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Maple World

Map of the Maple World.

The Maple World is a set of explorable continents. There are seven main continents in Maple World:

Victoria Island has nine towns with surrounding hunting areas:

Ossyria has seven regions (El Nath Mts., Aqua Road, Ludus Lake, Minar Forest, Mu Lung Garden, Nihal Desert, and Temple of Time) and twelve towns:

Ereve is the floating island where Empress Cygnus and the Cygnus Knights reside.

Rien, a snowy island, is the land of the Aran.

Edelstein, an industrial town, home to the Resistance - Wild Hunters, Battle Mages, and Mechanics.

Masteria has a theme of the past meets the present meets the future. Here you can find many plays on different cultures from around the world. Masteria currently has three towns (though many future towns have been mentioned):


World Tour includes additional continents and regions:

  • Zipangu (JapanMS): Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, Ninja Castle, Kamuna, Neo Tokyo
  • Dong Fang Shen Zhou (ChinaMS): Shanghai Wai-Tan, Yuyuan Garden, Mount Song Town, Grand Hall of the Great Sage
  • Formosa (TaiwanMS): Ximending, Night Market, Taipei 101
  • Siam (ThailandMS): Floating Market, Golden Temple
  • Singapore (MapleSEA): Central Business District, Boat Quay Town and Ulu City
  • Malaysia (MapleSEA): Trend Zone Metropolis, Kampung Village and Fantasy Theme Park

In addition, there are two marriage towns:

  • Peach Blossom Island (players take part in traditional Chinese marriages).
  • Amoria (Amoria hosts marriages based on western culture).

There are also event towns, such as:

Also, there's a event premium dungeon that is similar to Golden Temple in Siam/Thailand named Golden Temple. Other areas, such as Ardentmill and Battle Square do exist and is accessible in every major town like Free Market.

Maple Island

  • Maple Tree Hill, Amherst and Southperry
Map of Maple Island

Maple Island has two main towns: Amherst and Southperry. There is also a beginning area called Maple Tree Hill.

  • Maple Road: Maple Tree Hill
  • Maple Road: Snail Park (Mai is first met here)
  • Maple Road: Inside the Small Forest
  • Maple Road: Inside the Dangerous Forest
  • Rainbow Street: Amherst
  • Maple Road: Entrance to Adventurer Training Center
  • Maple Road: Split Road of Destiny
  • Maple Road: Southperry
  • Maple Road: Port

Victoria Island

  • Lith Harbor, Henesys, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, Nautilus Harbor, Sleepywood
Victoria Island's world map

Victoria Island has a number of areas to explore. There are several major towns, named Ellinia, Nautilus Harbor, Henesys, Kerning City, Lith Harbor, Perion, and Sleepywood.

There are various smaller areas on Victoria Island, as follows:

  1. Elluel, East Forest, and Ellinel near Ellinia
  2. Gold Beach near Six Path Crossway
  3. Mushroom Castle near Henesys
  4. The Secret Garden and Kerning Tower near Kerning City
  5. Root Abyss and Dark World Tree near Sleepywood.
  • FriendStory, a separate dimension based on our world, can also be accessed from Henesys.

Eons ago, Victoria Island and Ossyria were once connected, but over time have become separated. It was once completely ruled by a culture called the Sharenian, who built a lot of the deserted structures on the island, like the Temple of Golems near Henesys and the Sanctuary at the end of Sleepywood's Ant Tunnel. This culture collapsed mysteriously under the rule of Sharen III. The Guild Party Quest is based upon the rule of Sharen III.

The following World Maps of these Victoria Island areas have been released:


  • Ereve (a.k.a. Erev in MSEA and EMS and Ereb in KMS, CMS and TMS).
Map of Ereve.

Ereve is home of the Cygnus Knights, a group of fighters who, with the aid of elemental sprites, combat the forces of the Black Magician. It's a floating island located between Orbis and Ellinia, kept aloft by the powers of the sprites. Ereve can be reached by taking a boat ride from Ellinia. The island is home to the empress of the Maple World, Cygnus, and Shinsoo, the divine beast who chooses and guards the current emperor or empress. The inhabitants of Ereve seem to be bird-like in nature.


  • Rien
Map of Rien.
Map of Riena Strait

Rien is an icy, snow covered area. It is also the island where you start as an Aran (similar to Warriors).

