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Archived discussion[edit]

[HappyViet] BUT!!! if you are a Cleric, heed this warning. CLERICS DO NOT NEED MAGIC GUARD!!! CLERICS WILL NEED MAGIC ARMOUR!!! Why might you ask? A cleric heals HP therefore uses MP to heal this HP. If you have Magic Guard that PROTECTS your HP by SUBSTITUTING MP, then what's the point of having a heal that will recover lost HP? Magic Guard therefore is more required for a cleric mage.

Incorrect on many levels. Most simply, Balrog does 1600 damage by touch, and 2300 damage with his magic attacks. Crimson Balrog does over 3000 damage in a single strike. Mages at level 100 don't have 1600 hp, and would therefore die in a single hit. And this is not limited to boss monsters either. Yeti and Pepe do 1000 damage with earthquake, dark ones do 1200. The only way to survive is to use Magic Guard. Vikings in Lubridium do well over 1000 damage, Lycanthropes and Werewolves consistantly hit over 1000 damage, Brains at over 1500 damage. These are not boss monsters, but common training monsters at level 90.--Dragontamer 22:35, 7 February 2006 (UTC)
Note: Sorry for this clutter to the readers. I will archive this into the discussion page in a few days. To the other editors: leave it up for now so HappyViet will know where his advice went.

If you turn a normal wepon scrolled to a dragon wepon, dose it keep the scrolls? Or dose it disapear? -- Hayrik*Talk*

It will lose all scroll effects placed on it.--IsaacGS 06:26, 1 April 2009 (UTC)