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MS Skill Curse of Fury.png

Curse of Fury: When attacking, has a chance to trigger Endless Fury. When activated, your HP regenerates, and eliminated enemies return a fixed amount of Fury.

MS Skill Demonic Blood.png

Demonic Blood: Demons are known for their naturally strong willpower and overwhelming ambition.

MS Skill Dark Winds.png

Dark Winds: Allows you to user various jump skills using your wings.

MS Skill Fury Unleashed.png

Fury Unleashed: When facing Boss Monsters, unleashes the full might of your Fury to do additional damage and absorb Fury.

MS Skill Devil Wings.png

Devil Wings: You can move quickly using the Devil Wings.

MS Skill Demon Wings.png

Demon Wings: You can move quickly using the Demon Wings.

First Job[edit]

MS Skill Demon Lash.png

Demon Lash: Mash the attack key to whip enemies in front of you 4 times with dark power. Hits return some Fury to you.

MS Skill Shadow Swiftness.png Shadow Swiftness
"Permanently increases Accuracy, Speed, and Jump."
Requires Level 1 Demon Lash

MS Skill Grim Scythe.png

Grim Scythe: Summons a demonic scythe that tears through multiple enemies in front of you.

MS Skill HP Boost.png HP Boost
"Permanently increases Max HP."
Requires Level 1 Demon Lash
MS Skill Battle Pact.png Battle Pact
"Infuses your weapon with your own life force to increase One Handed Blunt Weapons or Axes by 2 levels for a short time."
Requires Level 5 Demon Lash

Second Job[edit]

MS Skill Barbed Lash.png Barbed Lash
"Permanently increases Demon Lash's damage."
MS Skill Weapon Mastery.png Weapon Mastery
"Increases the Mastery and Accuracy of One Handed Blunt and Axe type weapons."

MS Skill Soul Eater.png

Soul Eater: Snares and pulls multiple enemies towards you, where they suffer the full force of your might.

MS Skill Dark Thrust.png Dark Thrust
"Charge forward with terrifying rage, dragging multiple unfortunate enemies with you."

MS Skill Chaos Lock.png

Chaos Lock: Targets and attacks the enemy closest to you. Has a chance to stun the enemy. Allows you to teleport using the directional keys.

MS Skill Vengeance.png

Vengeance: Returns damage taken from enemies to the dealer, along with a chance to stun them. Cannot return more than half of an enemy's HP at once.

MS Skill Outrage.png

Outrage: Permanently increases ATT and Critical Rate.

MS Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training
"Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training."

Third Job[edit]

MS Skill Demon Lash Arch.png Demon Lash Arch
"Permanently increases Demon Lash's damage."
Requires Level 1 Barbed Lash

MS Skill Judgment.png

Judgment: Judge your enemies...harshly. This attack hits multiple nearby enemies, dealing critical damage with a chance for additional critical hits.

MS Skill Vortex of Doom.png

Vortex of Doom: Creates a vortex of dark energy inside you that draws nearby enemies into your attack and stuns them.

MS Skill Raven Storm.png

Raven Storm: Summons a flock of really angry ravens that peck the faces off of any enemies in front of you. The ravens then return the enemies' HP to you as thanks for letting them take out their aggression.

MS Skill Carrion Breath.png

Carrion Breath: Summons the power of the Poison Demon's horrible breath to attack multiple enemies at once. Targets receive continual damage over a short amount of time and are unable to eat lunch for a week afterwards.

MS Skill Black-Hearted Strength.png

Black-Hearted Strength: Your cold, uncaring heart steels you against attacks, providing a temporary increases to DEF, Abnormal Status Resistance, and all Elemental Resistance.

MS Skill Max Fury.png

Max Fury: Allows you to receive additional Fury when using Demon Slash, and recovers a fixed amount of Fury every 4 seconds.

MS Skill Possessed Aegis.png

Possessed Aegis: Grants the Demon Aegis a chance to guard against enemy attacks. When guarding is successful, a small amount of Fury and HP are recovered.

MS Skill Focused Fury.png

Focused Fury: Focuses powers to permanently increase damage and improve attack speed by 1 level.

MS Skill Insult to Injury.png

Insult to Injury: Increases damage and critical rate when attacking enemies in abnormal status.

Fourth Job[edit]

Those in Italic can be obtained through Combat Orders.

MS Skill Maple Warrior2.png Maple Warrior
"Increases the base stats of all party members."
MS Skill Demon Thrash.png Demon Thrash
"Permanently increases Demon Lash's damage."
Requires Level 1 Demon Lash Arch

MS Skill Infernal Concussion.png

Infernal Concussion: Calls an eruption from below to blast nearby enemies into the air. Enemies in air receive 100% critical damage from the explosion.