Rien is an island located north of Temple of Time and close to Horntail's Cave at Leafre.



Edelstein is a small, industrial town where members of the Resistance begin their training. This town is in control of the Black Wings, who the Resistance is fighting against. To begin your first job, you must complete a few small tasks for inhabitants of the town and reach level 10. You are then able to become either a Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic, or a Blaster, and become part of the Resistance. This is also the town that Demon Slayer / Demon Avenger and Xenon begin in after their introductions.

Edelstein and the Verne Mine are located on a continent north-east of the rest of Maple World.


MS Lumiere map.png

Lumiere (Crystal Garden in KMS) is the airship of the Thief Hero, Phantom. It can travel to anywhere. It is also the beginning of the Phantom's storyline.


  • El Nath Mts.: Orbis and El Nath
  • Aqua Road: Aquarium
  • Ludus Lake: Ludibrium, Omega Sector and Korean Folk Town
  • Minar Forest: Leafre
  • Mu Lung Garden: Mu Lung and Herb Town
  • Nihal Desert: Ariant and Magatia
  • Temple of Time: Temple of Time

Currently Ossyria is split into seven regions: El Nath Mts., Aqua Road, Ludus Lake, Minar Forest, Mu Lung Garden, Nihal Desert, and Temple of Time; and has twelve major towns: Orbis, El Nath, Aquarium, Ludibrium Castle, Omega Sector, Korean Folk Town, Leafre, Mu Lung, Herb Town, Ariant, Magatia, and Temple of Time.

The ride between Ellinia station and Ossyria.

To reach Ossyria, players must take a flying ship from Victoria Tree Platform.The trip is free usually, although some places can cost a few hundred to a few thousand mesos.

An alternative method of transit to Ossyria is by using the Leafre-Ellinia portal, available if the player has a Magic Seed. This transport is instantaneous, but the only areas that can be accessed from Leafre are Orbis and Temple of Time. In Nautilus Harbor, a similar teleport system can be used to reach Omega Sector, which provides relatively easy access to Ludibrium and eventually the rest of Ossyria as well.

The World Maps of Ossyria are as follows:

World Tour

  • Japan: Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, Ninja Castle and Neo Tokyo.
  • China: Shanghai Wai-Tan, Yuyuan Garden, Mount Song Town and Grand Hall of the Great Sage.
  • Taiwan: Ximending and Night Market. Previously Taipei 101.
  • Thailand: Floating Market and Golden Temple (previously)
  • Singapore: CBD, Boat Quay Town and Ulu City.
  • Malaysia: Trend Zone Metropolis, Kampung Village and Fantasy Theme Park.
World Tour Guide

Originally, these continents were not a part of the main game. Each new continent was an expansion to each original versions. JapanMS was the first to expand their version with a continent called Zipangu. These additional continents reflect more on real world locations or real world things, with a few exceptions. At first, these new continents were to be exclusive maps for each version they originated from. Zipangu for JapanMS, China for ChinaMS, Formosa for TaiwanMS, Siam for ThailandMS. As of September 2006, the exclusive maps started to become accessible in other versions of MapleStory via an NPC named Spinel the World Tour Guide.

For MapleSEA, Singapore has been released with three areas: CBD, Boat Quay Town and Ulu City. More recently, Malaysia was released, covering the other major country that makes up SEA's player base. Malaysia and Singapore currently does not have World Tour maps. They are not accessible from Spinel the World Tour Guide, however they are often treated as such because of their basis on a real world location and culture. As of MapleSEA patch V0.69, Singapore and Malaysia Map are the only "World Tour Areas" to have a mini-dungeon.

In ChinaMS, the area Shaolin Monastery, was released with the two towns, Mount Song Town and the Grand Hall of the Great Sage. It is accessible from a separate option from Shanghai Wai-tan from the World Tour NPC.

JapanMS's Neo Tokyo is a town set in the future, themed on machines and robots.

However, KoreaMS removed the World Tour and the bosses from those areas were moved to other regions.

World Tour maps


  • New Leaf City, Haunted House, and Dead Man's Gorge
A regional map of Masteria, featuring New Leaf City and Crimsonwood Mountain.

