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  • Level requirement: 160+
  • Recommended level: 180+

Kritias is an upside down tower. It is connected to Leafre in Sky Nest I. It contains 2 sets of maps and monsters. (Let's just call it Set A and Set B)

  • Set A Maps
When you are doing the storyline quests, you will enter this set of maps and monsters, which cannot spawn elite monsters and the monsters give very less EXP (80% decrease in monster EXP as compared to other normal monsters of the same level). Monster level ranges from 180 to 185. You also cannot fight in the bi-hourly invasion and you cannot access the Kritias shop.

However, the quests give much more EXP than any other quests in the game (except Zero's story quests)

  • Set B Maps
You will enter this set of maps after you leave Kritias after clearing all storyline quests of Kritias and unlocked the Daily Quests. This set of maps contain monsters level 182 to 210, which gives normal EXP (but still worse than Armory 1/2 and Knight District 2/3/4 monsters but it has lesser HP as well).

The monsters are used for daily quest purposes and maybe high-level training purposes (since the Kritias shop sells EXP entropy which gives 50% more monster EXP, which work only in Kritias). In addition, you can join in the bi-hourly Kritias invasion to fight against the forces of the commanders (Hilla, Arkarium, Magnus and Von Leon). The Kritias shop will also be opened.


You can enter from Sky Nest I from Leafre, which brings you to Frozen Path 2. You can also enter Market in Kritias by using Veritas portal or the Pantheon portal to teleport to Kritias. Similarly, you can exit Kritias by using the Kerca Porta in Enheim, Academy of Magic to teleport to a town of your choice (like Veritas and Pantheon) or to walk to Frozen Path 2 and entering the left portal to exit to Sky Nest I. You can only use teleport rock in Kritias if you cleared all storyline quests and have access to Set B maps.

The Kritias shop[edit]

The Kritias shop is located at the Kritias Market (when you use Pantheon or Veritas teleport to Kritias you will land on that map). It is represented by the NPC Kuelbern. This shop can easily be classified as the best shop in the whole game that is permanent (other than the ridiculously high costs of items). The shop uses 2 type of coins, the Enheim coin (silver, derived from the name of the Academy of Magic) and the Kritias Coin (gold, derived from town name). The shop sells the following items (bolded items are highly sought after):

  • Cubic Blade (4 Kritias coins)
  • Chaos Cubic Blade (8 Kritias coins)
  • Unextinguishable flame (5 Kritias coins)
  • Super unextinguishable flame (10 Kritias coins)
  • 100 Spell Trace (3 Enheim coins)
  • 3 Traits potion of your choice, 15 trait EXP in total (1 Enheim coin)
  • Hilla/Arkarium/Von Leon/Magnus Transform potion (7 Enheim coins)
  • EXP entropy (3 Enheim coins, 50% EXP increase under Buff Bonus EXP, EXP boost works only in Kritias (including invasion), lasts for 1 hour)
  • AMP entropy (2 Enheim coins, Anti-Magic-Points increased by 50% for 1 hour, bonus points are excluded from the 10,000 Anti-Magic daily looting limit.)
  • Hekathrone chair (100 Kritias coins)
  • Inverse Set
    • All equipments are Untradeable permanently and no scissors can be used.
    • Inverse Codex (100 Kritias coins, pocket item, Stats increase with item level, item level increases when fed with anti magic, decays daily)
    • Inverse Jewel Earrings (200 Kritias coins, earring, 4 Weapon and Magic ATT, 6 All Stats, 80 DEF, 600 HP and MP, 6 upgrade slots before hammers)
    • Inverse Shoulderpad (200 Kritias coins, shoulderpad, 10 Weapon and Magic ATT, 10 All Stats, 180 DEF, 1 upgrade slot before hammers)
      • Wear all 3 items for 20% increased damage to boss monsters and 20 Weapon and Magic Attack boost.
  • Tyrant Gloves (400 Kritias coins)
    • All Gloves are Untradeable when bought and Platinum Scissors of Karma can be used to allow trading once.
    • Stats (Warrior): 12 STR and DEX, 300 HP, 15 Weapon ATT, 160 DEF, 2 upgrade slots before hammer, Superior item (1st 5 stars only increases STR and DEX)
    • Stats (Magician): 12 INT and LUK, 300 MP, 15 Magic ATT, 2 upgrade slots before hammer, Superior item (1st 5 stars only increases INT and LUK)
    • Stats (Bowman): 12 STR and DEX, 300 HP, 15 Weapon ATT, 80 DEF, 2 upgrade slots before hammer, Superior item (1st 5 stars only increases STR and DEX)
    • Stats (Thief): 12 DEX and LUK, 300 HP, 15 Weapon ATT, 60 DEF, 2 slots before hammer, Superior item (1st 5 stars only increases DEX and LUK)
    • Stats (Pirate): 12 STR and DEX, 300 HP, 15 Weapon ATT, 100 DEF, 2 slots before hammer, Superior item (1st 5 stars only increases STR and DEX)
  • Basic Damage Skin (15 Enheim coins)
  • Digital Damage Skin (100 Enheim coins)
  • Kritias Damage Skin (100 Enheim coins)
  • Boss limit reset tickets (can be used once every week, limit resets on Thursday 12am)
    • Hard Magnus/Chaos Von Bon/Chaos Bloody Queen/Chaos Pierre (10 Enheim coins each)
    • Cygnus/Chaos Vellum (12 Enheim coins each)
  • Anti Magic Condenser (5,000 meso)

