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MS Elluel Icon.png Elluel/Eurel[edit]

  • Region: Victoria Island
  • Roads: Victoria Road, Eullel
  • Level Range: 1-20
  • Job Type: Mercedes (Bowman using Dual Bowguns)
A view of Elluel.

Elluel is a new place introduced in the Legends patch. It is near Ellinia. In fact, the place is actually in the Ellinia hunting grounds. This place is a job-advancement town where a character, Mercedes is a Queen of Elves here. To save themselves from the curse of the Black Mage, Mercedes casted a freezing spell that freezes herself and everyone else in the town. When Mercedes wakes up, she becomes Level 10 again and she starts training again. The place here is just like Rien and Ereve, except that it is not an island. There is a portal that takes players to other towns in Victoria Island. Mercedes has a skill that can be used to transport herself back into this town.


NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Music Box.png
Music Box
Fairy Forest : Elluel Plays music.
MS NPC Philius.png
Elder of Magic
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Danika.png
Elder of War
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Astilda.png
Elder of Life
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Deet.png
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Roa.png
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Moonie.png
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Klas.png
School Teacher
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Erwin.png
Fairy Forest : Elluel Potion Merchant.
MS NPC Ethos.png
Weapon/Armor Seller
Fairy Forest : Elluel Sells weapon and armor.
MS NPC Hermes.png
Storage Keeper
Fairy Forest : Elluel Storage.
MS NPC Corridor of Knowledge.png
Corridor of Knowledge
Fairy Forest : Elluel
MS NPC Mysterious Portal.png
Mysterious Portal
Fairy Forest : Elluel Transports you to other towns in Victoria.
MS NPC Fountainhead Pillar.png
Fountainhead Pillar
Fairy Forest : Fairy Fountain
MS NPC Elf's Harp.png
Elf's Harp
Fairy Forest : King's Seat Warps you to Advent of the Great Spirit.
MS NPC Great Spirit.png
Great Spirit
Fairy Forest : Advent of the Great Spirit 2nd job advancement for Mercedes.