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This page contains a listing of some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered anywhere else in this guide, please add it to the relevant section here and you should receive a reply within a few days. Questions may be removed at the discretion of the authors and editors. (For example, price checks and questions that only pertain to a very small group of Maplers do not belong here.)


New Questions[edit]

If you have a question, please ask it here. It will be answered as soon as possible. Please also include the date that you added the question.

Q (October 27,2018): What is the normal attack rate for demon slayer lvl 95? and how do I increase my attack rate?

Q (September 16, 2012): I get a compatibility warning when I try to run the game. I have also get an error while the game is loading, which causes it to close. I am using Windows Vista or 7 64bit. How do I get the game to work?

A: some people recommend turning on compatibility mode for the program. An easier fix is to make sure you are running it as an administrator (you will need admin privileges on your user account to be able to do this). Go to C:\Nexon\MapleStory and right click on MapleStory.exe. On the menu select "Send To" and then "Desktop (create shortcut)". Go to your desktop and find the new MapleStory icon (you may want to rename the MapleStory icons on your desktop to distinguish them) and right click on it. Select "Properties", then "Advanced", make sure the "Run as administrator" box is checked and and click ok on each menu to make the change. Run the shortcut, the compatibility prompt may still appear, run the program, Internet Explorer should open, click "Play" and login. The compatibility prompt may appear again, run it, and the game will load and log you in automatically if you have cookies enabled.

Q (January 1 2012) I used to play maple like about four years ago? At that time I remembered that there was a choice to randomise stats to get the desired stats but now the stats for beginners seems to be standard? - STR 12 DEX 5 INT 4 LUK 4. Is there a way to randomise stats like before?

A: No.

Q (November 25 2011) URGENT!!! IM living in Ireland! I dont know which channel to pick!!!

A: Channel can be changed at any time, any can be chosen.

Q (October 2,2011): I just bought NX from the online store at "". I checked the game twice and it's not there. How long does it take for the NX to actually get to my account so I can spend it?

Q (September 11,2011): I am searching for a party for Zakum / Papulatus / Horntail, Where do I go?

A: Usually the lobby for the quests on channel 1 will have people also searching for a group. Joining a guild can also help find people. However, checking some of fan site forums for people looking for groups will probably get the best results.

Q (november 26, 2011): how many mesos is considered rich?

Q (September 11,2011): I reached lvl 120, and my Mastery Books seems really expensive. Is there a fast way to get the books without paying legendary amounts of mesos?

A: Hunting the monsters, selling any items that drop that you don't need is generally the best way to make enough money. Prioritize which are the most important masteries to get, and focus on those.

Q (April 30,2011): When i exit maplestory a pop-up appears how do i stop that pop-up from appearing.

A: Simply press Alt+F4 to make it disappear.

Q (May 15, 2010): (MapleStory/Quests/Aran) Level 31, after killing the puppeteer, the next quest is coming up. Where can I find the puppeteer, and how to solve?

A:I think that it might be in Perion, if not there go very deep in Ellinia where the maladydies and such are and go in one of the little holes in the trees.

Q (May 10, 2010): I just downloaded the newest version of maplestory and when i try to create a character the game shuts down. I have tried multiple times now and It keeps shutting down when i have just selected a character type. What do I do?

A: I was having this same problem when I started 4 days ago, to fix it go to c:/nexon/maplestory/
         then click on Gamelauncher.exe and open the game through that instead of the website.

Q (May 10, 2010): I recently got my 3rb job advancement as a marauder (in eMS), and when I went to get my hog, Kenta didn't offer the Monster Riding quest. Is there anything else I need to do before I can get my mount? If not, what's my problem?

A: In Europe Maplestory, Pirates are still classed by the game as Beginners. Since Beginners can't get the hog mount, by direct result, Pirates cannot obtain them either.

Q (May 10, 2010): Could you add a list with all the debuffs that can be cast by monsters? I sometimes see a monsterskill of which I know nothing, without explanation.

A: Done. See Monster abilities and debuffs.

Q (May 10, 2010): If you are a Aran, do you need to do the chain of keys to pull off skills, or could you set up a skill button for Combo Fenrir?

A: you need to do the chain of keys to do the combo fenrir skill.

Q (May 10, 2010): As a Thief, do you buy a case of stars and are able to recharge them from Zero forever? Or when they get to Zro, do you have to buy a new case?

A: All stars, except A Beginner Thief's Throwing-Stars are rechargeable. It is best to carry around several stacks of stars so that you can eliminate the need to return to town.

Q (May 10, 2010): How do you become a Evan and how do you become a Aran? Using global MS?

A: you simply choose to create a new character, then click on the picture of the job you choose (aran/evan/adventurers/cygnus knights) and then proceed as regular.

Q (May 10, 2010): Does Soul Arrow work as any arrow? Like you can combine it with hurricane or something of that nature?

A: Yes, Soul Arrow is the same thing as a regular arrow, except that instead of using normal arrows, you expend MP to use them. Also, it would be highly impractical to use normal arrows for Hurricane ans the skill's high firing rate makes it expend arrows quickly.

Q: If you are a melee job, why not use Ap to get about 20 Int? You can use skills a lot more often, dealing more damage anyway?

A: You would not be able to use skills a lot more often. You would be able to use them a little more often, for less damage anyway, and less damage when you attack normally also. Plus this makes you much more dependent on mana potions than before. Basically, it's a waste of AP.

Q (May 10, 2010): How long does the package delivery take?

A: The package delivery service takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

Q (May 10, 2010): What does the 'Seduce' debuff actually do? I see mentions of it everywhere, but have no idea what it actually is.

