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MS Mushroom Shrine Icon.pngMS Showa Town Icon.pngMS Mushroom Shrine Icon.pngMS Neo Tokyo Icon.png Japan[edit]

Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Used for
MS Item Crow Feather.png
Crow Feather
The feather of a crow. 25 17 Crow
MS Item Genin Doll.png
Genin Doll
A wooden Genin doll. 25 20 Genin
MS Item Raccoon Firewood.png
Raccoon Firewood
Raccoon's firewood. 30 25 Fire Raccoon
MS Item Cloud Foxtail.png
Cloud Foxtail
Cloud Fox's tail. 30 25 Cloud Fox
MS Item Straw Sandals.png
Straw Sandals
A warm pair of straw sandals worn by Ashigaru. 30 25 Ashigaru
MS Item Worn Paper Lantern.png
Worn Paper Lantern
Worn paper lantern from Purple ghost. 40 27 Paper Lantern Ghost
MS Item Dark Cloud Foxtail.png
Dark Cloud Foxtail
Big Cloud Fox's tail. 45 40 Big Cloud Fox
MS Item Littleman A's Badge.png
Littleman A's Badge
The badge of Littleman A. 45 37 Extra A
MS Item Littleman B's Name Plate.png
Littleman B's Name Plate
The name plate of Littleman B. 47 38 Extra B
MS Item Littleman C's Necklace.png
Littleman C's Necklace
The necklace of Littleman C. 50 40 Extra C
MS Item Chunin Poison Dart.png
Chunin Poison Dart
A dart with a poisoned tip used primarily by Chunin. 50 40 Chunin
MS Item Triangular Bandana of the Nightghost.png
Triangular Bandana of the Nightghost
Triangular Bandana that Nightghost wears while spooking others. 60 75 Nightghost
MS Item Cucumber.png
A delicious looking cucumber that Hadong Dropped. 60 52 Water Goblin
MS Item Kunoichi.png
A Kunoichi's favored weapon. 60 50 Kunoichi
MS Item Leader A's Shades.png
Leader A's Shades
The shades of leader A. 62 66 Leader A
MS Item Leader B's Charm.png
Leader B's Charm
The charm of Leader B. 64 72 Leader B
MS Item Subordinate D Fingernail.png
Subordinate D Fingernail
Looks like a fingernail of a Subordinate D. 72 61 Extra D
MS Item Jonin Shuriken.png
Jonin Shuriken
A giant throwing star only used by Jonin. 80 300 Jonin
MS Item Boss's Pomade.png
Boss's Pomade
Boss's pomade. 95 190 Male Boss
MS Item Kimono Piece.png
Kimono Piece
A piece of cloth that Mong Ghost was wearing. 100 115 Dreamy Ghost
MS Item Shadow Ninja Scroll.png
Ninto Scroll
A scroll that contains an enormous amount of valuable information. 100 120 Ninto
MS Item Sabots.png
A pair of Sabots that Black Crow was wearing. 115 200 Black Crow
MS Item Prototype Lord Propulsion System.png
Prototype Lord Spoiler
"A spolier attached to Prototype Lord." 115 1 Prototype Lord
MS Item Twisted Radar.png
Twisted Radar
"A twisted radar attached to the Prototype Lord." 115 ? Prototype Lord
MS Item Broken Tatemono.png
Kacchuu Musha Fragment
A fragment of a solid armor worn by Kacchuu Musha. 120 450 Kacchuu Musha
MS Item Lady Boss's Comb.png
Lady Boss's Comb
A comb that the lady boss always carries with. 130 500 Female Boss Used to access 'The Nightmarish Last Days'
MS Item Toad Oil.png
Toad Oil
A small container that holds Toad oil. 130 140 Toad
MS Item Afterlord Chained Tire.png
Afterlord Caterpillar
A broken caterpillar from Afterlord. 135 1 Afterlord
MS Item Operational Unit.png
Operational Unit
The unit that serves as the catalyst to operating giant robots. 135 N/A Afterlord Required to complete the quest 'Find the Operational Unit'.
MS Item Calculating Domino.png
Calculating Domino
One of the pivotal parts that makes up the operational unit. 135 N/A Afterlord 1 of the 3 required items to complete the quest 'The Beginning, and an End'.
MS Item Overload Lens.png
Overlord Lens
A lens from Overload. It's cracked. 137 1 Overlord Collect 100 Overlord lens for the quest 'Entering Enemy Territory'
MS Item Macromolecule Actualater.png
Macromolecule Actualater
One of the pivotal parts that makes up the operational unit 137 N/A Overlord 1 of the 3 required items to complete the quest 'The Beginning, and an End'.
MS Item Robby's Electronic Induction Device.png
Conductive Polymer Gain
One of the pivotal parts that makes up the operational unit. 137 N/A Overlord 1 of the 3 required items to complete the quest 'The Beginning, and an End'.
MS Item Maverick Balancer.png
Maverick Balancer
A balancer that consists of two gears to keep the balance of Maverick. 141 1 Maverick Type α
MS Item Maverick Type D Booster.png
Maverick Booster
A booster attached to Maverick. 143 1 Maverick Type γ
MS Item Maverick Type S Laser Gun.png
Portable Laser Guidance
A laser guidance system attached to Maverick. Does not incur any damage. Used as a guide. 143 N/A Maverick Type ν
MS Item Iruvata Laser Sword.png
Ilúvatar Laser Gun
A laser gun used by Ilúvatar." 143 1 Ilúvatar
MS Item Royal Guard Armor.png
Imperial Guard Shield
A shield for Imperial Guard." 143 Imperial Guard
MS Item Bodyguard A's Tie Pin.png
Bodyguard A's Tie Pin
A pin stuck on the tie of Bodyguard A. 152 350 Bodyguard A
MS Item Bodyguard B's Bullet Shell.png
Bodyguard B's Bullet Shell
A bullet shell of the gun that Bodyguard B used. 155 350 Bodyguard B
MS Item Maverick Type A Component.png
Royal Guard Medal
A medal for Royal Guard 160 Royal Guard
MS Item Imperial Guard Vacuum Tube.png
Bergamot Oil Tank
An oil tank from Bergamot. 168 1 Bergamot 3
MS Item Nibergen Reactor.png
Nibelung Reactor
A reactor from Nibelung. 168 Nibelung 3
MS Item Magic Monster Claw.png
Magic Monster Claw
A claw of an unknown magic monster. 174 1 Master Unknown Magic Beast
MS Item Magic Monster Horn.png
Magic Monster Horn
A lost horn from a long time ago by an unknown magic monster. 174 1 Dunas
MS Item Big Boss Flashlight.png
Big Boss Flashlight
Big Boss Flashlight 175 1,000 The Boss Hand it to Konpei after exiting and you obtain 100 Elixirs.
MS Item Core Blaze Tip.png
Core Blaze Tip
A tip from Core Blaze. 178 Core Blaze
MS Item Auf Haven Wing.png
Aufheben Wing
A wing from Aufheben. 180 Aufheben
MS Item Castellan's Stolen Armrest.png
Castellan's Stolen Armrest
An armrest that has the word "Kamedeya" stitched on it for some reason. 180 600 Castellan
MS Item Gigatoad Coin Purse.png
Emperor Toad Wallet
A wallet that belonged to Emperor Toad. It's bursting with riches. 180 10,000 Castellan Toad