Currently there are two towns located on this continent: New Leaf City and Haunted House. The area of Crimsonwood Keep has been the most recent addition, though it does not (yet) sport a conventional town map. A fourth town, called Krakia, has been mentioned by NPCs in game. Many areas that will be expanded in the future can be seen, particularly Vineland, Affluent Tower, and a Sphinx which resembles a Yeti, appropriately named the Yetinx. Also there has been mention of a new world named Versal, with one NPC planning on opening a portal to that world. Many legends surround the island and its history. Stories range from immortal warriors and mad scientists to threats from outer space. According to new information, the continent, which was originally believed to have sunk into the ocean, was actually warped to another world, Versal. It was returned to the Maple World through a mysterious deal between the Mayor and an unknown person.

Quote from the GlobalMS v0.40 Patch Notes:

Masteria takes its name from the many warriors who came to the continent looking to master their fate and find their destiny. It has mysteriously risen from the sea after a 1000-year absence. This once fabled continent was home to a technologically advanced civilization that used a myriad of techniques for benevolence...before the dark times. There are very few records of the final act which caused the continent to plunge into the sea, and its jewel, Olde Sapp Village to be erased from the Maple World.

Other Areas


A regional map of Grandis, featuring Pantheon, Heliseum, Vulpes, Verdel and Savage Terminal.

A different dimension, home to the Novas.

  • Pantheon, Heliseum, Vulpes, Verdel and Savage Terminal

Mirror World

A regional map of the mirror world.

A high-level dungeon featuring areas of the main regions of Maple World.

Marriage Systems

  • Peach Blossom Island and Amoria
Amoria's island

Currently, there are two different wedding towns, with different themes and ceremonies. Peach Blossom Island is based on eastern culture. Amoria is based on western culture.

Time Periods

  • Altaire Camp

Time Periods are areas which already exist, but as they appeared in the past rather than their ordinary modern appearances. These can be accessed through the Time Control Room in Ludibrium. Currently, there is only one town in the past which is accessible: Altaire Camp. It is the past version of Ellinia's forest on Victoria Island. Maps at the borders of the Ellin Forest around Altaire indicate that there may be past versions of other Victoria Island towns to visit in the future. Technically, these exist on the already present continents.

Event Towns

  • Golden Temple (Premium Dungeon), Happyville, Shalom Temple, Coke Town, Beer Tent, Haunted Mansion, and Maple Tree Hill

As one might expect, event towns are areas with limited availability, even in the version that created them. Typically they are associated with a holiday in the real world, though this isn't always the case. They are released for the duration of the holiday's event, and closed afterward. Occasionally, especially popular event towns will be made permanently available. In addition to the common time restrictions, there are also some other restrictions on entering, such as the completion of a specific quest or the purchase of certain Cash Shop equipments using real money. In cases where Cash Shop items are involved, the item is usually relatively cheap and can always be purchased with Maple Points, which can be earned from events, as well.


During the month of December, the Christmas themed town of Happyville becomes available. In 2007 for all versions, the town was renovated, giving it a very different feel.

Shalom Temple

In 2006-2007, Shalom Temple was only available during the Hanukkah season, but in 2008 it was available well into February.

Coke Town

Coke Town is a Coca-cola themed town.

Beer Tent

Beer Tent is only available during the Oktoberfest season.

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted House of Masteria was released as the Haunted Mansion as a special event town to celebrate Halloween. This version was slightly altered, as it included a potion seller and was accessible from other areas of the world. It, like the other event towns, was removed once the events ended.

In KoreaMS, the mansion was heavily altered. It has a few different monsters, and all of them are significantly weakened. The storyline conveyed through the quests is also very different.

Maple Tree Hill

Maple Tree Hill is an event map accessible from many towns through an NPC named Gaga. It contains a small maple tree which players can help to grow.

The Maple Tree Hill is famous for its dropping of Golden Leafs. These leafs can be used to trade for "Under the Maple Tree..." chair from NPC named Gaga. The Golden leafs can only be obtained after the Maple Tree fully blooms, it will grow when players donate the Sunshine to NPC named Gaga.

It is only available near the anniversary. Recently in KoreaMS, NPC Aramia was used as the primary NPC in Maple Tree Hill instead of Gaga. (Aramia is responsible for the fireworks event in MapleSEA and JapanMS ; Gaga was used for another objective)

House of Dong Dong Chiang

House of Dong Dong Chiang is an exclusive event map. It is accessible through an NPC named Yuan Bao Fo which is located in most towns. One stick cracker is required to enter. A portal will lead to the House of Dong Dong Chiang where Dong Dong Chiang will spawn every 10 minutes.

