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Box artwork for Namco Museum Battle Collection.
Namco Museum Battle Collection
Year released2005
System(s)PlayStation Portable
SeriesNamco Museum
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone 10+
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The ultimate version of Namco Museum Battle Collection started out as the original release of Namco Museum for the PSP in Japan. For the US version, Namco wanted to include more games in order to give the release more perceived value. As result more games were included. After the final US version was released, Namco released a second volume in Japan that contained all of the games that were added to the US version, in addition to two new arrangement games. Here is the breakdown:

Pac-Man Yes Yes No
Ms. Pac-Man Yes Yes No
Galaxian Yes Yes No
Galaga Yes Yes No
Rally-X Yes Yes No
New Rally-X Yes Yes No
Dig Dug Yes Yes No
Dig Dug II Yes No Yes
Xevious Yes No Yes
Mappy Yes No Yes
The Tower of Druaga Yes No Yes
Dragon Spirit No No Yes
King & Balloon Yes No Yes
Grobda Yes No Yes
Dragon Buster Yes No Yes
Motos Yes No Yes
Rolling Thunder Yes No Yes
Bosconian Yes No Yes
Pac-Man Arrangement Yes Yes No
Galaga Arrangement Yes Yes No
Dig Dug Arrangement Yes Yes No
New Rally-X Arrangement Yes Yes No
Pac-Man Arrangement Plus No No Yes
Motos Arrangement No No Yes