A: Seduce is caused by end game raid bosses such as Horntail and Pinkbean. When active on a player, the player cannot do anything, but their character will run around and jump as if possessed. During this time, the player cannot use potions, and must be healed and buffed to stay alive. The only way to negate Seduce is by using the 4th job skills Hero's Will (available to all 4th jobs, except for both pirate jobs).

Q (May 10, 2010): I'm starting as a pirate (Brawler) and they get the skill "Improving Max HP Increase" at second job, can i save my AP points form the first job to max my HP? (I'm plan to leech to that point obviously).

A: No, just like the first job advancement, all AP and SP must be spent before the second job can be achieved.

Q (May 10, 2010): When i am on the boats, people play games and these blue boxes appear above their head and it says in progress when someone joins. How can i make one of those appear above my head?

A: Please see MapleStory/Quests/Mini-Games.

Q (May 10, 2010): I was wondering if you are able to send items to your other characters?

A: You can do that using the storage people in the towns, such as Mr. Hong in Kerning City.

Q (May 10, 2010): I'm a warrior and accidentally dropped my charged attack on top of the hotkey for a regular attack. Now I can't attack regularly anymore. How do I get my regular attack back? I don't have enough MP to charge all the time.

A: In GMS, press \ (above Enter/Return) to open up the hotkey mapping window. At the bottom is a bunch of squares. Unused hotkey assignments appear here. If you've actually removed the hotkey from the keyboard, it will appear down below in one of the small squares. Simply drag it from below up to the key you want it to be on and things should return to normal.

Q (May 10, 2010): Can or how do I reset my skill points?

A: Cash shop items, if available. You can also delete your character and try again.

Q (May 10, 2010): If you buy an item in the Cash Shop, do you have it permanently or is it for a certain amount of time?

A: It depends on the item. Typically they are temporary or consumables (such as pet items or teleport rocks).

Q (Jan 30, 2011): I have a pet snail and may I know what is the quest item pet poop used for? @_@ Q (Nov 22, 2011): When I tried to minimize my downloader, it just disappeared, and when I tried to start the download again it said that the application was already running! What do I do?

A: I had the exact same problem before. If you're using Windows 7, just click the little triangle which is located at the bottom right corner. Then you should be able to see the Nexon logo. Click on it and you should be able to see your downloader.

General Questions[edit]

What are the Minimum system requirements, and where can I find them?[edit]

The most accurate requirements for MapleStory can be found at the download page of the MapleStory Global.

Minimum requirements
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • RAM: 1GB
  • HDD: 4GB
  • Operating System (OS): Windows XP or later
  • VGA: Acceleration Card
  • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Network: Broadband internet connection

Is MapleStory appropriate for young children?[edit]

MapleStory is a game suitable for all ages. The game EULA restricts play to 18 years old, and as young as 13 with parental permission. This change occurred recently. However, the players may not be. There is a very strict "curse word filter" that blocks certain curse words, even if the curse word is separated by a space. For example, the phrase "Cash items" is blocked, even with the space in the middle.

Also, the ESRB has rated Maplestory as E 10+ as seen on the Pirate Intro page, which may or may not be available at this time.

Nonetheless, there are always users bringing in immature jokes and trying to bypass the curse word filter; but this is to be expected in any community-based game.

There is no suggestive artwork; everything is done in "Chibi-style", also called Super Deformed, a popular anime/manga style in which characters have large heads to show off facial features, and the overall style is very cute. There is no blood or gore; the violence level is equivalent to early SNES/Genesis games (enemies fall over and disappear). Death in the game is rather comical: a little ghost-shape replaces your avatar, and your chat bubble becomes a thought bubble.

In terms of difficulty, the basic gameplay is easy enough for a 5-year-old to learn. In fact, there has been videos on Youtube and such of people as young as 2 playing (albeit with parental supervision). However, some advanced stuff such as marketing, or avoiding scammers, may be over the head of a young child.

~Be warned that regular users also swear, insult, harass... there's quite a few who seem to be on Maple only to harass people for fun. The main problem with online games is, quite simply, the fact that you cannot control what other people do. No amount of swear filtering stops people from being racist, for example, and it does happen from time to time. The game itself is very well built considering all that.

How do you save?[edit]

In most single-player games, you must save the game otherwise your progress will be lost. As this game is online, progress does not need to be saved. If you leave the game or get disconnected, you will be back in the same location (map that you were in) when you reconnect with all the stuff you found before.

What are these different versions of MapleStory?[edit]

MapleStory is different in different parts of the world. Therefore, each of the versions are given a name based on where they are.

  • Official MapleStory South Korea [MapleKR/KoreaMS/KMS] (in Korean)
  • Official MapleStory Japan [MapleJP/JapanMS/JMS] (in Japanese)
  • Official MapleStory China [MapleCN/ChinaMS/CMS] (in Simplified Chinese)
  • Official MapleStory Taiwan [MapleTW/TaiwanMS/TMS] (in Traditional Chinese)
  • Official MapleStory Global [MapleGL/GlobalMS/GMS] (in English)
  • Official MapleStory South East Asia (for Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines) [MapleSEA/MSEA] (in English)
  • Official MapleStory Europe (in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish) [MapleEU/EuropeMS/EMS]

All versions (except for KMS) feature IP blocking, it encourages people to play their localized version and to prevent them from causing the company operating MapleStory in that reigon to violate their license. KMS requires proof that you are a legal South Korean and that you are actually living in Korea. Before a law was passed, Nexon Korea required that you used your Korean Social Security Number before registering with Nexon Korea and MapleStory Korea.

