is added to the packaging to differentiate it from regular releases. Prices for these titles are $19.99 for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP games and $29.99 for PlayStation 3 games. A game can become a Greatest Hit if it meets certain sales and time criteria:

Start date Console Months on market Copies sold
1997 PlayStation 12 250,000
2002 PlayStation 2 9 400,000
2006 PSP 9 250,000
2008 PlayStation 3 10 500,000

Though Sony-published games are virtually guaranteed to eventually be Greatest Hits titles after they meet their sales and age marks, other companies are not required to release their titles on the Greatest Hits label even if they meet the criteria. In addition, Sony also allows other publishers some flexibility in the pricing of their own Greatest Hits titles, though most companies stick to the agreed-upon suggested retail price. Games that are multi-million sellers may become Greatest Hits titles much later than 9 months to maximize profits. It is also a common practice for a game to re-release on the Greatest Hits label at a close proximity to the release of that game's sequel or follow-up.

While Greatest Hits titles are usually just straight re-releases of the original game with altered packaging and a cheaper price, occasionally a game is given a "special edition" of its original version, released under the Greatest Hits label. Usually these additions are small bonuses, such as the inclusion of new game demos or soundtrack CDs, or slight improvements such as adding analog control or vibration functionality to games that didn't have these features in their original releases. Occasionally, however, significant changes are implemented into the game, though enhancements such as these are typically uncommon in Greatest Hits releases.

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