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This is where specific guides to jump quests go. The rewards, locations, requirements and so forth go on the previous page.

A jump quest is simply a quest that requires you to reach a certain distance and retrieve items which are required for a quest. The character must jump across several platforms to reach a portal, usually located at the top or far right of the map. The items are located at the end of the quest in the form of an NPC which the player must double click to retrieve the items. The first time the quest must be completed is usually as part of a quest given by an NPC. These quests may be repeated for 2 random ores, depending on the jumping quest, harder quests giving better ores. There are often obstacles to make the quest more difficult. These range from super enemies who have extremely high evasion, but only do 1 damage, to varying obstacles that will knock you off your platform (also doing 1 damage). Recently, GlobalMS has limited the amount of times that a character can complete the quest to once a day to prevent 'ore botting' hacks.

John's Sleepywood Jumping Quests[edit]

John's Pink Flower Basket[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: small green spiked balls and big red spiked balls.

This is a relatively easy jumping quest which doesn't require a complete walkthrough. However, here are some useful tips:

  • There are two screens to pass in this jumping quest.
  • Most, if not all balls can be ducked under in this. Use this to plan quick jumping and ducking.
  • When going down one step, you do not have to jump. Just walk off and you will land on the next lower step.
  • There are a few places where getting hit gives you an advantage, particularly the long flat platforms in the second map. Getting hit prevents you from getting hit from other balls, letting you reach the next part of the map.
  • The second map requires a lot of patience. You will need to concentrate a lot to get past this screen.
  • There is a location on the second map where you have to dodge red and green balls moving vertically. There is one platform where a green ball passes under you, but can't hit you, so you only need to dodge the red one.
  • At the top of the second map, you will find some pink flowers. Double click the flowers to receive your reward.

If you reach the flowers and you have already completed the quest at least once, you will get 2 ores of Adamantium, Bronze, Mithril, Silver, Orihalcon, or Steel.

Doing this quest time and time again is common practice for everyone in need of ores.

John's Present[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Wolbi stars and Mokbi stars, sawblades There are two screens to pass in this jumping quest

Time your jumps carefully.

For the first map, jump only on platforms with sacks on top but watch out for some which make you fall. Just make sure you jump on the platforms with the sacks all facing the same way, that is if you're standing on a platform with a sack facing left then you know to only jump on the platforms with the sacks facing left and not the ones facing right.

The second screen can be fairly difficult, but if you have a good sense of timing that may only be the case for the top two rows of obstacles. Climb up the rope and avoid the incoming Mokbi, then go either direction and time yourself until you get to the middle of the formation. It should be easy getting to the other rope once you're there. Run left, avoiding the two Mokbis (Although since they knock you left, it may be okay to get hit by them, you don't need much timing for this part though). Once you're there, run right and try to avoid the Mokbis at all costs. The vertically moving Wolbi stars knock you to the right HARD, so if they hit you while airborne they will most likely make you descend quickly to the next platform to the right and also grant you temporary invincibility to avoid any incoming Mokbis. So for this part of the level, the Wolbis, in most cases, are your friends. Once you're past that, you will want to run left once more (And there are no Mokbis in this part of the level) and this time AVOID the Wolbis, since they knock you opposite the direction you want to go. Once you're running right again, you'll find yourself confronted with Wolbis and Mokbis that are impossible to dodge, so you'll be relying on the Wolbis once more and your temporary invincibility. Try to stay as far to the right on the platform you're on as possible when you're getting hit by the Mokbis. The big rotating sawblade shouldn't be a problem, as it can only reach you when you jump, so just try to avoid that. Once you're running left, there will be very fast moving sawblades moving horizontally. Do not worry about them hitting you on the "hill" and just stay at the top and wait for your opportunity to run to the next platform. They knock you left, so it's safe to get hit by them while you're on the ground. Once you're past this; you're done!

Be careful about the Wolbis though, since they can potentially knock you all the way down to the ground rather than to the next platform in some situations.

John's Last Present[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Slimes, Jr. Neckis, Mokbi stars, Wolbi stars, Sawblades, Pendulum axes.