Taxes? Why taxes?[edit]

Taxes in MapleStory sounds like a bad idea to most people, as it harms an individual's collection of mesos. However, looking at the economic structure of the MapleStory community:

  • Each server has a source of infinite income (killing monsters, quests, PQs, etc.).
  • At the same time, there are only a few sources of taking money out of the economy (NPC vendors and some quests).

Just as the U.S. federal government raises interest rates to control inflation, Wizet decided to implement a tax system to curb inflation. Inflation occurs because as the general population gets wealthier, item prices rise, making it difficult for new players to get started.

But everyone is poor!

Having a tax system is a smart way to make everyone in the world more poor, to counteract this inflation. If the world went from 2,000,000 Mesos to 1,000,000 Mesos, then work gloves will drop in price. Additionally, this gives an edge to the lower-level characters in MapleStory. As players reach higher levels, they earn more money faster. Thus, we don't have a case where everyone has 2,000,000 Mesos, we have a case where 30 people have 20,000,000 Mesos who can buy that +10 ATK work glove, while the rest of the community can't. By making the taxes higher for more expensive purchases, this serves to even the playing field out a little between high level players, and low level players.

Disadvantages and tax evasion

The main disadvantage of taxes comes when pure Meso transactions are involved, i.e. lending a friend 2 million Mesos. Mesos will be lost although no actual sale took place.

Taxes are usually circumvented in MapleStory by dropping Mesos in isolated locations or paying in rates lower than the tax rate. This applies to all players that have trustworthy trade partners. It can be quite risky as hackers may come in and suck all the money away.

In some versions (not in GMS), mesos dropped on the field are subject to 6% tax. The best method therefore is to repeatedly trade 49,999 mesos.

Will all the versions of MapleStory eventually have the same features?[edit]

Eventually they should have very comparable features. For example, they should all eventually get most of the same content like fourth jobs, the party/guild quests, and the new locations. However, some things will remain specific to a few versions, like Pachinko in JMS or Premium Road. It's just a matter of waiting to see what comes out.

Since you can't gift NX anymore, is there ANY way to have someone give you NX?[edit]

Not unless you sell an ordinary etc. item in the Maple Trading System and the giver buys it.

Why does wizet update maplestory differently instead of updating all the versions with the same content?[edit]

There are many reasons. One of the most obvious is that the text and data associated with new content would require translation into each version's native language, and this takes time. The various versions of MapleStory also use slightly different structures, so updates will have to be re-done into the structure of the version for which it is to be added. Additionally, the local developer (Nexon America, Nexon Europe, Asiasoft, etc.) must decide what is best for their version's population. It wouldn't make very much sense to release Leafre, the strongest town on Ossyria, if there are only a handful of people who can kill the monsters there. The publishers attempt to match the quality of the update to the demands of the players at that time.

Why do some servers have a letter above their name? For example, Khaini has an E, and one server has an N.[edit]

the "E" stands for Event, and usually appears only when a server event is occurring, like Double EXP or Double Drops. N means "New", and only appears on the two newest servers. Occasionally, an "H", which stands for "Hot", can be seen, and this is used to attract users to a less populated server.


A lot of people say you need to kill the fierries in mushmom place to get mushmom to spawn.Is this true?[edit]

No, however it is necessary to kill a monster to allow for a boss to spawn, because maps have a limit as to how many monsters can be there at one time. Killing a monster will empty a space and allow the boss monster to spawn, however it doesn't matter whether it is an Iron Hog or Fierry. The Mushmom spawns once at 45 minutes. If you cannot find it on one channel, try other channels. If you don't see it, someone else might have killed it and it needs another 45 minutes of time to respawn. NOTE - In the Big Bang Mushmom's level became 15.

How do you activate a skill?[edit]

Open your skills window (usually by pressing the "K" key) and you can see the list of your skills. These are sorted by job. Now, open the key settings window (usually by pressing the "\" key) and click on the skill icon you want to assign to the key on your keyboard. The cursor will "pick up" the skill after clicking on the skill icon. Move your mouse over to the key on the key settings window that you want to assign that skill to, and click. The skill icon should now be visible on that key. Close the key settings by clicking save, and now any time you want to activate the skill, just press the key you have assigned it to. Another way is to double click the skill in the skill book, although this is very slow.

What is the difference between weapon attack and magic attack?[edit]

Weapon attack (Abbreviated Att or ATT) affects physical damage from a warrior, thief, archer, or (but not as much) a magician. and magic attack (Abbreviated M Atk or M ATT) affects the magical damage from a magician's skills. M. Atk does not affect damage for skills in any other class. Additionally, weapon attack plays a MAJOR part in calculating damage, especially for Assassins. This causes the overpricing of Work Gloves or other gloves that have been scrolled for Attack.

Can I use first job points for second job skills? What about the third job?[edit]

No. Any skill points you gain in the first job (before level 30) MUST be used before the second job. The same is true of second job points (before level 70) on Third job skills, and so on. It is okay to use second job points for the first job, but this is generally not recommended. Beginner skill points can only be assigned to beginner skills. Some skills, such as monster rider or Legendary Spirit, are automatically maxed when the player receives them. The only exception is with Dual Blades.

What are some good ways to make money, both in general and class specific?[edit]

The best way to make money is to train on something that you can kill in 2 or less hits consecutively. For Warriors, this shouldn't be too much of a problem before 2nd job. Warriors tend to make money very easily early on, due to low touch damage.