PC Room - Premium Road

Premium Road can only be accessed from a cyber cafe that has established a contract with the local programming staff of MapleStory. The cyber cafe grants bonuses such as EXP boosts by 1.5x (1.25x in MapleSEA), but only offers a limited amount of maps. Players at participating internet cafes can access Premium Road by talking to an NPC in Kerning City or to NPC Matilda in the Korean version.


Ardentmill is a town that lets players learn Professions. These professions consist of Herbalism, Alchemy, Mining, Smithing and Accessory Crafting. It is accessible via every major town in Maple World through a portal. Players must be at least level 30 in order to learn professions and access the town itself.

At level 30, a player reveals 5 traits, which are Diligence, Ambition, Charm, Empathy and Insight. Each trait has a maximum level of 100. Each 5 levels, a trait will reveal an effect on the player. The player could have less death experience penalty, more maximum MP, more quest experience and many more. Diligence can be gotten for staying in-game for at least an hour, Ambition from boss monsters, Charm from fame, Empathy from harvesting herbs, and Insight from mining. But, there are also other ways to get traits to level up, such as useable items, Party Quests and also Quests.

The player can learn up to two professions. There are only 3 combinations available : Herbalism + Alchemy, Mining + Smithing or Mining + Accessory Crafting. Each profession has a maximum level of 10. There is also a fatigue system where each character gains a fatigue point when mining, harvesting, making potions or making equipments. When fatigue reaches 200 (or 100 for EuropeMS currently), the character cannot harvest/mine/craft/make anything. When one hour passes, the fatigue drops by 5. To fasten the process, players can buy a drink, but it comes with a price (especially in MSEA).

The profession system replaces the maker skill, which is now defunct.

MS Free Market Icon.png Free Market

Perion Free Market Entrance

The Free Market is a place set aside for people who wish to sell their items by setting up a shop. They can either use the regular 'Buying item' method, or they can set up their own miniature shop where a maximum of 3 people are allowed in at once. In order do the latter, players will have to purchase a special permit available only through the Cash Shop. Additionally, NPC merchants can be hired to sell these items so that the player may continue to use their character while the shop is open. The merchants come in a variety of appearances, ranging from elves and teddy bears to Robots, Maids, and Granny. In some versions, certain merchants have differing features, such as the ability to notify the player of a sale.

Even while on another island, such as Ossyria, one may still make contact with people in Victoria Island through the Free Market. One can communicate and trade with someone entering the Free Market from any town. However, one cannot use the free market to travel between towns.

In MapleSEA, the Free Market includes a event map; Image Puzzle Quiz. The entrance to the Event Map is located at the far right side of Free Market.


Transportation is important in the world of Maple Story to travel across continents and subcontinents.