Inverse Codex[edit]

This can be easily classified as the best pocket item in the game. It has unique characterstics (which is why it has its own section).

Leveling and Stats[edit]

You can feed Anti-magic to the Inverse Codex by talking to Ravian. Methods to obtain Anti-magic are seen here. You must be wearing the Inverse Codex to feed it with Anti-magic.

Note that it loses EXP everyday (and it loses a ridiculous amount at higher levels)

The Inverse Codex starts off with All Stats +2 and Weapon and Magic ATT +2. Stats can be increased with its level.

Current Inverse Codex Level EXP to level up (Total EXP needed to level up again from Level 1) Daily EXP Decay Current Stats Stats Increase upon level up
1 1,000 (1,000) 100
  • All Stats +2
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +50
2 1,600 (2,600) 150
  • All Stats +2
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +50
  • DEF +100
3 2,560 (5,160) 225
  • All Stats +2
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +150
  • HP +100
  • MP +100
4 4,096 (9,256) 338
  • All Stats +2
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +150
  • HP +100
  • MP +100
  • HP +200
  • MP +200
5 6,554 (15,810) 506
  • All Stats +2
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • All Stats +1
6 10,486 (26,296) 759
  • All Stats +3
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • All Stats +2
7 16,777 (43,073) 1,139
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Weapon ATT +1
  • Magic ATT +1
8 26,844 (69,917) 1,709
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +3
  • Magic ATT +3
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Weapon ATT +2
  • Magic ATT +2
9 42,950 (112,867) 2,563
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +5
  • Magic ATT +5
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Ignore DEF +2%
10 68,719 (181,586) 3,844
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +5
  • Magic ATT +5
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Ignore DEF 2%
  • Ignore DEF +3%
11 109,951 (291,537) 5,767
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +5
  • Magic ATT +5
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Ignore DEF 5%
  • Damage to Boss Monsters +2%
12 175,922 (467,459) 8,650
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +5
  • Magic ATT +5
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Ignore DEF 5%
  • Damage to Boss Monsters +2%
  • Damage to Boss Monsters +3%
13 (MAX) N/A 12,975
  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon ATT +5
  • Magic ATT +5
  • DEF +150
  • HP +300
  • MP +300
  • Ignore DEF 5%
  • Damage to Boss Monsters +5%

At Max Level 13, the Inverse Codex has the following stats:

  • All Stats +5
  • Weapon and Magic ATT +5
  • DEF +150
  • HP and MP +300
  • Damage to Boss Monsters +5%
  • Ignore DEF 5%
However in exchange you have to feed 12,975 Anti-magic daily to maintain the maximum level and its stats.

Anti magic and Anti magic stones[edit]

To acquire anti magic and anti magic stones, you have to participate in activities in Kritias. Note that you must have an Anti Magic Condenser to collect anti magic (except for invasion rewards).

Daily Quests[edit]

Every day, you can do daily quests (which must be completed in a certain order) There are 5 daily quests. Note that you have to do the quests outside invasion times as invasion monsters will not count in any of the quests at all.

1st/2nd/3rd Daily Quest[edit]

These involves either level 182 to 190 frozen series of monsters or Level 200 low level wizards. They reward 810,000 EXP and 600 anti magic each (given as an Use item, so if you have AMP entropy active, it will give 900 instead. Does not count towards the daily limit). You must have the Anti Magic Condenser to absorb the half magic or else you will not be able to double click to use it.

