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This is the first game in the Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles series. For other games in the series see the Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles category.

Box artwork for Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles.
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles
Year released2006
System(s)PlayStation 2
Followed byNaruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
SeriesNaruto: Uzumaki Chronicles
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Teen
LinksNaruto: Uzumaki Chronicles ChannelSearchSearch

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles (うずまき忍伝 Uzumaki Ninden?) is a PlayStation 2 game based on the popular manga and anime series. Unlike the previous Naruto titles on the PS2 (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2), which were fighting games, Uzumaki Chronicles is an action-adventure. This is also the first 3D Naruto game not to use cel-shaded graphics.

Due to the game being released too early for the dub viewers, content present in the game was either modified or removed. The presence of Itachi, Kisame, and Tsunade were completely wiped clean from the original in all FMV sequences and gameplay, while Gaara and Shikamaru had their costumes modified to their present dub costumes. Very strangely, Choji's abilities to enlarge his arm were kept in the game despite being a spoiler from the Sasuke Retrieval arc. The fight with Kisame vs. Naruto & Sasuke, is instead Kabuto vs. Naruto, and the Kisame fight against Naruto and Shikamaru is now Gaara vs. Naruto. Naruto's Rasengan was also kept in the game even though it came from the Search for Tsunade arc, though due to spoiler censorship, it was renamed "Power Strike".


This game features mostly odd-jobs for Naruto to do (like find an ingredient for a candy maker, "advertise" (by beating up bandits) for a struggling shop owner, and more); but near the end, Naruto & friends learn that Orochimaru has created a new, deadly green mist that can kill living people and is using it to resurrect dead ninja to create a new army to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. Over all this game is an intermediate level of play. This game (U.S. version) would most likely take place between episode 101 and 102. A special edition of this game featuring the original content left unedited and fully translated is scheduled to be released sometime after Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3.

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