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MS Temple of Time Icon.png Temple of Time

Temple of Time's world map
Lyka, a boss from Temple of Time.
  • Region: Temple of Time
  • Roads: Time Lane.
  • Level range: 136-168 (Quest starts from Level 140~160)

Temple of Time is the Temple where the Goddess of Time resides. The past, present and future all exist in this place. This place is also a requirement to take on the 5th Job Advancement.

This area can be reached from Leafre, and once held the title as "strongest area in the game." The common monsters here reach levels as high as 166. To get to the Temple of Time, one must transform into a Baby Draco (a smaller, younger-looking version of the level 200 mount) and fly themselves to the Temple over 2 maps. The temple itself is a monument in the sky to the goddess who rules over the Maple World. Currently, she is asleep, and in her slumber a dark man has risen to cause chaos in the Maple World. The temple is separated into three parts each with its own unique boss. The three parts are:

  • Memory Lane
  • Road of Regrets
  • Road to Oblivion

To get full access to the Temple, you will need to do quests which will ask you to either kill 200 of a certain monster or kill 1 boss. Each quest completed opens up a new room in the temple. If you do not do these quests, you will be simply be kicked back to the previous lounge until you do so.

At the end of the Temple there is a powerful boss called Pink Bean which is a cute-looking pink creature with 5 statues, a Goddess Statue, 2 bird statues and 2 scholar statues, guarding it, similar to the way the Guild Quest Boss Ergoth is guarded.


Deep Place of Temple

Map of Pink Bean.
  • Region: Temple of Time
  • Roads: Time Lane.

Level range: 180 This area is located past the Road to Oblivion, and is where Pink Bean is located. In order to get to Pink Bean, you'll need a Marble of Chaos, obtained after the Road to Oblivion quests.


MS Monster Solomon the Wise.png Solomon the Wise - Boss (180)

MS Monster Rex the Wise.png Rex the Wise - Boss (180)

MS Monster Hugin.png Hugin - Boss (180)

MS Monster Munin.png Munin - Boss (180)

MS Monster Ariel.png Ariel - Boss (180)

MS Monster Pink Bean.png Pink Bean - Boss (180)


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NPC Location Notes
MS NPC Temple Keeper.png
Temple Keeper
Three Doors Provides most of the quests needed to advance further into the Temple.
MS NPC Johanna.png
Three Doors Runs a potion store at Three Doors. Also allows you to warp to each zone in Temple of Time.