Thieves should train on whatever suits best, during levels 21-30 it is recommended NOT to PQ all of the time if unfunded. It can consume a lot in potions that, if poor prizes are received, cannot be replaced.

For magicians to save money, they should only buy red and blue potions until level 30. At level 25 magicians will entirely destroy the Kerning PQ so you should be able to get potions and ores from there easily.

Also, when magicians reach second job, if they become a cleric, they no longer need to buy HP potions once they have upped their Heal skill a few levels. All it eats up is MP, and it is cheaper if you don't have to buy HP potions anymore.

For archers, As a new bowman you should find or buy a melee weapon (metal axe, for example, drops from slimes, and wooden swords from Orange Mushrooms) until level 15, and only then buy the level 15 bow. Save up on stiff feathers, tree branches, and firewood to make arrows for free.

In addition, remember Mana Potions cost about twice what Health ones do, and using Skills can rapidly burn money throughout the course of a level.

When buying Armor and weapons focus on only the next set of body armor and weaponry. Check the actual bonus offered for the price... 10,000 isn't worth 2 more defense when 2 defense barely changes the damage taken. The recommended order for upgrading equipment is as follows:

  1. Weapon
  2. Top/Bottom
  3. Hat
  4. Gloves
  5. Shoes

It is recommended to not buy every equip that is coming up to your level. Some equips can be obtained through quests or party quests. Most equipments can be synthesized by item creators in towns.

Pick up everything that drops. Everything. Even the stuff that sells for 1 meso (Monster Cards) adds up. If you find something that requires level 20 or greater, or a scroll, check a fan site and see if the item is worth an appreciable amount. If not, sell it back to an NPC store.

Only buy potions that heal you half of your HP and MP when you can. That way you can get the full affect of each potion, saving mesos.

As a mage, master Max MP the earliest. After max MP Recovery. Mages can't make do without magic attacks and MP Recovery rapidly starts to heal 50 MP every 10 seconds while walking or attacking. That means 300 MP every minute. That's a lot of free MP, so most mages tend to buy hp potions five times more often than mp potions, maybe even seven to ten times if they obtain lots of mana elixirs(or other mp potions) through quests or pqs.

Quests and Party quests that allow players to make money: Kerning City party quest, Ludibrium maze party quest, Ludibrium pq, The Lost Guard, The Monster Carnival (If you can get the maple coins quick enough)

In the Monster Carnival, you can use the maple coins to exchange for weapons, usually priced at upwards to 300k mesos. This is a good plan unless you are saving your maple coins, in which you can still get weapons later.

And a great way is to sell things, like weapons that you don't want/need, or faming someone. If you are faming someone, you can fame them from 25,000-100,000. Note: There are scammers who do not give you the money afterward.

You can make money by a few quests. For example, a quest called "Subany's Legacy" (For Lv.36 and in NLC) will reward you with a scroll which you can sell for 8 million ~ 11 million mesos.

After all, the best way to make money is Noob-Trading. Noob-Trading, means to buy something for a low price and to sell it for a high price. Example: I buy a GFA 60% for 3mil. I can sell it for 9mil and my revenue will be 6mil.

What happens if I don't use up all the points before advancing?[edit]

Your job instructor simply won't let you advance to the next job advancement.

Why should I max skills?[edit]

The argument usually goes: Skills cost more when they are at a higher level, and most of the time, they don't give the same mana/damage efficiency as lower levels. So why max skills at all?

The simple answer is when at a higher level, players generally make much more money. At level 10, 10,000 Mesos is doing well. At level 60, weapons may cost as much as 15 million Mesos.

The money "wasted" from maxing out skills is minuscule when compared to the money used on equipments, scrolls, and so forth. You will always make more money, but you cannot always do more damage.

And this goes for 'all mana- or HP-based skills, including Slash Blast, Double Shot, Magic Claw, Lucky 7, etc.

More importantly, when maxing out a damage skill, you save time. 2 level 10 Slash Blasts may do more damage than a level 20 Slash Blast, but a level 20 Slash Blast saves time, especially since that level 20 Slash Blast has a much better chance of a one-hit kill than a level 10 Slash Blast, and costs less MP.

Why am I training so slow?[edit]

You will only train at a reasonable pace if you consistently use your skills. Never use a "regular" attack for any class after level 25, and if you're an assassin or mage you will probably need to use skills WAY before that. To keep up the pace of your mana-consumption, you must buy potions to consistently up your mana. By level 35 mages should hold AT LEAST 60 mana potions so they don't have to go back and forth to buy more. However, smarter players save mp by using their regular attack on monsters that have very low health.

Additionally, players must always have HP potions ready. Sitting still for 10 minutes every time when hit is not a fast way to train. By level 35, any class should have 50 ORANGE potions.

Upon reaching level 40, start scrolling weapons, on top of using your skills, to keep a reasonable pace of experience. 60% scrolls are the general recommendation, and if feeling lucky, buy 10% scrolls off of other people. 100% are a safe choice, but add less than 60%.

For assassins, get the best stars you can afford at all times. Kumbi tend to be the ones people get the most. Or, if funded, get icicles at early levels and kill much faster. If you have MapleStory iTCG, and play in MapleGlobal, AND are funded, you may want to try for Crystal Ilbi, which is +29attk.

Actually, getting a +7 100% claw is more important than getting stars, especially with Meba. Also, once in possession of Kumbis/Icicles, start spending money on work gloves scrolled with attack. Get 6 attack gloves before getting Tobi, 8 attack gloves before getting Steely, and 10 attack gloves before getting Ilbi. Also, starting from level 50, consider getting +5 or more 60% scrolled claws. Just look at the next upgrade cost for your claw, glove, star, and determine which one is cheaper. Don't go out thinking that getting a better star is the only option to raise your attack.