MS Shanghai Wai-Tan Icon.pngMS Yu Yuan Garden Icon.pngFile:MS Shaolin Temple Icon.pngFile:MS Grand Hall of the Great Sage Icon.png China[edit]

Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Used for
MS Item Chicken Feet.png
Chicken Feet
A chicken's foot. 40 20 Rooster
MS Item Duck Egg.png
Duck Egg
A round, white egg laid by a duck. 42 22 Duck
MS Item Sheep Skin.png
Sheep Skin
A white fluffy wool from white sheep. 45 24 Sheep
MS Item White Horn.png
White Horn
A white horn from a goat. 50 26 Goat
MS Item Nose Ring.png
Nose Ring
A nose ring stuck on the nose of cows. 53 30 Cow
MS Item Black Horn.png
Black Horn
A black horn shed from the black goat. 55 28 Black Goat
MS Item Black Fur.png
Black Fur
A fluffy black wool from the black sheep. 57 24 Black Sheep
MS Item Plow.png
A plow that's on the back of the oxen to plow the field. 58 35 Plowing Ox

MS Xi Men Ding Icon.pngMS Night Market Icon.pngMS Taipei 101 Icon.png Taiwan[edit]

Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Monster Crystal Used for
MS Item Wild Dog Tail.png
Wild Dog Tail
? 23 ? Stray Dog N/A
MS Item Wild Dog Shades.png
Wild Dog Shades
? 25 ? Stylish Stray Dog N/A
MS Item Wild Dog Dentures.png
Wild Dog Dentures
? 23-25 ? Stray Dog, Stylish Stray Dog N/A
MS Item Jr. Pepe Keychain.png
Jr. Pepe Key Chain
? 36 ? Jr.Pepe Doll ?
MS Item Yeti Keychain.png
Yeti Key Chain
? 36 ? Yeti Doll, Snowman ?
MS Item Melon Bubble.png
Green Bubble
? 38 ? Green Bubble Tea ?
MS Item Cherry Bubble.png
Red Bubble
? 38 ? Red Bubble Tea ?
MS Item Mango Bubble.png
Yellow Bubble
? 38 ? Yellow Bubble Tea ?
MS Item Monkey Bike.png
Monkey Bike
? 40 ? Clown Monkey ?
MS Item Motorcycle Helmet.png
Motorcycle Helmet
? 47 ? Biker Monkey ?
MS Item Orange Mushroom Doll.png
UFO Catcher
"A key chain with a doll that resembles the UFO Catcher." 60 75 Doll Vending Machine Basic Monster Crystal 2 ?

MS Floating Market Icon.pngMS Golden Temple Icon.png Thailand[edit]

Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Monster Crystal Used for
MS Item Frog Leg.png
Frog Leg
"A rear leg of a frog that can be utilized as an ingredient very chewy and tasty." 8 4 Frog N/A N/A
MS Item Chicken.png
"A featherless chicken that is ready to be cooked." 15 10 White Chicken N/A Quest: Sick Snake Needs Food I
MS Item White Egg.png
White Egg
"A white egg that has been freshly laid this morning." 15 10 White Chicken N/A Quest: Sick Snake Needs Food I
MS Item Lizard Tail.png
Lizard Tail
?? 25 ?? Yellow Lizard N/A ??
MS Item Toad Poisoin.png
Toad Poisoin
?? 28 ?? Toad N/A ??
MS Item Lizard Tongue.png
Lizard Tongue
?? 40 ?? Red Lizard ?? ??
MS Item Snake Scale.png
Snake Scale
?? 60 ?? Python ?? ??
MS Item Snake Skin.png
Snake Skin
?? 60 ?? Python ?? ??

MS Singapore Icon.png Singapore[edit]

Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Used for
MS Item Waste Paper.png
Waste Paper
A piece of trash paper lying here and there in CBD. 145 18 Biner Rubbish Eradicator
MS Item Recycle Water Bottle.png
Recycle Water Bottle
An empty bottle dropped by a Biner. 145 15 Biner Rubbish Eradicator