This jump quest is the absolute final one out of all the jump quests, it is considered the second hardest of all the jump quests by most players (Hersha's second request is harder). This JQ has three maps. If you're a mage, BRING A LOT OF HP POTS!!! The pendulum axes hit a nasty chunk out of your hp around 60 damage, warriors and other classes with their hp above 1k shouldn't worry too much about being hit. If you're a cleric, bring mp pots instead of hp pots since you can just heal. The first stage is fairly hard, the bottom is ridden with Slimes and Jr. Neckis and its going to get annoying if you fall and try to climb back up. Ahead there are some grinders which is going to get in your way plus its knockback is kinda harsh if you can't counter it with the arrow keys. Plus the mokbi stars are going to be a real pain to avoid.

A Bishop using Genesis on invicible monsters

The next stage thankfully is easier, there are a lot of platforms with sawblades (oh no) but its easier than the first. If your dodging technique is good, you shouldn't have much trouble with this stage. The only thing to watch out for is the few pendulum axes at the top.

The final stage is the HARDEST out of the three stages. Pendulum axes are going to be very hard to avoid in this stage which is why its a very good thing for mages to bring hp pots and should watch their hp at all times. This stage is separated into two parts, the bottom consists of pits that send you back to the start so with good jumping, you should make it through. The pendulum axe platforms are a pain and it's almost impossible to avoid all without being hit. Once you're through, the second part consists of small platforms which is swarmed with mokbi stars and wolbi stars. Try not to get hit otherwise you'll end up at the bottom of stage 3. Yes these annoying stars can really screw up your efforts so hope for the best and the pink flowered earrings are yours!(If you haven't done the quest).

Shumi's Kerning Subway Jumping Quests[edit]

Shumi's Lost Coin[edit]

Construction Site B1 (3:26)
Video guide by JVizzle

Construction Site B1 <AREA 1> WALKTHROUGH

Obstacles/Monsters: Moving Laser, Electric Wires, Jr. Neckis, Stirges

The first part is separated into four areas. The first and second area you shouldn't have much trouble with it. The third area may prove to be a bit irritating to do. The fourth area is considered the hardest part in this Jump Quest as it is nearly impossible to not get hit by the laser. Try to take advantage of knockback by allowing yourself to get hit back rather than fighting it otherwise you'll fall. Also some platforms can be skipped as a sort of shortcut.

The second part is considered annoying but you've gone through the worst of this jump quest. Stirges will try to get in your way by knocking you off the small platforms and to make matters worse, the electric wires will be a nuisance too. There is a way to prevent yourself from getting knocked off of a platform when hit by a laser: when one is descending towards you, time a jump so that you hit the laser when you are in mid-air. This will cause you to fall back down and land right back on the platform, taking only a single damage. Take advantage of the four-second invincibility timer that occurs after you get hit, and continue onwards. Also, when you encounter the electric wires that shoot beams from one orb to another, you can simply duck to prevent yourself from getting zapped. Note that the electric wire and the beams are not in sync, so you can wait for a perfect moment to jump rather than just hoping for the best.

Once you're through, you'll have a 99 minute time limit to hunt bubblings or you can just look into the chest. Congratulations, you have passed through Shumis first Jump Quest!

  • When you are ready to leave, click the Treasure Chest to collect Shumi's Coin.
  • If the quest is already complete, you will receive either two random mineral ores (Adamantium, Bronze, Mithril, Silver, Orihalcon, or Steel) or nothing at all.

Shumi's Lost Bundle of Money[edit]


Obstacles/Monsters: Lasers (The ones that appear and disappear), Moving Laser, Stirges.