If you are low on money, here is the list of priorities if you want to continue training at a fast pace:

  1. HP potions and Mana potions
  2. Most powerful Weapon/stars money can buy
  3. Scrolls for weapon Attack, or intelligence/magic Attack if a Mage
  4. Best Top/Bottom/Overalls money can buy

For archers, starting with level 50, overalls are the main equipment. Overalls feature 10 slots, which can be scrolled easily for dex. Buy 100% dex scrolls from the various NPCs for 35,000 and get an easy 10 dex. This is also an option at level 30 with the sauna robe, or level 20 with the bath towel if your version has Showa town, but generally players at that low of a level don't have enough money to afford it. It is recommended that you don't waste money on gloves or shoes, unless they are upgraded with weapon attack, speed, or jump. The level 15 or 20 glove will suffice for a while for any class; in fact, most mid to higher levels (level 50+) use a level 10 work glove (upgraded with weapon Attack)!

So what does this list mean? It means, if poor, buy as many Health and Mana potions as you can. If you saved up enough money, then buy a more powerful weapon. If you still got money, then scroll your weapon. If you still got money, then buy your armor.

Parties are another good option, as mesos from other members' kills will go to everyone.

Where do you find (insert item here) item?[edit]

Refer to the in-depth item sections at Hidden-Street. They list all the enemies that drop a specific item.

Why do people like to buy Solid Horns?[edit]

100 Solid horns can be exchanged at the Exchange Quest for 500 experience. While this is not much at higher levels, you can bring a level 10 player into the Exchange Quest and constantly get around 500 exp for every 100 horns. This is most likely the fastest way to level up at early levels, although it can be quite expensive if you do not gather the horns yourself.

Zombie's Lost Teeth, Jr. Yeti Skins, and Hector Tails are also popular choices, as they provide better rewards than Solid Horns. Though being more expensive, in these cases most people will hunt the items themselves. Zombie Teeth also have a relatively high supply due to the sheer number of players that train on Coolie Zombies for a large number of levels (60-80 for most classes).

Again, if you have a main, stronger character, use that to get the solid horns or any other exchange quest items. That way, you get exp for both of your characters.

How do you jump and attack in the air with magicians and archers?[edit]

Assassins can do this much easier. For archers, this is answered in the Archer guides here. Magicians use the same technique, except with their spells. Magicians can also attack and teleport at the same time, and it is the same technique again, except using teleport instead of jump. But since they CANNOT jump and attack at the same is possible to hit the JUMP and *insert special attack here* keys, it will make it look like that your character is "charging up" before he hits the ground. When doing an attack normally, your character is unable to move for a short period of time until the attack animation is complete. With the jump shot, you are able to move while performing the attack. However the arrow/spell acts as if it were shot/cast while on the ground. It should be noted that different keyboards have different responses to the jump-attack glitch. Some keyboards can do it very easily, while some keyboards require attack and then jump button, some keyboards require the reverse. So try doing it differently if it doesn't work the first time. Also, the internet connection of the user has an affect on the jump shot.

How do I open a shop in the Free Market?[edit]

To do this, a Store Permit must be purchased from in the Cash Shop. The Permit will last for 90 days, during which it may be used as often as liked within the numbered Free Market areas. Another option is to hire an "employee", an elf NPC that will vend items for the player. Buying an elf employee will only last 24 hours, or 7 days depending which version is bought. It will expire at the time purchased, whether it is used or not. You must buy Nexon Cash or get Maple Points to do this!

What Is Scrolling?[edit]

Scrolling is the process of buying (usually) expensive scrolls (70,000 mesos for cheap 100% scrolls, weapon attack for gloves can rise as high as several million mesos), and then using them on your items. Usually, a fully scrolled item is better than the next item. For example, a +7 Red Viper (level 35 bow) can have 68 weapon attack and 7 accuracy if scrolled with 60%s. An unscrolled Vaulter 2000 (level 40 bow) has up to 59 weapon attack if you are lucky.

Because of the level 40/50 gap, it is recommended that you start scrolling your weapons at level 40. 10 levels take a long time, and most level 50 weapons are rare (though they can be created in Ludibrium). So you may be using your level 40 weapon well into level 55 or even level 60! Scrolling allows you to make your weapon stronger without buying a new weapon.

10%s, 60%s and 100%s are three kinds of scrolls that are available. 10%s give the best stats, but only work 10% of the time. 60%s do best on average, but they are usually very very expensive. 100% scrolls are usually cheap, as most are available from NPCs scattered across the Maple Story world, and they always work. However, 100%s won't get you the best possible weapon. However, even when a scroll fails, an upgrade slot is still deducted from the item, so think carefully when scrolling.

From Gachapon, and certain Zipangu monsters, there are also "cursed" 30% and 70% scrolls available. These give the same benefits as 10% and 60% scrolls, except they may destroy the weapon in the process (50% chance if the scroll fails). these are typically only recommended on the first slot.

All items can be scrolled, even pet equipments! If you are a warrior, thief, or archer, weapon attack affects damage the most, usually 3 or 4 times more effective than increasing the primary stat. Mages should focus on getting intelligence on their items, usually on the earrings. 60% Jump scrolls on shoes are recommended for warriors, thieves, and archers, while if you go with 100%s, speed on shoes works out better.

For rich and funded level 50s, you may attempt to use the Legendary Spirit skill to scroll your level 60 weapons, because they are the first weapons to only be available from gachapon and monsters.

