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Scrapyard's world map
  • Level requirement: 190+
  • Recommended level: 190-210 (Scrapyard Hill), 200-220 (Skyline), 200-220 (Black Heaven Deck), 210+ (Black Heaven Interior)

Scrapyard is an area where the ship named Black Heaven crashed after the Blockbuster. To find out more about the back story of Black Heaven you can do the Blockbuster on Black Heaven. However, to enter this area, you do not need to complete the Black Heaven Blockbuster (but you will need to clear it to attempt Lotus boss).

Map Layout[edit]

There are 6 main areas in Scrapyard.

  1. Haven: Town of Scrapyard. The house for all androids who have human feelings, which are deemed as malfunctioned androids. They seek to hide from Gelimer, who is going to disassemble them.
  2. Scrapyard: A circular loop that loops southwards of Haven. Monster ranges from Level 200 to 216. Recommended level: 190-210.
  3. Skyline: The path towards Black Heaven. Monster ranges from Level 212 to 216. Beware of falling objects! Recommended level: 200-220.
  4. Black Heaven Deck: Deck of Black Heaven. Monster ranges from Level 213 to 215. Beware of falling objects! Recommended level: 200-220.
  5. Black Heaven Inside: Inside Black Heaven. It contains androids who work for Gelimer. Monster ranges from Level 216 to 219. Beware of falling objects! Recommended level: 210 or higher.
  6. Black Heaven Core: Where Lotus resides. The boss monster for Scrapyard is found here.
For more details on Lotus, see MapleStory/Lotus.

Weekly Quests[edit]

In Scrapyard, you can accept 4 weekly quests (resets Monday 12am) from One-Eyed, which will all be given at the same time. You can choose to change up to 4 quests once to randomly get other quests before attempting the quests. All Quests reward 50,000,000 EXP (50 million EXP) upon completion.

After completing all 4 Weekly Quests, at the left side daily lightbulb, use the quest Reward for Constant Requests to obtain the reward 7 A-Grade Energy Core and unlock the special quest to gain another 5 A-Grade Energy Core when completed. (Total 12 A-Grade Energy Cores)

Overall Recommendations[edit]

This section provides general guidance to which quests to remove and which quests to instantly keep when the list is generated at the start of the week. Depending on personal preferences, this section may or may not be useful.

  • Quests in blue stands for easy quests and takes less time to complete in general. Underlined quests involves monsters with special interval spawns.
  • Quests in black will take a longer time on average. However, if multiple quests fall under the same group then it can be considered as an easy quest instead and should not be discarded (view the Full Version to check the grouping)

Bonus Weekly Quest[edit]

After clearing Reward for Constant Requests, you will be given an extra quest based on your level. This quest rewards 5 A-Grade Energy Core and can be done weekly (resets Monday 12 am and only appears when the 4 weekly quests are completed). You can accept this quest directly from the left side daily lightbulb.

Possible Quests

  • Kill 200 Chaseroid Red/Chaser Android Red (Level 190~205)
  • Kill 100 Modded Buffroid/Remodeled Bravoroid (Level 206~210)
  • Kill 200 Repairoids/Repair Robots (Level 211~215)
  • Kill 200 Steel Xeneroid DX/Steel Generoid A (Level 216+)


Dummie has a mission and he needs your help! However, his chipset is damaged so he needs your help to recover it. There are 4 stages to the assistance:

  1. Pull him out of the spot where he landed (5 quests)
  2. Entering the Black Heaven (2 quests)
  3. Encountering the Cat in Black Heaven (2 quests)
  4. Meeting with the Operator (1 quest)

To advance to the next stage, you will need to complete 1 Weekly Quest each time to recover his chipset. This is required every time he realizes that his memory is not stored, indicating that this portion of the chipset is not recovered yet (total 3 weekly quests to restore fully, assuming the quest is continued immediately when 1 weekly quest is completed)

After completing this storyline, you will receive 10 A-Grade Energy Core from One-Eye. Each quest rewards 60,623,436 EXP and there is a total of 10 quests. However, this storyline can be completed only once per character.

The Absolab Coin[edit]

An Absolab Coin can be obtained by exchanging 20 A-Grade Energy Core with 1 S-Grade Energy Hypercore.

  • A-Grade Energy cores can be obtained from Reward for Constant Requests as well as monsters in Scrapyard at a really low rate (to the point of practical non-existence). You also get 1 of it as a welcome gift, and 10 of these by helping Dummie in his mission (one-time quest). A-Grade Energy Cores are tradable.
  • S-Grade Energy Hypercores can be obtained by eliminating Lotus. S-Grade Energy Hypercores are untradeable.

You need both ingredients, 20 A-Grade Energy Core and 1 S-Grade Energy Hypercore to exchange for 1 Absolab Coin.

Absolab Shop[edit]

You can use the Absolab Coins that are exchanged with an NPC to buy Absolab Equipment. Not all equipments in the set are sold.

  • Absolab Lucky Item Scroll 50% (1 Absolab Coin, include Lapis/Lazuli into the Absolab Warrior set.)
  • Absolab Essence (4 Absolab Coins, needed to upgrade Lapis/Lazuli Type 7 to Type 8)
  • Absolab Weapons (5 Absolab Coins, 60 Primary and Secondary Stats, 1.2 times the ATT value of Fafnir Weapons, 8 upgrades)
  • Absolab Shoes (2 Absolab Coins, 20 Primary and Secondary Stats, 5 ATT, 150 DEF, 10 speed, 7 jump, 7 upgrades)
  • Absolab Gloves (2 Absolab Coins, 20 Primary and Secondary Stats, 5 ATT, 150 DEF, 7 upgrades)
  • Absolab Capes (2 Absolab Coins, 15 All Stats, 2 ATT, 250 DEF, 7 upgrades)

Set bonuses

  • 2 items: 20 ATT, 1,500 HP and MP
  • 3 items: 25 ATT, 30 All Stats
  • 4 items: 30 ATT, 10% ignore DEF, 200 DEF
  • 5 items: 20 ATT, 30% Damage to boss monsters
  • 6 items: 20 ATT, 20% HP and MP
  • 7 items: 20 ATT, 10% ignore DEF

Lotus Boss[edit]

Lotus resides in the Black Heaven Core to power up the Black Heaven and supplying it with energy. To enter, you must be Level 190 or higher and must have completed Black Heaven fully from Act 1 to Act 6 at least once within the account. If you replay Black Heaven you are still allowed to participate in the fight even if you did not complete the replay.

For more details on Lotus, see MapleStory/Lotus.