Intracontinental Transportation


MS NPC Regular Cab.png
The main transportation in Victoria Island to travel between towns, including to Sleepywood (but not back). The trip is instantaneous. In GlobalMS, the NLC Taxi exists on Masteria, and takes players from New Leaf City to Phantom Forest and back. The trip is both free and instantaneous.
There is also a Danger Zone Taxi in Sleepywood and parts of Ossyria. It makes the following trips:
  • Sleepywood: to Another Door for 15,000 mesos (15,000 mesos to return to Sleepywood)
  • El Nath: to any of the following locations:
  1. Ice Valley II for 45,000 mesos
  2. Forest of Dead Trees IV for 45,000 mesos
  3. MapleStory/Lion King's Castle for 45,000 mesos (45,000 mesos to return to El Nath)
  4. MapleStory/Ellin Forest for 45,000 mesos (55,000 mesos to return to El Nath)
  • Ludibrium: to any of the following locations:
  1. Path of Time for 25,000 mesos (35,000 mesos to return to Ludibrium)
  2. MapleStory/Ellin Forest for 25,000 mesos (55,000 mesos to return to Ludibrium)
  • Leafre: to any of the following locations within Twilight Perion:
  1. Entrance to Dragon Forest for 55,000 mesos
  2. Entrance to Dragon Nest for 200,000 mesos
  • Twilight Perion: to any of the following locations within Twilight Perion:
  1. Gale Plateau for 50,000 mesos
  2. Tempest Grave for 50,000 mesos
  3. Tribal Refugee Camp for 60,000 mesos
  4. Forsaken Excavation Site 4 for 80,000 mesos
  5. Warrior Grounds for 100,000 mesos
  • Mu Lung Crane: Transports players back and forth between Mu Lung and Herb Town for 500 mesos, as well as transporting players from Mu Lung to MapleStory/Golden Temple. The trip is instantaneous. Also travels to Orbis, as discussed below.
  • Camel Cab: Found outside of Ariant and Magatia. Takes players back and forth from Ariant and Magatia. The trip is instantaneous and costs 1,500 mesos.
  • Leaf Plane: Transports players back and forth between Pantheon and Fox Valley (Level 185+ only).
  • Orbis Magic Spots: Located on the 20th, 16th, 8th, and 1st floors of Orbis Tower, allows you to transport to any of those floors for 5,000 mesos (free if traveling between the 16th and 8th floors, or if you have an Orbis Rock Scroll in possession, which can no longer be obtained)
  • Eos Magic Rocks: Located on the 100th, 91st, 70th, 66th, 35th, 31st, 10th, and 1st floors of Eos Tower, allows you to transport to any of those floors for 15,000 mesos (free if you have an Eos Rock Scroll in possession, which can no longer be obtained)