How long does it take for (name) to spawn?[edit]

The following are estimates:

  • Chief Gray: 10 minutes
  • Rombot: 15~20 minutes
  • MT-09: 30~45 minutes
  • Mano the King Snail: 30 minutes (he will spawn cycling through each channel e.g. channel 1, channel 2, channel 3)
  • Mushmom: 45~60 minutes
  • Nine-Tailed Fox: 45 minutes
  • Jr. Balrog: 4~6 hours
  • Zombie Mushmom: 45~60 minutes
  • Blue Mushmom: 48 hours (23 in GlobalMS)
  • Pianus: 8~12 hours
  • Zakum: Summoned by Eye of Fire
  • Papulatus: Summoned with Piece of Cracked Dimension
  • Horned Tail: Summoned with Dragon Squad sheet

What should I do to avoid being scammed?[edit]

Three important points:

  1. Learn how people and players scam others (see below).
  2. Use common sense, be smart, and watch for suspicious offers.
  3. Report possible scams.
Common Scams
  1. Drop Game: someone dares you to drop a valuable item. That person picks it up before you can (don't do something because someone dares you to!). They often bring you to specific areas where another character can hide behind walls and run out to get your items when you drop them too.
  2. Tab Tab Space Enter: that key sequence accepts any trade that's going on. If you put something valuable up for trade, the other person can take it (don't press keys unless you know what they do). It supposedly doesn't work any more, and causes the other person in the trade to be automatically reported.
  3. Any Unsecured Trade: don't do it, because you never know if someone will keep their promise. For example: if someone promises 20k mesos for fame. After you fame them, they could immediately log off. In the same way, when buying Fame you can get scammed. In this case, don't do it unless you have a lot of mesos to spare, and try to pay half first, then have them Fame you, then pay half afterwards.
  4. Middleman: a person is making a really good trade offer to you, but you don't have the specific thing they want. Luckily, you find someone who offers just that thing, but at a high price. You buy it, but when you go back to the first person to make the trade, they refuse (this is a cooperative scam between the two people).
  5. Tax Evasion: paying for an expensive item in parts is risky, because either the scammer gives only 49,999 for your expensive item and doesn't pay up the rest, or the scammer makes you pay until you are short about 50,000, then leaves without giving you anything.
  6. The Hold Enter, Keep Clicking Trick: this happens in the Free Market, the title usually says, "To Enter, Hold Enter and Click". When you actually enter, you would have clicked on something twice, and the pop up says 'You sure you want to buy ______ for ___ mesos" or something similar, while holding enter will trigger you to pressing 'OK' on that item, thus buying the item. The trick is you will not be able to see the pop-up since your holding enter which instantly presses 'OK'. You could end up accidentally buying a useless item (eg. a Snail Shell) for 1 million mesos.
  7. Scroll Switch: you are about to purchase an expensive scroll, but the trade window closes. The person with the scroll re-trades apologizing that the window was closed by mistake and puts a scroll of the same % but is a worthless scroll and quickly trades. So you spend a large amount of mesos on a useless scroll if you do not check the item again.
  8. Drop Trade: this usually happens in the Hair Salon in Kerning. A player would like to trade and tells you to meet them in the Kerning Hair Salon. They will then tell you to drop your item on the platform above near the left edge while the person you are trading drops theirs on the stairs. The player will then go up while you drop off the left edge. When you fall, the scammer grabs the item they dropped, then hops up to collect yours. Because you were too far away, you can't beat the scammer to your item.
  9. Copy: a person offers to copy your items for you. He tells you to put it up in the trade window, click trade, and leave the little pop-up window with "Are you sure you want to trade?" open. Then, he tells you to type "copy". The "O" button is a keyboard navigation hotkey that automatically clicks "OK" and accepts the trade. Because you accepted the trade, the scammer gets away with your money and/or items.
  10. Fast Trade: a person is buying an overpriced item (e.g. a steely for 11 million mesos or an ilbi for 22million mesos). When you trade them, they show you the money, then tell you to put your item on. They trade, then cancel immediately. Because it failed, they trade you again over and over until you get tired of looking at the screen so that you trading without thinking. Once they think that you have lost interest in not being scammed (when you no longer check the amount of money they put up), they try to put a much lower value in (i.e. only about 1,100,000 if the item(s) price was 11,000,000). Never buy or sell anything that you know is overpriced. This scam is all around the Free Market in GMS (possibly other versions), usually for items like PAC, SCG, and Gachapon items that include ATT stats.
  11. Quitting Maple: a person in the Free Market says, "I'm quitting Maple and giving away free items." You and three other people follow the player to a Free Market room. The scammer says that they are trading in windows and that if you drop a rare item, the scammer will trade you for a better item. The other three people call out "OMGOMG, I Got Hwabis" or something of high value. Now its your turn. You drop an item like crystal ilbis or a pink adventurer cape, the scammer takes it, and then they quickly disappear, never to be seen again. The scammer and the others around you worked together to scam you.
  • Always check the trade one last time before accepting. Carefully examine all items the other person is offering, and make sure you are putting up the correct items, too.
  • Beginners: learn the average prices of items on reliable websites or through browsing of shops before making expensive trades.
  • Never participate in drop games.
  • Don't trust anyone unless you know him or her in real life. Even if you know him or her very well, they can still scam you.

After your first job advancement, can you still get skill points after level 30, or does it stop giving you skill points?[edit]

You will always get skill points after your job advancement. You need to use all the skill points earned at level 30 and below before you can take the test. If you go over 30 before taking the test you still get the skill points and they do not have to be used. They can be held over until after the job advancement. You may use points obtained in 2nd job/3rd job on first job skills, to do that you click the skill book and apply, however, it is not recommended to do this.