Part 1
There are 3 ropes, and lasers. Take the left rope, get used to the stalling spots, and get to the top. Next, there are lots of lasers, and platforms crowded together making a 'stair' formation. At the top, go to the second platform from the right or the far left platform. The far left platform takes you to the right side of the next part, and the second from the right takes you to the left side of the next part. The other platforms at the top will 'toss' you around. Next, the platforms are shaped like a W, and depending on the platform you pressed ^ on, you will be on the right or left point. Climb to the top, duck until the lasers are gone. As soon as they disappear completely, climb up the ladder. The lasers will FINALLY be gone! Well, except for the one in the middle. There are lasers going through the middle only, and one going up and down like in the lvl 20 one. There is a 'square' of platforms going around the edge, go to the top of it and wait for the lasers to disappear and the moving laser to be at the bottom. Climb up to the portal.
Part 2
This room contains 3 areas. The first area is basically a pitfall where you jump all the way to the bottom and access the next area by pressing ^ on the light. The second area consists of platforms with appearing and disappearing lasers barring your way. Climb to the top of the room by memorising the 'safe platforms' and rushing as soon as the laser disappears. This may take some time but you'll eventually reach the top if you're careful enough. At the top, go behind the wall on the right to reach the 3rd area and jump down. If you're lucky you will land on the portal, if not you will have to climb, it's the same as the second area only the lasers restrict more platforms making the climb a bit harder. Enter the portal and you're finished with this JQ.
Jr. Wraiths and Jr. Boogies galore! If you want to get it over with click on the treasure chest.

Part 1, section 1: Take the left rope and look for stalling gaps. Part 1, section 2 and 3: You can duck in some places, watch the lasers. Part 1, section 4: When at the top of the square, wait for everything to leave.

Part 2, section 1: Fall, fall fall Part 2, section 2 and 3: You can duck or even stand up in some places, but don't think that the floor is actually solid...

Extra: Get in the subway by going into a sign and walk to the ladder past the treasure chest.


  • On the right of each ladder, theres a brown looking pole that is divided into cubes.
  • Take the second ladder to your left.
  • Take note of where your head is, it should be under the 4th cube of the pole next to you
  • Wait until the lasers go out COMPLETELY. One hit and you go off
  • When they go out, Go to they 7th or 8th cube of the pole ( your body should fit there )
  • Lasers out, Go up until you are nearly at the electric fence travel wire
  • Lasers out, Go and duck at the nearby electric fence at the top left
  • Lasers out, Go and quickly duck under the electric fences at the top.
  • Lasers out, Go to the 2nd last brick at the side(left or right) and press up.
  • Jump and duck sometimes and NEVER stop in the middle of the ladder.
  • If the moving laser is up and lasers out, jump and quickly get onto the side.
  • Keep going and beware of the laser at the top.
  • When you see the 0 and the slash (/) on a sign, it means if you fall, you fall more down.


  • Study the Lasers and eventually you`ll get it.
  • When you are done the 2 phrases of lasers, go and jump and FALL onto the portal spot
  • You will get knock back from the free fall so you need to keep going a little.

Jump Quest area completed

  • Redo Subway Jumping quest - 2 Random Jewel Ores (except Diamond or Black Crystal )

Shumi's Lost Sack of Money[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Lasers (The ones that appear and disappear), Moving Laser, Shockwave Lasers, Electric Wires.

Part 1
This is a jump/wait run. Bat things will block your way sometimes, and to get through them quickly, you should get hit by the electric fences.

The fastest way to do this is to get hit by the electric fences. Electric fences push you to the left one "jump", and turn you invincible. Tricks include jumping when the electric fence is on, allowing you to jump to the left and up at the same time, while turning you invincible. This allows you to avoid bats easily.

It is much easier and faster to just jump/wait. But if you jump for ores, you need to master hitting the fences to avoid the stirges.

Part 2
The fastest way is to do a non-stop run through the map... it is hard to explain but easy to show. Just hold down right and keep jumping. There are only 3 spots you need to stop and wait. If done correctly, you should be done in just around 30 seconds. The ABSOLUTE perfect time includes getting hit by a few lasers to push you forward, and you end up around 28 seconds time.

It should be noted that the fastest way through on your first run is to just jump and wait, jump and wait. It takes much practice to beat this part like the masters, and the jump wait cycle does not take long to do either. A "perfect run" takes just under 30 seconds, and you should have only 1 "wait" the entire jump time if you do it correctly. Masters aim for "nearly perfect" runs, that takes a bit longer than 30 seconds and only wait 2 times the entire time. (once in the middle, and once on the end)

Part 3
The fastest way to complete this map is by getting hit at certain places. Red Horizontal lasers push you 1 jump to the left, Red Vertical Lasers push you right 1.5 jumps (so you have to jump into vertical lasers for it to work for you), blasters push you down or to the left/right 1 jump, and electric fences push you one to the left.

