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  • Minimum Level: 190 or higher
  • Additional Requirements: Completed Heroes of Maple (Act 1 to 4) at least once.

Damien is a boss found in the Top of the Corrupted World Tree. He is absorbing the power of the Corrupted World Tree to make himself stronger, at the same time poisoning the World Tree. Kill him to stop the World Tree from worsening!

Entry Requirements[edit]

  • Level 190 or higher
  • Conpleted Heroes of Maple Act 4 at least once.
    • If you replay Heroes of Maple, you are still allowed entry even if you did not complete the replay.
  • Entry limitations
    • Entry is allowed once every 30 minutes per mode if you did not take Damien down.
    • Clear count is allowed up till once per week per mode. Resets on Thursday midnight.

Boss Data[edit]

  • Overall time limit: 30 minutes
  • Total HP
    • Normal Mode Overall HP: 1.2 trillion HP
    • Hard Mode Overall HP: 36 trillion HP
  • DEF: 300% throughout the battle for both modes.
  • Resists all elements, including Physical.
  • Death Counts Allowed: 10 per person throughout the whole battle.
  • Skills used by Normal Damien and Hard Damien are the same.
  • Damage percentages are based on your HP.


  • Sword Dive

Damien leaps to the air and dives diagonally downwards for 100% damage.

  • Rush

Damien super knockbacks you for 30% damage.

  • Sword Summon

Throughout the battle, there will be a stalker sword hitting anyone for 20% damage. If the sword targets a certain spot and lands there, it creates an aura area attack hitting 90% damage every 1 second for about 10 seconds.

  • Demon bite

Summons demon at certain areas and bites them for 100% damage

  • Dropping firebombs

Damien leaps up and drops firebombs that deal 90% damage and 1 Stigma charge.

  • (2nd Part) Dash

Damien dashes, creating a 3 lined area that strikes for 100% damage in anyone who is in that area when it activates.

  • (2nd Part) Area damage

There will be a blue orb following players, hitting 5% every second. Also your potion's efficiency -100% and your final damage -90%.

  • (2nd Part) Fire bullets

Damien fires bullets to the left and right in 2 rows, touching the fire bullet causes 90% damage and 1 Stigma charge.

Stigma Charge[edit]

Stigma charge can be caused by certain Damien skill or simply overtime. The overtime charge inflicted is based on 1 of the following condition (see the weather effect on the map for that instantaneous time's condition, charge is applied after the top right UI shows Time for next charge: 00 sec)

  • Random player
  • Most aggressive player
  • Least aggressive player
  • Most charges
  • Least charges

Charges can be lifted up by going to a summoned Altar or a party member and pressing and holding N button for 3 seconds uninterrupted (you can move around to dodge so long as you are still touching the Altar and you sre still holding down the N button)

The Skill/Function that is hotkeyed to N button will be disabled, so change the hotkey.

You will instantly die when you accumulated 7 Stigma charges. If 7 deaths due to this is caused, Damien reaches its stronger (2nd Part) state earlier than 30% HP left.


Damien drops the following items

  • Glowing Soul Crystal (individual drop, meso values as follows, max 60 per character weekly. Triple value on Reboot servers)
    • Normal Mode
      • 23,112,500 meso for solo
      • 11,556,250 meso for party of 2
      • 7,704,166 meso for party of 3
      • 5,778,125 meso for party of 4
      • 4,622,500 meso for party of 5
      • 3,852,083 meso for party of 6
    • Hard Mode
      • 36,450,000 meso for solo
      • 18,225,000 meso for party of 2
      • 12,150,000 meso for party of 3
      • 9,112,500 meso for party of 4
      • 7,290,000 meso for party of 5
      • 6,075,000 meso for party of 6
  • 16 Suspicious Cubes (individual drop)
  • 14 Medal of Honor (gives 100~200 Honor Points when picked)
  • 40 Power Elixirs
  • Up to 3 Twisted Stigma Spirit Stone (individual drop, with Faint Stigma Spirit Stone you can obtain Stigma Coins, which can be used to buy AbsoLab Equipment (Level 160 equipment) from Stigma Coin shop)
  • Crusader Coins
  • Damien's Soul Shard (individual drop, collect 10 to exchange for a random Damien Soul)
  • (Hard mode only) Absolabs Hat, Overall, Shoulderpad, Weapons (unaffected by drop rate increasing effects)
  • (Hard mode only) Enhanced Lining (Level 160 eye accessory, 15 all stats, 3 ATT, 3 upgrade slots, part of Black Boss Accessory Set)
  • Ruin Force Shield (Demon Aegis, Final Damage +10% but damage taken from enemy attacks +25% including %HP)