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Empress Cygnus is a powerful boss in Future Ereve. Players level 140 or more can fight the Easy mode and players level 170 or higher can fight the Normal mode. Participant count is 1-6 in a party. Maximum 1 per week for easy mode, 2 per week for normal mode and killing an advanced knight inside is counted as a kill count. Normal mode clearance count can be reset using a Kritias Boss Clear Reset ticket.

Overall Stats[edit]


  • Level: 190
  • Cygnus HP: 10,500,000,000 (10.5 billion)
  • Resistant to all elements, including Physical
  • 100% DEF
  • Shinsoo HP: 400,000,000 (400 million)
  • Chief Knights' HP: 1,050,000,000 each (1.05 billion HP each)
  • 2,040,000 EXP (2.04 Million EXP)
  • 5 Death Count per person (max 4 deaths)
  • 15 second potion cooldown


  • Level: 190
  • Cygnus HP: (All servers except MSEA) 63,000,000,000 (63 Billion) / (MSEA) 6,300,000,000 (6.3 Billion)
  • Resistant to all elements, including Physical
  • 100% DEF
  • Shinsoo HP: 2,100,000,000 (2.1 Billion)
  • Chief Knights' HP (V1): 2,100,000,000 each (2.1 Billion HP each)
  • Chief Knights' HP (V2): 6,300,000,000 each (6.3 Billion HP each)
  • 204,000,000 EXP (204 Million EXP)
  • 5 Death Count per person (max 4 deaths)
  • 30 second potion cooldown

Getting there[edit]

From Leafre, head to Temple of Time by talking to Cobra in the Leafre Station. Head to the right for 2 maps to reach. Enter the Gate to the Future and walk towards the Cygnus' Chamber.


  • Max 1 clear per week for easy mode, 2 clears per week for normal mode, resets every Thursday. Killing a Chief Knight counts as a clear. Normal mode clear limit can be reset using a Kritias Boss Limit Reset Ticket.
  • Pre-requisite quest: Cygnus Garden cleared (only for Normal mode, Easy does not require any quests).
  • Requires a dream key to enter every time for Normal mode. To make a dream key collect Dawn, Blaze, Wind, Night, Thunder Stone. You can make 1 key per day.


  • Partial Map Dark genesis (100% damage)
  • Full Map Dark genesis (90% damage)
  • Damage Reflect (to a member with the lowest MaxHP)
  • Tornado (Traps you and deal 4000 damage over time)
  • Fires a projectile at you. (40%)
  • Uses Phoenixes to create a trail of fire that deals damage when you step it.
  • Summons Advanced Knights to help.
  • Summons Chief Knights to help throughout (for V1, one at a time; for V2, all at once). She summons V2 once all of the V1 Chief Knights have been spawned, and when her HP is below 20%. She cannot die if all V2 knights are not killed if they are summoned.
  • Summons Shinsoo which can heal all surrounding mobs for 21,000,000 HP (21 Million HP Heal) and can make Cygnus temporarily invincible.
  • Transform you into a Ribbon Pig for 10 seconds.
  • Nullifies Potential for 1 minute
  • Banish you to another map with monsters.


  • Ruin of Chaos (Swap 15 for an Empress Set Weapon of your choice)
  • Ruin of Darkness (Swap 5 for an Empress Set Armor of your choice)
  • Boss Honor Medal
  • Empress equipment recipes
  • Occult Cubes (not in GMS)
  • Rebirth Flames (not in GMS)
  • Cube Fragments (GMS only)
  • Master Craftsman's Cubes (GMS only)
  • Cygnus soul shard (collect 10 for a random Cygnus weapon soul)