How do you get to Sleepywood without the VIP cab?[edit]

You can get there from Six Path Crossway. Go to Six Path Crossway from any town, then enter the middle portal and you will arrive in Sleepywood.

How do I get out of Ariant and go back in after I am level 30?[edit]

Many new players become disoriented after they teleport to Ariant through Chumji's quest, prior to level 30. If you took the Genie from Orbis, you already know that there is transportation available. You can find the Ariant Genie station's portal from the main zone of Ariant (with Maple Administrator and the town exits); it is located on the left portion of the map. Alternatively, you can teleport straight to Victoria Island by speaking with Karcasa (two maps right of Ariant) and spending for 10,000 mesos. Eventually, taking the Genie is the best way to get to Ariant. Ariant's potion shop may have a returning scroll in some versions, so check it out.

How often do GM events occur? How long do they last?[edit]

Whenever a GM decides to host one. They have a limited capacity, so very briefly. GMs Events usually occur because of an important event, like a big update or some new and very important features.

How do you send a note to another person?[edit]

Notes exist to notify players if they are expelled from the guild or other occurrences happen while they are offline. There is no way to send a note with a message that isn't automated at this time.

What is the purpose of ores, jewels, cards and "omoks"?[edit]

Ores and Jewels are refined and used to synthesize equipment, usually gloves and boots. However, since most class gloves are not used and both gloves and boots are widely available in the free market, they are pretty much useless now. The only ores and jewels really worth keeping are Dark Crystal and Black Crystal. Other jewels have some purpose in quests, but for the most part you should just sell them to the shop NPCs. Cards and Omok pieces can be taken to the Game zone in Henesys (near Athena Pierce's tree) where you can trade them in for Minigame rooms. You can set these up in most places to play a game of Match Cards or Omok with people.

Do boss monsters (e.g. Mano) appear at a set or random time at the designated location?[edit]

Yes, they spawn on the same map at a set interval since their previous death, but spawn spots might be different.

Where can you obtain the palm tree/tropical chair?[edit]

The Palm Tree chair can be obtained from King Abdullah in the bonus room of Ariant Coliseum.

Where can I obtain certain materials? Like ores, screws, wooden boards etc. other than in free market? If they are only obtainable from monsters, can you give me a complete list of them?[edit]

Ores can be obtained through mining. Screws and wooden boards are unobtainable now.

Where's a good spot to hunt Turkey Commandos?[edit]

Unfortunately, there is no actual good place with a good spawn of turkeys. The best place to hunt them is in the map "A Hill West of Henesys" but only three turkeys spawn in this map. Worse still, there would be a lot of people ksing you there plus the monsters can get in your way even though they're weaker than the turkeys.

They do spawn rather nicely in the map "A Rainforest South-East of Henesys" now.

One good location, is the map that is directly accesible from Henesys! In the portal in the tree next to Cody's head (like you are going to mushmom.) This is the place to find the best turkey spawn.

Lately, they appear commonly in Victoria Island at the most. They are very popular in this place and you can hunt them there at the Thanksgiving Events on October / November.

Bad luck with the Amoria hair quest. Well, my hair got screwed up from the quest girl in Amoria, and now I'm really ugly... Is there any free way to fix it?[edit]

The only free way to "fix" this is to wear a hat, so the answer is no. You're going to have to buy a haircut coupon in the Cash Shop if you really want to fix your hair.

If my hair got screwed up from the quest girl in Amoria, is it possible to create another account, repeat the quest, get a second Reg. Hair Coupon and re-do the hair?[edit]

You can only use the Hair Coupon on the new account then, because the Hair Coupons from the quest are untradeable.

Should I use my stat point on my HP and MP or i use it for STR, DEX, INT, and LUK?[edit]

For maximum damage, it's not advised to put Ability Points (AP) into HP or MP, however there are some that would advocate putting points into HP as an archer, but only at a high level.

Alternate builds for each class can be found on their respective Builds pages.

How do you get Mark of the Beta?[edit]

Mark of the Beta can only be obtained by having an account that was active during the Open Beta period.

You cannot get the Mark any more.

It is also untreadable, and even Premium Karma Scissors cannot make it tradeable. Mark of the Beta significantly improves your W.ATT and M.ATT to be very good.

What's with the weird black portal that you can't go though in forest of evil 1?[edit]

It is a portal to a quest area which is currently unusable. It can only be entered when on the quest to defeat Faust, which will be released with Area Boss set 3. It is now open to people who are doing the quest which requires you to kill Faust. A recent server check had patched the glitch inside where the NPC does not appear at all.

Warrior Specific[edit]

What is the point of a Hybrid Spearman?[edit]

Hybrid spearmen seem like a dumb idea at first; you don't get final attack and you max out a weapon that you think you won't use.

However, maxing out both weapons gives a massive advantage in 3rd job. In 3rd job, there are 2 main attacks for a Dragon Knight, and those are Spear Crusher, and Dragon Fury. Dragon Fury will always be stronger with a pole arm because it always swings, while Spear Crusher will always be stronger with a spear because it always stabs.

Additionally, since the fastest training is done with slashblast, final attack hinders Spearmen most, as they use the skill for the least amount of time (it no longer activates once a spearman uses 3rd job attacks) and slows down their mob capabilities in 2nd job. Why put points into something that isn't going to help?