MS Skill Boundless Rage.png

Boundless Rage: Consumes all remaining Fury to send yourself into a raging berserker mode. All Fury-based attacks will be free for a short period, however the skill has a long cooldown.

MS Skill Demon Impact.png

Demon Impact: Call forth your inner demon to deal critical damage on multiple enemies in front of you. Your channel to the nether gives you a chance to ignore Enemy DEF and raises your chance for a critical. Final damage increases when fighting boss monsters.

MS Skill Leech Aura.png

Leech Aura: Utilize your connection with the crawling slimy things of the world to sap enemy HP with every blow. You and your party members will receive life for every blow you inflict for a short time, up to 3% at a time.

MS Skill Dark Metamorphosis.png

Dark Metamorphosis: Unleashes 2 beings of spectral shadow to join you and attack anything in sight. The spirit channel also provides you and increase to damage and HP for a short period of time.

MS Skill Demon Cry.png

Demon Cry: Releases your inner demons to intimidate and deal damage on multiple nearby enemies. Enemies will suffer a hit to DEF, ATT, and Accuracy while your EXP and item drop rate increase.

MS Skill Binding Darkness.png

Binding Darkness: Has a chance to knock down multiple enemies and deal continuous damage while they are on the ground. The attack also ignores a fixed amount of enemy DEF. The effects of Dark Bind apply to both bosses and regular monsters.

MS Skill Barricade Mastery.png Barricade Mastery
"Become a master of melee. Maxes out the Mastery of One Handed Blunt and Axe type weapons while increasing Minimum Critical Damage and Weapon ATT."
Requires Level 10 Weapon Mastery

MS Skill Obsidian Skin.png

Obsidian Skin: Permanently fortify your defensive abilities so that you take less damage from enemies.

Hyper Skills[edit]

Stat Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength
"Permanently increases STR."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity
"Permanently increases DEX."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence
"Permanently increases INT."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck
"Permanently increases LUK."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump
"Permanently increases Jump."
Unlocked at level 146
MS Skill Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed
"Permanently increases Movement Speed."
Unlocked at level 152
MS Skill Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy
"Permanently increases Accuracy."
Unlocked at level 158
MS Skill Hyper Defense.png Hyper Defense
"Permanently increases Weapon DEF."
Unlocked at level 165
MS Skill Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense
"Permanently increases Magic DEF."
Unlocked at level 174
MS Skill Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury
"Permanently increases Max DF (useless for Thieves)."
Unlocked at level 180
MS Skill Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana
"Permanently increases Max MP."
Unlocked at level 186
MS Skill Hyper Health.png Hyper Health
"Permanently increases Max HP."
Unlocked at level 192
MS Skill Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical
"Permanently increases Critical Rate."
Unlocked at level 198

Skill Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Carrion Breath - Reduce Fury.png

Carrion Breath - Reduce Fury: Reduces the Fury cost of Carrion Breath.

MS Skill Dark Metamorphosis - Reduce Fury.png

Dark Metamorphosis - Reduce Fury: Reduces the Fury cost of Dark Metamorphosis.

MS Skill Demon Impact - Reduce Fury.png

Demon Impact - Reduce Fury: Reduces the Fury cost of Demon Impact.

MS Skill Carrion Breath - Extra Strike.png

Carrion Breath - Extra Strike: Increases the number of attacks for Carrion Breath.

MS Skill Dark Metamorphosis - Enhance.png

Dark Metamorphosis - Enhance: Ignores attack reflect from Dark Metamorphosis and ignores attack reflect on all attacks for a short time.

MS Skill Demon Impact - Extra Strike.png

Demon Impact - Extra Strike: Increases the number of attacks for Demon Impact.

MS Skill Carrion Breath - Reinforce.png

Carrion Breath - Reinforce: Increases Carrion Breath's damage.

MS Skill Dark Metamorphosis - Reinforce.png

Dark Metamorphosis - Reinforce: Increases the damage of Dark Metamorphosis.

MS Skill Demon Impact - Reinforce.png

Demon Impact - Reinforce: Increases Demon Impact's damage.

Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Blue Blood.png

Blue Blood: Awakens your inner royal blood.

MS Skill Cerberus Chomp.png

Cerberus Chomp: Utilize the power of the nether world to damage enemies and rob them of their souls.

MS Skill For Liberty.png For Liberty
"Materializes the will of the Resistance to increase attack power. Only applies to Resistance classes within the party."
Unlocked at level 200