Just like Part 2, it is much faster to jump and wait on your first try. But if you plan to be jumping for ores, you should learn how to master Part 3.

Hersha's Ellinia Forest Jumping Quests[edit]

(Forest of Endurance) The Pink Anthurium[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Spears, Lupins.

Map 1:

First you will enter a very tall map. It contains stair-like platforms. Be cautious, these platforms are rather distant from each other, so try to jump from one to the other as close to the edge as possible. When you get to a stair intersection, you can choose the left or the right path. Be sure to check your mini map, this way you'll know which path has a missing step. If you do take the wrong way, you'll be forced to jump back down and take the other direction. If you come back down, make sure you JUMP back down. Do not try to walk down a platform, because they are too far apart and walking will ensure a sad fall to the bottom! Near the top of the map, there are two lupins chucking bananas. Try to avoid them otherwise you'll wind up at the bottom.

Step 2:

The next stage is smaller, but time wise, it's longer. First, there is a vine you must climb. Of course, though, there is an obstacle that would make this normally simple task difficult. But not too difficult. Simply avoid being hit by the bananas peels thrown by the Lupins (again). If your timing is correct, you should pass it safely.

Then you come to the spears. These obstacles shouldn't be too difficult to pass, so long as you time yourself carefully. Only jump to the next platform, of course, when the spears are down. Then, you should come to a structure at the far left with two sets of spears "stabbing" at different times. Wait for the bottom most spear to eject, position yourself under it, via crouch, wait until it "stabs" again and then jump to the middle platform and crouch. Wait for the top-most set of spears to "stab" and then jump to the top. Now, you come to more platforms with more sets of spears. These spears are positioned in the same area, one over the other, and stab at different times. There's a trend to these obstacles of course. Normally, all you have to do is wait for the opposing obstacles to "stab"/"jab"/"throw" at the same time and then move forward. So, anyways, back to the spears, wait until the two sets of spears stab in opposite directions, at the same time, and then jump, hopefully, safely to the next platform. WARNING! If you get hit by the spear that comes downwards, you'll get hit downwards thus ending up in the bottom!

At the far right, you'll come to a structure that was much like the structure at the far left. Only... this ones got three set's of spears... making it just a bit more difficult. But just as you did on the structure on the far left, position yourself safely beneath the bottom most set of spears (via crouch), wait until the spears eject at the same time, and then jump all the way to the top platform. If you do get hit by the spears, calm yourself now! You won't help yourself by panicking and jabbing the jump button in hopes of making it to the top! This is after all, the forest of PATIENCE. If you feel your heart racing or something, you might want to take a deep breath and grab a glass of lemonade. If you didn't get hit by the spears, and have made it to the top of this obstacle, then Congratulations! You're almost there!

Final section

After you give yourself a good pat on the back, you find yourself facing a few more platforms. But these aren't the simple, "walk across, this quest is finally over" type of platforms. These platforms are adorned with thorn-like objects that sit smack dab in the middle of them. You can use MapleStory's invincibility cooldown to help you get through this part easily. By positioning yourself right next to them and tapping  ↓ , you should trigger the invincibility cooldown without moving much. While still blinking from the damage, walk across. You'll be faced with a couple more rows of these thorny platforms, so simply repeat the step mentioned before, (touching the spikes), and you should be fine. Don't try to jump over these thorns, as some platforms have thorns on both the bottom and top. Jumping into a thorn hanging from a platform will probably knock you down a row or worse. However, jumping over is possible. By jumping and then turning around in mid-air, you should able to get to the other side of the thorn without damage.