The idea is not to switch weapons in the middle of battle, but to switch to another weapon when the map calls for it. For example, maps where the enemies mob together naturally, or where the mob is brought to you by a party member heavily favour Dragon Fury, since it strikes six enemies and generally knocks them back. With it you can kill faster. For maps where the enemies do not mob naturally or never mob in groups of more than 3-4, spear crusher is preferable as the attack is designed to only hit 3 enemies (compared to fury why is designed to hit 6).

Do I need Final Attack or Not?[edit]

Many warriors wonder, what's final attack, and why should I have it? Final Attack is much like an MP free Power Strike. When it is maxed it has a 60% chance of following any attack with a damage of 250%. Now the real question is "Do I need it?" Important in the thinking of whether to get final attack, is that the final attack animation is also faster than a regular attack.

Final Attack diffuses its damage with Slash Blast. With Slash Blast you'll find the damage divides with each successive enemy hit. With Slashblast+Final Attack each following monster will receive 50% of the damage(up to 6 monsters). ex. 130%, 60%, 30%, 15%.... The damage totals to around the 250% given, which means you will be seeing two digit damage even into your level 110's (for fighters and pages). It is important to note that 3 enemy slashblast-final attack is roughly equal to simply using slashblast over and over (compared over time)

With this knowledge, you can see that if you are doing training in an area that favours powerstrike, you will level faster if you have Final Attack. If however you are training with Slash Blast, you will probably be slowed down at mobs of 4 or more.

For fighters, Final Attack is required, but not because of the free power strike. Crusaders require Final Attack to charge orbs faster; since a crusader's damage is primarily from Panic and Coma, faster charging means overall greater damage output. Ideally, fighters should do a 30 point dump into the skill close to level 70.

For Pages/White Knights, Final attack is a mixed bag. Often the real decision comes as a personal choice, and the decision causes White Knights with final attack to train at different locations than those without. Those who have Final attack will train at enemies that do not create large mobs often and favour powerstrike (Dual Ghost Pirates, etc). Those without Final attack will train at maps that generate large mobs, such as kentaurauses. Once the two different types of White Knights merge training again at Wyverns, it really doesn't make a difference as the mobs are mostly groups of 3, where they will average the same damage output over time. Once they get their 4th job attacks, it no longer matters as Final Attack is not triggered. If you choose not to get Final attack, the important note is to not go hybrid. There's nothing you will be able to do with the second weapon, and you do not want to split your elemental charges onto separate weapons.

Final attack for Dragon Knights is not recommended. There is no mathematical reason to go with a pure build, as a hybrid can do everything both pure builds can do combined, since final attack is never triggered after 3rd job skills are acquired.

Magician Specific[edit]

How does MP eater work?[edit]

For any magic attack you do, you have a chance of draining a good amount of MP from the enemy. While it does nothing to the enemy, this basically means with max MP eater, you would only be able to drain so much MP from 1 foe. Every magic attack you do, there is a 30% chance that you would gain MP from the enemy. This includes magic claw, energy bolt, and even the cleric's "Heal" attack on undead monsters. MP Eater is especially effective with mob attacks such as Heal or Lightning, for obvious reasons.

  • Actually, it seems that if you drain all the mana from a magic casting monster, it can no longer cast its attack.

How do mages teleport backwards?[edit]

The Wizard's and Cleric's Teleport skill works by sending you a certain distance in the direction of whichever arrow key is pressed, given that there is a platform to stand on at that location and that you have enough MP. A magician teleports backwards by using an attack skill, and teleporting while holding down the back arrow key. This is called telecasting. Most mages use this technique for bosses etc. as the attacks miss them if they teleport at the right moment. You can also do this forward. Telecasting can also be done vertically.

Is Teleport faster than flash jump(both lv.1)?[edit]

Teleport can cover a farther distance in a shorter amount of time at level 1, so yes. But it also varies on the amount of points put on each skill.

When Ice demon makes the monster weak to fire, do they become strong to ice?[edit]

No. The effect is immediate.

Does MP eater work on bosses?[edit]

No, it does not.

How much does INT and magic attack affect damage?[edit]

1 INT = 1 Mag.ATK

Rogue Specific[edit]

What is a Banditsin?[edit]

A Banditsin (also known as a Sindit) is a bandit that uses Lucky 7 in 1st job, and then turns into a Bandit 2nd job. Lucky 7 is a much better skill than Double Stab, as it is ranged, has innate mastery and does more damage. While this is more expensive than the typical Bandit build, it is much faster if you got the money to burn. But it may cause financial problems after you make the 2nd job advancement.

One problem with Sindits is that because they cannot use Double Stab, they have to waste more MP with Savage Blow or otherwise save MP using regular attack. Also, some Sindits choose to continue using claws regularly after their 2nd job advancement, though often on weaker monsters. Once there are enough points on Savage Blow and Dagger Mastery, sindits will usually make the switch to daggers. 3rd job sindits will usually be identical with regular Chief Bandits. The only difference between a Bandit and a Sindit is that the latter won't have Double Stab. Considering that Savage Blow will be more effective than Double Stab past Level 45, and that the AP build doesn't change, it can be concluded that Sindits are just as powerful as Bandits.

For Thieves: which equip should be obtained first (list in order)? ATK WG, DEX Snowshoes, DEX Sauna, DEX or LUK Cape, or +7 claw & stars?[edit]

Claw>Glove>Stars>Cape>Sauna>Snowshoes>Earring. You should actually get a LUK Sauna, if possible.

Are the Dual Blade Mastery Books only available through the cash shop?[edit]

No, they drop from some monsters and bosses as well.