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Mini Dungeons are special, isolated zones with only one entrance. They usually contain large amounts of a monster and are very good for training without being KSed. When you enter a Mini Dungeon, a two hour timer will appear at the top of the screen. If the timer runs out, you will be automatically placed outside of its entrance. If you re-enter a Mini Dungeon quickly enough, you can reach dropped items before they vanish, however some will disappear immediately. If you enter and exit Mini Dungeons rapidly, you may be subject to a short cooldown period (5 minutes at most) where you cannot enter a Mini Dungeon.

Under each Mini Dungeon section (below) you will find information about its location and the enemies that appear within.

Note: Mini-Dungeons are currently unavailable in KMS.

Victoria Island[edit]

The Pig Beach[edit]

MS The Pig Beach.png
  • Zone name: "Beach: The Pig Beach".
  • Entrance location: "Beach: Wave Beach".
  • Enemies: Ribbon Pig.

Warm Shade[edit]

MS Warm Shade.png
  • Zone name: "Singing Mushroom Forest: Warm Shade".
  • Entrance location: "Singing Mushroom Forest: Ghost Mushroom Forest".
  • Enemies: Zombie Mushroom.

One-Eyed Lizard[edit]

MS One-Eyed Lizard.png
  • Zone name: "North Forest: One-Eyed Lizard".
  • Entrance location: "North Forest: Young Tree Forest".
  • Enemies: Cold Eye.

Golem's Castle Ruins[edit]

MS Golem's Castle Ruins.png
  • Zone name: "Golem's Temple: Golem's Castle Ruins".
  • Entrance location: "Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 4".
  • Enemies: Mixed Golem.

Security Room[edit]

MS Security Room.png
  • Zone name: "Mushroom Castle: Security Room".
  • Entrance location: "Mushroom Castle: Castle Wall 3" (Must have Rusty Key in possession after rescuing Violetta and starting the quest Eliminating the Rest.)
  • Enemies: Helmet Pepe.

Blue Drake Cave[edit]

MS Blue Drake Cave.png
  • Zone name: "Drake Cave: Blue Drake Cave".
  • Entrance location: "Drake Cave: Cave Exit".
  • Enemies: Dark Drake.


Drummer Bunny's Lair[edit]

MS Drummer Bunny's Lair.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: Drummer Bunny's Lair"
  • Entrance location: "Ludibrium: Eos Tower 70th Floor".
  • Enemies: Drumming Bunny.

Burning Hills[edit]

MS Burning Hills.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: Burning Hills"
  • Entrance location: "The Burning Sands: Cactus Desert 1".
  • Enemies: Cactus.

Warning! Alien Sightings Area[edit]

MS Warning! Alien Sightings Area.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: Warning! Alien Sightings Area"
  • Entrance location: "Omega Sector: Kulan Field I".
  • Enemies: Barnard Gray.

Hill of Sandstorms[edit]

MS Hill of Sandstorms.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: Hill of Sandstorms".
  • Entrance location: "Sunset Road: Sahel 2".
  • Enemies: Scorpion.

Critical Error[edit]

MS Critical Error.png
  • Zone name: "Hidden Street: Critical Error".
  • Entrance location: "Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1".
  • Enemies: Roid.

Spatial Distortion[edit]

MS Spatial Distortion.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: Spatial Distortion"
  • Entrance location: "Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time<1>".
  • Enemies: Soul Teddy.

Pillage of Treasure Island[edit]

MS Pillage of Treasure Island.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island".
  • Entrance location: "Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2".
  • Enemies: Captain.

The Round Table of Kentaurus[edit]

MS The Round Table of Kentaurus.png

Newt Secured Zone[edit]

MS Newt Secured Zone.png

The Restoring Memory[edit]

MS The Restoring Memory.png
  • Zone name: "Mini Dungeon: The Restoring Memory".
  • Entrance location: "Leafre: The Dragon Nest Left Behind".
  • Enemies: Skelegon and Skelosaurus.

World Tour[edit]

Longest Ride on ByeBye Station[edit]

MS Longest Ride on ByeBye Station.png
  • Zone name: "Malaysia: Longest Ride on ByeBye Station".
  • Entrance location: "Fantasy Theme Park 3".
  • Enemies: Jester Scarlion and Froscola.

Remaining Memories of the Ship[edit]

MS Remaining Memories of the Ship.png
  • Zone name: "Singapore: Remaining Memories of the Ship".
  • Entrance location: "Singapore: Mysterious Path 3".
  • Enemies: Slimy and Selkie Jr..
  • Comments: This is not available in GMS.

Long Kiss Duku Good Night[edit]

MS Long Kiss Duku Good Night.png
  • Zone name: "Singapore: Long Kiss Duku Good Night"
  • Entrance location: "Singapore: Destroyed Park II"
  • Enemies: Duku.