Now, you'll be greeted with a rather long platform, some vines... and lupins. Lovely. Though, this portion of the map is probably the easiest part to pass. Just as it was in the the beginning, it's all about timing yourself. Of course, if you come between two Lupins and there peels, just time yourself like you did with the spears. When they BOTH throw the peels, up the vine you go. There are gaps between the Lupins all along the vines, in which you may rest/time yourself/grab a bite to eat, so long as you position yourself correctly. And that should be it. Get yourself through the first vine, up to the platform, jump to the next, down the second vine, on the platform, jump to the next platform, up the last vine and avoid the Lupins and their peels. If you're hit, and fall from the vines, no worries. There's a rather long platform beneath the vines that should save you from a fall to the bottom of the map.

If you're a risk taker and are not in the mood to maneuver your way through these challenges, there is a sort of short cut through the first two vines: you are able to situate yourself on the platforms that the Lupins are standing on. But do so at your own risk. While standing on the Lupin platforms, you are still able to be hit by the Lupin's peels, and you will most surely fall in the seconds that you find yourself atop the Lupin platform. The trick: make your way half-way up the vine, about three Lupins up, and position yourself over the third Lupins' platform. Wait until both Lupins (on the left platform) have thrown their peels, then jump onto their platform (remember: you'll only have seconds before you're hit). Make your way, by either jumping or falling to the left of the platform and grab onto the vine, quickly climbing your way down and onto the platform. Don't stop here! The bottom-most Lupin is still able to hit you with his peels. Either crouch to avoid the peels or jump to the next platform to the right. Take a deep breath, because you've reached the last vine. Make your way up, with good timing and positioning, and you'll avoid all peels.

When you reach the last three Lupins, don't stop when you've only past two of them, because the third Lupin will still be able to harm you with his peel. Wait and watch all three Lupins, and when they ALL throw their banana peels at the same time, up the vine you go. When you reach the top of the platform, all you need to do now is hop up the tiny platforms and make your way to the pile of flowers. If you're doing a quest, be sure to check your quest menu to check which bush/flower you need to get. If you choose the correct one, you'll get a scroll. If you choose the wrong one, you'll receive 5 elixirs.

(Forest of Endurance) The Double-Rooted Red Ginseng[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Jr. Neckis, Spears, Lupins.

This has three parts. The first part contains far-wide jumps. You should have your feet sticking out before jumping. The second has platforms going up in stair form with Jr. Neckis on them. My suggestion is that to wait for the Jr. Necki to go to the other side of the platform and then you should go move and get by her, this will make you jump a little back but won't make you fall. Then keep doing this until the end. Near the top has some spikes just like in Step 2. The third part has lupins throwing bananas in straight lines as you try to navigate the platforms. It is hard to explain so just take your time and try to learn and decipher while you do it.

To finish this quest you need to pick the correct ginseng (there are 4 different ones). The reward for this quest you will get a star rock (you can use it for lvl 45 manji's quest, or to forge a wedding ring). If you redo, you'll get bc, gold, diamond, and sometimes red hearted earrings (rare).

Assistant Chengs Ludibrium Jumping Quest[edit]

The missing mechanical parts[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Trixters, Green Trixters

There has been a debate on whether this is a jump quest and most people do consider this as a jump quest. You have 20 minutes to complete this jump quest. The aim unlike the other Jump Quests is to collect 10 mechanical parts from boxes scattered in one long horizontal map with a line of conveyor belts at the top. It is recommended that mages or other classes that has low hp to bring hp pots simply because the tricksters in the map deal very nasty damage around 100 damage or so. The conveyor belts in the map are very annoying. Although there are some solid platforms, most boxes must be reached by jumping on conveyor belts. Correct timed jumps must be done in order to reach to other boxes. Even though this is a fairly hard jump quest, it is not the hardest. Reward : 10%/60% shoes for jump or 10%/60% shoes for speed

Cat in the Cheese Warehouse Jump Quest[edit]

Obstacles/Monsters: Cat in the Cheese Warehouse

This JQ is currently only available in KMS as an event, it involves the player turning into a rat and evading the cats within the jump quest to reach the big cheese at the end. There is only one stage and there is around 4 floors in that map. Players will fail the jump quest if they touch the cat. Be wary, some of the cats can go invisible and reappear facefirst before the body just like the cheshire cat.