MS Item Broken Wing.png
Broken Wing
A fallen, broken wing from a Batoo. 146 20 Batoo
MS Item Stop Sign.png
Stop Sign
A metal stop sign, dropped by a Stopnow. 147 30 Stopnow Signing Away Your Life
MS Item Speed Limit Sign.png
Speed Limit Sign
A metal speed limit sign, dropped by a Nospeed. 148 45 Nospeed Take it Slow
MS Item Metal Pole.png
Metal Pole
A metal pole which can be found from both Stopnow and Nospeed monsters. 147-148 60 Stopnow, Nospeed Take it Slow
MS Item Fire Extinguisher.png
Fire Extinguisher
A red fire extinguisher that a Freezer stole from a CBD building. 149 42 Freezer The Stolen Fire Extinguishers
MS Item Headlight.png
An old, beat up headlight dropped by a Trucker. 150 80 Trucker Johnson's Day Off
MS Item Worn Tire.png
Worn Tire
A worn out tire. It doesn't seem to be safe to use. 150 65 Trucker Johnson's Day Off
MS Item Battery.png
A car battery from a Trucker. It seems to have have run out of power. 150 115 Trucker Johnson's Day Off
MS Item Small Poop.png
Small Poop
A tiny, stinky glob of poop. 151 55 Tippo Red Boat Quay Clean-Up 1
MS Item Big Poop.png
Big Poop
An enormous glob poop. It is extremely smelly. 152 70 Tippo Blue Boat Quay Clean-Up 1
MS Item Ink.png
An Octobunny's Ink. So dark but not toxic. 153 75 Octobunny Boat Quay Clean-Up 2
MS Item Pink Essence.png
Pink Essence
This Pink Essence is extracted from a Pac Pinky. It contains a mysterious power. 154 73 Pac Pinky
MS Item Green Essence.png
Green Essence
This Green Essence is extracted from a Slimy. It contains a mysterious power. 155 80 Slimy
MS Item Blue Essence.png
Blue Essence
This Blue Essence is extracted from a Selkie Jr. It contains a mysterious power. 156 115 Selkie Jr.
MS Item Red Essence.png
Red Essence
This Red Essence is extracted from a Mr. Anchor. It contains mysterious power. 157 125 Mr. Anchor Missing White Essence
MS Item Black Essence.png
Black Essence
The black soul from Capt. Latanica. It seems extremely powerful. 160 1 Capt. Latanica Ghostworthy
MS Item Soul Lantern.png
Soul Lantern
A mysterious lantern that glows with ghostly light. It is believed that this lantern will produce an incredible power if it is used correctly. 160 100,000 Capt. Latanica Ghost Ship Exorcist
MS Item Sweat Bead.png
Sweat Bead
A bead of sweat from a Berzerkie. 160 200 Berserkie Entering Ulu City
MS Item Veetron Horn.png
Veetron Horn
Sharp horns removed from a Veetron. 161 200 Veetron Entering Ulu City
MS Item Slygie Tail.png
Slygie Tail
A tail removed from a Slygie. 162 200 Slygie Entering Ulu City
MS Item Oil Canister.png
Oil Canister
An oil canister that holds gasoline. 163 200 Montrecer Pushing Forward in Ulu City
MS Item Moss Rock.png
Moss Rock
A moss-covered granite rock from a Petrifighter. 165 200 Petrifighter Pushing Forward in Ulu City
MS Item Rafflesia.png
A huge flower that emits an awful stench. 167 220 Duku Ulu City Energy Thieves
MS Item Union Key.png
Union Key
A mysterious golden key that unlocks a hidden secret. 170 1 Krexel Retrieving the Union Key