Possible Daily Quests (You will receive 3 daily and must be completed in order; if the next quest given is a quest you have just completed that day, it will be automatically skipped and no rewards are given for the skipped quests)
  • Kill 250 Frozen Solitude
  • Kill 250 Frozen Terror
  • Kill 250 Frozen Rage
  • Kill 250 Frozen Anxiety
  • Kill 250 Frozen Vanity
  • Kill 250 Frozen Solitude and collect 150 Broken Blade (blue)
  • Kill 250 Frozen Terror and collect 150 Broken Hilt (blue)
  • Kill 250 Frozen Rage and collect 150 Broken Shaft (blue)
  • Kill 250 Frozen Anxiety and collect 150 Broken Bow (blue)
  • Kill 250 Frozen Vanity and collect 150 Broken Feather (blue)
  • Kill 300 Frozen Solitude
  • Kill 300 Frozen Terror
  • Kill 300 Frozen Anger
  • Kill 300 Frozen Anxiety
  • Kill 300 Frozen Emptiness
  • Kill 300 Frozen Solitude and collect 200 Broken Blade (blue)
  • Kill 300 Frozen Terror and collect 200 Broken Hilt (blue)
  • Kill 300 Frozen Rage and collect 200 Broken Shaft (blue)
  • Kill 300 Frozen Anxiety and collect 200 Broken Bow (blue)
  • Kill 300 Frozen Vanity and collect 200 Broken Feather (blue)
  • Kill 300 Corrupted Basic Magician
  • Kill 250 Corrupted Basic Magician and collect 150 Basic Magician's Cloths
  • Kill 150 Frozen Solitude and 150 Frozen Terror
  • Kill 100 Frozen Rage, 100 Frozen Anxiety and 100 Frozen Vanity
  • Kill any monsters in the frozen series and collect 200 frozen energy (quest item)
  • Kill 50 of each monster in the frozen series.
  • Kill 50 of each monster in the frozen series and collect 100 frozen energy (quest item).
  • Kill 300 Frozen Anxiety and collect 10 Frozen Arrows (20 Magnets are given for you to catch weakened Frozen Anxiety monsters with less than half the maximum HP to get frozen arrow)

4th Daily Quest[edit]

These involves either the burning series of monsters (Level 192 to 200) or mid-level wizards (Level 205) They reward 1,220,000 EXP and 1,200 anti magic (given as an Use item, so if you use it while AMP entropy is active, you get 1,800 instead. Does not count towards daily limit). You must have the Anti Magic Condenser to absorb the anti magic or else you will not be able to double click to use it.

Possible quests
  • Kill 450 Burning Solitude
  • Kill 450 Burning Terror
  • Kill 450 Burning Rage
  • Kill 450 Burning Anxiety
  • Kill 450 Burning Vanity
  • Kill 100 of each monster in the burning series
  • Kill 100 of each monster in the burning series and collect 300 Burning Energy (quest item)
  • Collect 300 Burning Energy from the monsters in the burning series
  • Kill 400 Corrupted Intermediate Magicians
  • Kill 450 Corrupted Intermediate Magicians
  • Kill 400 Corrupted Intermediate Magicians and collect 250 Intermediate Magician's Cloths

5th Daily Quest[edit]

This quest is the hardest of all if you are low levelled and unfunded. They involve either the permeating series of monsters (Level 202 to 210), high level wizards (Level 210) or possibly lower level wizards below it, or all monsters in Kritias (except invasion monsters) They reward 2,440,000 EXP and 1 Anti-magic Stone (etc item).

If you are not trying to exchange for Kritias Commemorative Coins, you can skip this quest since it does not reward any anti magic.
Possible quests
  • Kill 600 Permeating Solitude
  • Kill 600 Permeating Terror
  • Kill 600 Permeating Rage
  • Kill 600 Permeating Anxiety
  • Kill 600 Permeating Vanity
  • Kill 300 Permeating Solitude and 300 Permeating Terror
  • Kill 200 Permeating Rage, 200 Permeating Anxiety and 200 Permeating Vanity
  • Kill 600 Corrupted Advanced Magician
  • Kill 200 Corrupted Basic Magician, 200 Corrupted Intermediate Magician and 200 Corrupted Advanced Magician and collect 100 Basic Magician's Cloths, 100 Intermediate Magician's Cloths and 100 Advanced Magician's Cloths
  • Kill any monsters in Kritias (excluding invasion monsters and wizards) and collect 200 Frozen Energy from the frozen series, 200 Burning Energy from the burning series and 200 Seeping Energy from the permeating series.

Kritias Invasion[edit]

This is the bi-hourly invasion. Based on server time, every 2 hours, with the first invasion starting at 8.01am and the last invasion starting at 10.01pm, 2 of the commanders will invade Kritias. Time limit is 35 minutes, including 5 minute preparation time after the notice is sent out to eligible members for the members to travel to Kritias. When the invasion timer counts down to 29:59, everyone in Kritias who is at Set B maps will be channelled to a specific channel depending on server (Channel 18 for GMS, Channel 7 for MapleSEA or Channel 1 for EMS) and you cannot change channel or sit on chairs while in invasion. Invasion ends once the commander dies (virtual health of commander is 0 or negative) or when the time reaches 00:00, whichever's earlier.

