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The Beginner class essentially serves the purpose of being an introductory class. Though beginners obtain ability points upon leveling up, beginners do not lose experience upon death. It is advised, however, that one makes not dying a habit before advancing to the first job because experience is lost once the advancement is made. It is also strongly advised that the job advancement is made at the appropriate level (8 for Magicians, 10 for Warriors, Archers, Thieves, and Pirates).

Training locations[edit]

There are a number of quests that will be made available from the moment you begin the game. Finish all the quests and you should reach the required level to complete your First Job Advancement with ease.

If you choose to skip the tutorial and head towards Lith Harbor straightaway, you can hunt the Snails, Blue Snails, Red Snails and Shrooms just outside of Lith Harbor and you can easily get to the required level to complete the First Job Advancement. Note however, this can be quite time-consuming towards the higher levels, as these monsters do not bring about much EXP to level you up.

First Job Advancement[edit]

Once you reach level 8, you can change jobs to become a Magician. Or, you can wait until level 10 and become a Warrior, Thief, Bowman, or Pirate. You will retain any SP allocations, but your AP will be reallocated for the new job you choose. When you are ready, travel to Victoria Island and locate your first job instructor.

Permanent Beginner[edit]

Permanent Beginners (also referred to as "super beginners" or "super noobs") are Beginners who stay Beginners past the first job advancement. The path of the Permanent Beginner is challenging, and only those with the patience can create a successful Beginner. Here are several of the most common reasons given for remaining a Beginner:

  • The challenge involved makes permanent Beginners very rare and envied.
  • The fact that beginners do not lose experience upon death.
  • The privilege of being able to wield rare weapons like the Frozen Tuna, Sake Bottle and Maroon Mop (highest weapon attack in the game) in some MapleStory versions which have extremely high weapon attacks and low level requirements.

While the pros are promising, there are a few cons that may outweigh the pros, depending on the user's opinion. The cons of being a permanent Beginner are:

  • Not having as much of a weapon and armor selection (can only use "common" equipment).
  • Having very few skills (and Three Snails does not scale with level or stats).
  • Having lower damage than Warriors until they are greater than level 40.
  • Being KSed a lot more at higher levels.
  • Having less quests (many are job specific).
  • Handicapping yourself, making the game entirely terrible, nigh unplayable