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MS Beast Tamer art.png
  • Race: Exclusive
  • Class: Magician
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: INT
  • Weapons: Beast Tamer Scepter (Primary), Whistles (Secondary)

Beast Tamer is a magician that relies on the help of animals to fight enemies.


Chase was a girl who lived in Arboren of Dawnveil, who dreamed of being a heroine ever since she was inspired by the legendary five heroes. Once she met Arby the cat, she befriended 4 animals: a bear, a snow leopard, a hawk, and a cat, and her normal, boring life changed into one of heroism.


Beast Tamer uses skills with Fort the bear, Lai the snow leopard, Eka the hawk, and Arby the cat, and can alternate between them with Critter Select. Fort uses powerful melee skills, Lai uses fast AoE attacks, Eka uses air skills and increases your speed, and Arby relies on buffs for yourself and the party.

Beast Tamer does not have any job advancements. You gain access to Fort and Lai's skills at level 10, Eka's skills at level 30, and Arby's skills at level 50. You unlock new skills by both leveling up and adding points into the respective animal's skills. You only gain 3 skill points per level up, which must be distributed across the 4 animal skill trees, so you will not be able to max all of them.