Late entry[edit]

  • "What if I came late?"

You will be automatically channelled to the invasion area and channel when you enter Kritias while the invasion is still on-going. You can still participate in the invasion just that if you come on time, you will have more time for your missions and you will end up killing more monsters also, so your contribution is higher. However, if you are late you can still join the invasion just that you have lesser time to clear your missions and to gain contribution, which in serious cases if you still have 0 contribution when the invasion ends you are not eligible for rewards.

  • "What if I left the map or disconnected during invasion?"

If you join back before the invasion ends, you can still continue as per normal and your records will still stay. If the invasion ended, you can go to Brundel at North Barracks to receive your rewards as per normal.


There will be an Invasion Status UI. Click on + Sign to expand the window and - Sign to minimise it. There are 3 stages of the UI:

  • Shows timer only
  • Shows timer, virtual commander HP and your contribution
  • Shows timer, main invasion commander (and a picture of him/her), virtual commander HP, your contribution, your total tasks completed (looting 1 Medal of Damage or clearing 1 mission counts as 1 task) and Damage Log (shows boss activity and the past 50 virtual damage done by you and other users, like how chat log works)

The commander has a virtual health of 100,000,000. At monster areas, instead of the usual monsters, it will spawn monsters under the commanders instead. These monsters are Level 190 and has ranging HP of around 30 to 40 million. They reward about 115 to 125 thousand EXP. However less people train here due to its worse EXP ratio. Monsters have approximately 1% chance (at 1x drop rate) to drop a Medal of Damage (looks like a black ball), which deals anywhere between 10,000 to 400,000 damage to the virtual health of the commander. Additionally you can accept mission from Brundel at the North Barracks which deals 500,000 to 1,000,000 damage to the virtual health of the commander when completed. Lower the virtual health to 0 before the 30 minutes is up to win! If the commander still survives after the timer reaches 0, you lose!


  • The missions are relatively easy, especially when the commanders are Hilla and Magnus (unless one of the commander is arkarium). These deal a very stable damage to the virtual health, thus it can be used to obtain the final shot to the commander before it dies.
  • Once you completed a mission you can accept another one immediately (you can get back the exact same mission as before).
  • If you forfeited the mission (by quitting the quest using quest log), you have to wait for 2 minutes (counted from the time you accept the mission) before you can take another one again (and even then you can get back the same mission). This rule does not apply if you have a mission that you received from previous invasions and have yet to be completed.
  • Note that if you have a completed mission from previous invasions but you did not clear it, if the mission involves killing monsters only, you can clear it for the next invasion for instant damage but if it involved item collection, the mission will be rejected (but items will stay with you so if you receive the mission again you can clear it instantly).

Here is the rough guideline of the missions. Note that for item collection quests, they are much easier to complete than monster killing quests since monster spawn is random and gets worse with a greater variety of monsters.

  • Kill 30 of a specific monster belonging to Hilla (excluding Bloodfang, Master Bloodfang and Hilla)
  • Collect 8 broken jewels from the skeletons
  • Collect 1 part of a bone (specified) from the skeletons.
    • Skeletons will drop a bone, which when picked up will have a chance to give you the quest item. If it is found to be a different part or when your etc inventory is full, you will receive nothing, so do not worry about it flooding your inventory.
    • Possible parts: Skull, Ribs, Pelvis, Legs
  • Collect 8 supply boxes from the skeletons
  • Collect 3 mysterious powder from Ghost of Aswan in invasion.
  • Kill 30 of a specific spector (except Master spectors and Magnus)
  • Collect 3 different Magnus letters (1st order, 2nd order, 3rd order) from the spectors
  • Collect 1 letter handwritten by Magnus from the spectors.
    • Monsters will drop an envelope. When looted, gives one of the following results (only Magnus' Handwritten Letter is given to your etc inventory so do not worry about it flooding your inventory):
      • Magnus' Handwritten Letter (or Full etc inventory message if it is full)
      • Unidentified letter
      • Love poem for Magnus
      • Love letter between the spectors
  • Collect 10 spector meat from the shorter spectors.
  • Collect 8 toxic juices from the taller spectors.
Von Leon[edit]
  • Kill 30 of a specific monster under Von Leon (except Ani and Von Leon)
  • Collect 2 spears from the Vultures, 2 walls from the Mini Castle Golems and 2 bombs from the Bearwolves.
  • Collect 10 dirty scrolls from the monsters under Von Leon (except Ani and Von Leon)
  • Kill 30 of a specific monster under Arkarium (except Master Nethermonk and Arkarium)
  • Collect 10 time fragments from the monsters under Arkarium (except Master Nethermonk and Arkarium)

