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Crash Bandicoot
Box artwork for Crash Bandicoot.
Developer(s)Naughty Dog
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Distributor(s)PlayStation Network
Release date(s)
PlayStation icon.png
Flag of the European Union.svg November, 1996
PlayStation Portable icon.png
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 3 icon.png
PlayStation 3
System(s)PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Mode(s)Single player
ESRB: ESRB KA.png Kids to Adults
ELSPA: Ages 3+
OFLC: OFLC G.svg General
Followed byCrash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
SeriesCrash Bandicoot
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This is the first game in the Crash Bandicoot series. For other games in the series see the Crash Bandicoot category.

Crash Bandicoot is a platform game made by Naughty Dog in 1996 for the PlayStation, featuring the character by the same name. In it, Crash must fight Dr. Neo Cortex's henchmen in order to save Tawna, his beloved bandicoot girlfriend for revenge on Cortex. This game was made when Naughty Dog had only ten employees.

The game was re-released via the PlayStation Network for the PSP on December 4, 2006. It was later released for the PS3 on May 3rd, 2007.

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