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Fantasy Theme World map

MS fantasticpark icon.png Fantasy Theme World[edit]

  • Region: Ludus Lake
  • Required Level: 120+

Fantasy Theme World is a theme dungeon based off Fantasy Theme Park, but with several modifications.

Dylan, a humanoid squirrel boy, has contacted you asking for help with his date. After being rejected 100 times, he is convinced that this date will be a success, since he has a plan to propose his love to her using a cardio-tachometer. It is up to you to make sure everything goes well during his date with Delilah.


MS Monster Yabber Doo.png Jellybus (123)

MS Monster Vikerola.png Bearic the White (123)

MS Monster Targa.png Targa - Boss (125)

MS Monster Scarlion Boss.png Scarboss - Boss (125)

MS Monster Angry Targa.png Angry Targa - Boss (125)

MS Monster Angry Scarlion Boss.png Furious Scarboss - Boss (125)