Master Monsters[edit]

When the virtual health of the commander reaches 75% or lesser, Master Monsters will start to spawn. When this happens, Brundel will say "The invasion is intensifying! More powerful enemies will appear!" Requirements to spawn:

  • 3 Master Monsters within the whole of Kritias monster maps in that channel.
  • 1 will be spawned at a random monster map that contains at least 1 player if the maximum population is not hit every spawn interval.
  • More than 1 master monster can spawn at the same map.

They have 1 billion HP and rewards 200,000 EXP when killed. It will also drop 2 Medals of Damage at a 100% rate and is unaffected by drop rate increments.

Commander Monsters[edit]

When the virtual health drops to 25% or less, this is when the commander gets desperate and starts to appear in Kritias and kill you. Brundel will say "I have received reports that the Commanders will be taking over the battle! Be on your guard!" It behaves almost exactly as hard mode bosses (including meteor bombs and zone system but excluding sleeping gas for Magnus). When you die, you lose full EXP so it is recommended that you run away. When the bosses are killed, note that the invasion will not end. Istead it will drop 6 Medals of Damage. At any time, 1 of each of the commander invading can spawn (and both of them can spawn in the same map). They have about 6.3 billion HP.

You do not need to kill these on-site commander monsters to win. In fact killing them does not ensure an immediate win also (it just drops 6 Medals of Damage to damage the virtual Commander). You just have to deplete the virtual health of the commander to 0 to win.


The rewards depends on the following factors:

  • Invasion win/lose
  • Contribution in invasion
  • Final hit bonus

After the invasion you have to go to Brundel in North Barracks to accept the rewards. You must do so before the warning of the next invasion or else you forfeit your rewards. You are rewarded anti magic and anti magic stones. Anti magic reward:

  • If you win the invasion, , rounded down
  • If you lose the invasion, , rounded down

Your contribution is the total amount of damage done to the virtual health of the commander in that invasion session. Maximum half magic is 1000 per invasion session and does not count towards the daily 10,000 half magic limit and is unaffected by AMP entropy effects.

Anti magic stone reward:

  • 0 if you lose the invasion or win the invasion but did 0 contribution
  • 1 if you win the invasion and did at least 1 contribution
  • 4 if you win the invasion and deals the final blow to the virtual health (which cause it to go down from positive to 0 or negative) before the commander dies. (Irregardless of contribution)


You can hunt monsters in Kritias at any time (Including invasion timings). These monsters have a low chance to drop a fragment of anti magic (including invasion monsters). The chance is estimated to be around 2% at 1x. When collected, it is used immediately (10-20 per fragment, additional 50% if AMP entropy is used). The base amount counts towards the 10,000 anti magic limit while the 50% additional from AMP entropy is not counted towards the limit.

You must have the Anti Magic Condenser to collect the anti magic, otherwise you will receive 0 Anti magic upon picking up.

Maximum daily looting limit (excluding AMP entropy bonus): 10,000

  • The 50% boost is based on the base amount obtained, so if you hit the limit already and obtained 0 anti magic from the ground, the 50% boost will be based on the base amount obtained, which is 0, so the boost will also be 0.


The acquired anti magic and anti magic stones can be used to synthesise into coins. You can synthesise anti magic and anti magic stones into coins by talking to Ravian in Lenheim, Academy of Magic. You can check the amount of Anti Magic Points that you have by double clicking on your Anti Magic Condenser. Note that if you threw it away, your anti magic will be retained, so do not worry about throwing it away in the case of an emergency freeing of inventory (such as Elite Boss). However you will need to buy another one for 5,000 mesos.

  • 700 anti magic is needed for an Enheim coin.
  • 1,200 anti magic and 1 anti magic stone is needed for a Kritias coin. (You need both of them to change for a coin)
Anti magic stone cannot be broken to form anti magic, and neither can you fuse anti magic to form anti magic stones.

Alternatively you can participate in the 1v100 Hekaton Fight (1v30 for Europe and SEA). Enheim coins and Kritias coins are awarded based on contribution percentile ranking and whether if Hekaton is successfully defeated. (Hekaton coins are given in place of Kritias coins for MapleSEA, with a lower quantity as well)

You cannot break the Enheim coins and Kritias coins to form Anti magic or Anti magic stones.