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Evan-specific quests.


You start of as a farmer, having a dream. In this, you dream of a mystical forest and you find a dragon egg. Then start going forward it and just click on it. You wake up and when you go down the stairs when you notice a glowing dragon insignia on the back of your hand. Then you get a series of starter quests, resulting in you getting a cute itty bitty pet dragon named Mir who mirrors your attacks, letting you do double damage. After this (surprise!): More starter quests. (Psst, Mir likes milk!) Following are the series of quests required to go through:

Strange Farm:
Walk all the way to the left, enter press up enter to the portal. And you see a Dragon. Double click on the Dragon. Back to your own room. Walk down the stairs.

Strange Dream:
Talk to Anna.
Talk to Utah.
(5 exp rewarded)

Feeding Bull Dog
Talk to Utah again.
Walk to the left and double click on Bulldog.
(35 exp rewarded)

Sandwich for Breakfast
Talk to Utah again.
Open Item inventory. Double Click on the sandwich.
Go into the House and Talk to Anna.
(60 exp rewarded, Gain plain straw hat, delicious milk x 5, delicious juice x 5)

Delivering the Lunch Box
Talk to Anna again.
Leave the house and head to the left to the Small path to Farm Centre.
Talk to Grid.
(175 exp rewarded, Gain delicious milk x 10, delicious juice x 10)

Fixing the Fence
Talk to Grid again.
Kill stumps and collect 3 sticks (Item with the Z above it).
Talk to Grid again.
(210 exp rewarded, Gain Strong wooden chair, delicious milk x 15, delicious juice x 15)

Rescuing the Piglet

Verifying the Farm Situation
Chasing away the Foxes
Collecting Eggs
Returning the Empty Lunch Box
Baby Dragon Awakens
Dragon Master 1st Job Advancement
A Bite of Pork
A Bite of Hay
Hungry Baby Dragon
Tasty Milk 1
Tasty Milk 2
Tasty Milk 3
Strange Pig 1
Strange Pig 2
What is Dragon Master?
Letter Delivery
Let's Train
Rina's Worries
The Dragon Master's Calling
Talk to Rina.She is located next to Cassandra

Then, talk to Chief stan.He will give you a recommendation letter to train at Lord B.power's traning centre

Mushrooms instead of Meat!

First job[edit]

Magic missile[edit]

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For completing this, you receive 1 skill level of Magic Missile.

Second job[edit]

A Guard's Fifth Assignment : Strange Wild Boars[edit]

Class Evan Level 26+ Activation requirements A Guard's Fourth Assignment : Discovery of Strange Mushrooms.
Location Mike is found in Sleepywood Reward 1,200 Experience,1 Skill Point and Silver Tail.
Completion Requirements
  • Go to Sleepywood
  • Talk to Mike
  • Eliminate 100 Terrified Wild Boars
  • Collect 1 Wild Boar Doll
  • Return to Sleepywood
  • Talk to Mike to finish quest
  • Terrified Wild Boar can be found in Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land
  • Unlocks Please Catch The Thief quest .

Please Catch The Thief[edit]

Class Evan Level 28+ Activation requirements A Guard's Fifth Assignment: Strange Wild Boars
Location Sabitrama is found in Sleepywood Reward 4,720 Experience and 1 Skill Point.
Completion Requirements
  • Go to Sleepywood
  • Talk to Sabitrama

Kerning City Investigation : Alex (650 EXP)

  • Speak with Alex in Kerning City
  • Answer the questions [Morrow, Maya, Glasses and a green robe, Mrs. Ming Ming]

Kerning City Investigation : JM (1,600 EXP)

  • Speak with JM in Kerning City
  • Collect 50 Stirge Wings
  • Return to JM

Kerning City Investigation : Nella (870 EXP)

  • Speak with Nella in Kerning City

Return to Sleepywood and talk to Sabitrama (1,600 EXP & 1 Skill Point)

  • Stirge Wing is dropped by Stirge
  • Unlocks Clue About The Thief quest .

Third job[edit]

Going to Henesys[edit]

Class Evan Level 70 Activation requirements Available only if 3rd job Evan.
Location Dad in pig farm. Reward 60,000 Experience, Strange Pet from another dimension, and Phantom dimension wand.
Completion Requirements
  • Go to Henesys
  • Talk to Chief Stan
  • Everyone will freeze
  • A monster will appear
  • Kill the monster
  • Everything will return to normal
  • Talk to Chief Stan to finish quest

Fourth job[edit]

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