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File:MS Grandis map.png
A regional map of Grandis, featuring Pantheon, Heliseum, Vulpes, Verdel and Savage Terminal.

MS Pantheon icon.png Pantheon[edit]

  • Region: Grandis
  • Roads: Nova's Sanctum, Pantheon, West Pantheon, East Pantheon, South Pantheon, North Pantheon
  • Level: 10 - 40
View of Pantheon's Temple

Pantheon, a Nova town is in a different dimension then the rest of the accessible world. It's in Grandis, this town is home of the Novan people and Nova classes begin their journey here. Dragon-like humans are found here. The Six Path Crossway in Victoria Island links Grandis and the Maple World through an Interdimensional Portal.

MS Helisium icon.png Heliseum[edit]

  • Region: Grandis
  • Roads: Heliseum, Twisted Forest, Nameless Forest, Heliseum Downtown, Forbidden Forest
  • Level: 90 - 100
Entrance to Heliseum via Transitional Dimensional Door.

Heliseum is Nova's capital which had been captured by Magnus. Magnus is where the boss resides and players can access him via these maps.

Tyrant's Castle[edit]

  • Region: Grandis
  • Roads: Tyrant's Castle
  • Level: 100 - 113

Magnus resides in this castle.