Intercontinental Transportation

  • Maple Island Ship: A ship in Southperry that heads to Six Path Crossway. A one-way direction ship that takes 1 minute to travel.
  • Victoria Island - Ossyria Ship: Travels between Victoria Tree Platform and Orbis. The ship departs instantly and takes 30 seconds to travel.
  • Victoria - Ereve Ship: located in Victoria Tree Platform and Ereve. For first job, the cost is 100 mesos. After second job, it costs 1,000 mesos. The ship departs instantly and takes 30 seconds to travel.
  • Victoria - Edelstein Ship: located in Victoria Tree Platform and Edelstein. For first job, the cost is 100 mesos. After second job, it costs 1,000 mesos. The ship departs instantly and takes 30 seconds to travel.
  • Ossyria - Ereve Ship: located in Orbis and Ereve. For first job, the cost is 100 mesos. After second job, it costs 1,000 mesos. The ship departs instantly and takes 30 seconds to travel.
  • Ossyria - Edelstein Ship: located in Orbis and Edelstein. For first job, the cost is 100 mesos. After second job, it costs 1,000 mesos. The ship departs instantly and takes 30 seconds to travel.
  • Ossyria: Orbis - Ludibrium Train: Travels between Orbis and Ludibrium. The ship departs instantly and takes 1 minute to travel.
  • Ossyria: Orbis - Leafre Blue Bird: Travels between Orbis and Leafre. The ship departs instantly and takes 1 minute to travel.
  • Ossyria: Orbis - Mu Lung Crane — Travels between Orbis and Mu Lung. The ride costs 1.500 mesos, and the ride only takes 30 seconds, with no waiting to depart.
  • Ossyria: Orbis - Ariant Genie — Travels between Orbis and Ariant, The ship departs instantly and takes 1 minute to travel.
  • Victoria Island - Leafre Portal — A magical portal that transports adventurers from Ellinia to Leafre and back at the cost of a magic seed. The trip is instantaneous.
  • Ludibrium Elevator: Between 99th floor of Helios Tower and 2nd floor of Helios Tower. The elevator departs instantly and takes 10 seconds to travel.
  • Dolphin Taxi — Found in Aquarium and Herb Town. Transports players back and forth for 10,000 mesos. The trip is instantaneous. The Dolphin Taxi also provides transportation from Aquarium to "Aqua Road : The Sharp Unknown" (one of two entrances to Korean Folk Town) for 1,000 mesos.
  • Interdimensional Portal: Located at Six Path Crossway, this portal will take players to Pantheon instantly. It is also located in Pantheon's Great Temple Interior, where it will teleport players to various locations on the continents of Victoria Island, Ossyria, Edelstein, and Grandis for free.
  • Karcasa - Ariant Magic Carpet Man: Found outside of Ariant. Randomly takes players to Henesys, Ellinia, Kerning City or Perion. It is a one-way trip, instantaneous and costs 10,000 mesos.
  • Nana K: Found in most major towns, takes players to Amoria. (KoreaMS, JapanMS, TaiwanMS and MapleSEA)
World Tour Intra/Intercontinental Transportations
  • Perry the Pelican Taxi: Perry can be found in Victoria Tree Platform, as well as Zipangu (JapanMS, ChinaMS, TaiwanMS, GlobalMS, and MapleSEA), and can teleport players to any of Zipangu's locations, including Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, Ninja Castle, Tokyo (JapanMS and TaiwanMS only), as well as back to Victoria Tree Platform. The trip is free and instantaneous.
  • Konpei: Located in Showa Town transports players to and from Showa Hideout for free.
  • Shanghai Interdimensional Portal: Located at Six Path Crossway, this portal will take players to Shanghai instantly. It is also located in Shanghai's Residential Area, where it will teleport players to various locations on the continents of Victoria Island, Ossyria, and Edelstein for free.
  • Bell: Located in Kerning City Subway Station and NLC Subway Station. Takes players to and from New Leaf City for 5,000 mesos in GlobalMS and 1,000 mesos in TaiwanMS. The trip is instantaneous.
  • BTMS Staff: This NPC is located at the Kerning City Subway and at Ximending Station (TaiwanMS), and can take travelers to and from Ximending for a fee. The trip is instantaneous.
  • Captain Nareth: He is located in Lith Harbor and at Floating Market and can take travelers to and from Floating Market for a fee of 1,000 mesos. The trip is instantaneous.
  • Kerning and Singapore Airport Plane - Located in Kerning Airport and Singapore Airport. Transports players back and forth for 6,000 mesos. Trip is instantaneous but must wait by the plane until it takes off.
  • Spinel the World Tour Guide: This NPC can be found in most major Victoria and Ossyria towns. She can take you to any World Tour area: Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, for a fee of 3,000 mesos. You can also travel between these continents for a fee of 1,500 mesos. The trip is instantaneous.
Scroll and Capsule
Allow instantaneous transport to towns on the same continent.
  • Return Scroll - Nearest Town: Returns you to the nearest town. Available in every town.
  • Return Scroll for Dead Mine: Returns you to the dead mine at the higher ground of El Nath. Can only be used in Orbis and El Nath. Available from the first stage of the Zakum Quest.
  • Return Scroll to Ellinia: Returns you to Ellinia. Only available in Ellinia.
  • Return Scroll to Henesys: Returns you to Henesys. Only available in Henesys.
  • Return Scroll to Kerning City: Returns you to Kerning City. Only available in Kerning City.
  • Return Scroll to Lith Harbor: Returns you to Lith Harbor. Only available in Lith Harbor.
  • Return Scroll to Perion: Returns you to Perion. Only available in Perion.
  • Return Scroll to Sleepywood: Returns you to Sleepywood. Only available in Sleepywood.
  • Return Scroll to Nautilus Harbor: Returns you to Nautilus Harbor. Only available in Nautilus Harbor.
  • Return Scroll to New Leaf City: Returns you to New Leaf City. Only available from a shop opened through quest completion, at Dead Man's Gorge of Phantom Forest. Usable only in Masteria and Amoria.
  • Strawberry Milk: Bought at Showa Town bath house (Except for ThailandMS, This item has been removed from NPC.), Returns you to Mushroom Shrine. Usable in Zipangu only. (JapanMS has no continental limitations though.)
  • Fruit Milk: Bought at Showa Town bath house, Return you to Showa Town. Usable in Zipangu only. (JapanMS has no continental limitations though.)
  • Coffee Milk: Bought at Showa Town bath house, Returns you to the nearest town.
Special Transportations
  • Teleport Rocks from the Cash Shop allow one to travel to the same map as another player, or a map that the player can store by 'using' the rock. The rock is not used up when storing a map name. Cannot cross continents.
  • VIP Teleport Rocks from the Cash Shop have the same functions as the 'Teleport Rock' but an extra useful feature is that it can cross continents, making them a convenient alternative if you're short on time to get to a place you need to get to.
  • Hyper Teleport Rocks from the Cash Shop work like a VIP Teleport Rock, but are NOT consumed upon teleporting. These can be used infinitely until the duration ends (unless you have a permanent Hyper Teleport Rock)

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