MS KualaLumpur Icon.pngMS Kampung Icon.png Malaysia[edit]

Name Description Level Sell value (M) Availablility Used for
MS Item Coconut Husk.png
Coconut Husk
Coconut husk that a Chlorotrap dropped. 131 50 Chlorotrap A Bright and Sunny Day, Too Hot!
MS Item Rebab.png
Traditional musical instrument of Malaysia. 132 55 Emo Slime I'm Bored!, They're All Gone!
MS Item Stolen Tire.png
Stolen Tire
A tire that an Oly Oly stole from someone. 133 65 Oly Oly Missing Tires, More Missing Tires
MS Item Yellow Wig.png
Yellow Wig
Silky and shiny hair of Dark Fission. 134 60 Dark Fission Poor Blondie, Low on Wigs!
MS Item Rodeo Rider.png
Rodeo Rider
A doll that comes to life when riding on the back of a Rodeo monster. 135 75 Rodeo Surprise Birthday Party
MS Item Charmer's Flute.png
Charmer's Flute
Deadly weapon of a Charmer. 136 80 Charmer Off to the Fantasy Theme Park
MS Item Scarf.png
A must-have fashion item. 137 70 Scaredy Scarlion My Lovely Scarf, Stolen Scarves
MS Item Tall Hat.png
Tall Hat
Victorian-style silk hat. 138 70 Ratatula Daddy's Birthday Party
MS Item Dented Barrel.png
Dented Barrel
Dented wooden barrel soaked with oil. 139 90 Jester Scarlion Grand Finale
MS Item Lucky Hat.png
Lucky Hat
Cute little hat that a Froscola loves to wear. 140 100 Froscola Unexpected Guests
MS Item Lucky Bus Ticket.png
Lucky Bus Ticket
Bus ticket that can take you to the city. 141 110 Yabber Doo Little Lam, Big World
MS Item Toy Plane.png
Toy Plane
Cute little toy plane, perfect as a gift for children. 142 115 Booper Scarlion Gift for Lam's Brother
MS Item Viking Helmet.png
Viking Helmet
Nice, sturdy, Viking-style helmet. 143 120 Vikerola Off to the City
MS Item Wooden Pony Tail.png
Wooden Pony Tail
Wooden tail of a Gallopera. 144 130 Gallopera Kampung Merry-go-round
MS Item Scarlion Boss's Foot.png
Scarlion Boss's Foot
Scarlion Boss's magical foot. 150 4 Furious Scarlion Boss
MS Item Targa's Foot.png
Targa's Foot
Targa's magical foot. 150 3 Furious Targa