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Jett character creation button.
  • Race: Exclusive
  • Class: Pirate
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: DEX
  • Weapons: Guns (Primary), The Core (Secondary)

Jett is a special Pirate job, like Cannoneer, which is exclusive to GMS. She uses a Gun as his primary weapon and her secondary weapon is a gem that gets repaired as he reaches each job advancement, known as the Core. It begins as a fragmented Core (from 1st to 3rd job) and becomes the full Core at 4th job. Although the story represents her as a female, she can be created as both a male or a female inside the game.

Once a famed bounty hunter from the planet Cerberus, Jett is framed for killing the king of her planet. While escaping, her ship crash lands on Maple World. When she regains consciousness, she discovers that her source of power, the Core, has been stolen by Burke, her former partner, who reveals that he hated being the underdog, and that HE was the true murderer of the king. Jett points out that the Core is useless to Burke due to it being inherited by Jett's family, making it only useful to them. Burke doesn't care, only wanting to be equal to or more powerful than Jett. He attacks her, knocking her unconscious.

Jett wakes up on the Nautilus, having been rescued by Kyrin and Black Bark. Black Bark hands a fragment of the Core to Jett, revealing that it broke off. Kyrin recruits Jett as a pirate, being interested in the futuristic technology of Jett's space ship. Now, Jett is chasing after Burke to find the Core and to regain her honor.


  • AP: Spend all AP in DEX.
  • SP: All skills can be maxed.

First Job Advancement[edit]

Jett automatically advances to 1st job once the tutorial is complete.

Second Job Advancement[edit]

Once you hit level 30, Kyrin will contact you via lightbulb. Upon accepting, you will be warped to a special room of the Nautilus where Thunderhammer the Blacksmith can be found. Talk to him and accept his quest, which will send you to a special map where you must fight Burly Swashbuckler Macks until you collect 30 Blue Ores. Once finished, exit and talk to Thunderhammer to advance.

Third Job Advancement[edit]

Once you hit level 60, Thunderhammer will contact you via lightbulb, and send you to a special map to fight Furnace Ferrets until you collect 30 Fire Ores. Once finished, exit and talk to Thunderhammer to advance.

Fourth Job Advancement[edit]

  • Before advancing to fourth job, you must complete the level 80 story line quest. First, you must collect 50 Pieces of Steel, 50 Hardened Pieces of Steel, and 50 Wires from Iron Mutaes, Reinforced Iron Mutaes, and Roids, respectively. Next, you must take the materials to Bedin in the Zenumist Society. Afterwards, Han will send you to The Desert of Dreams to deliver it, where you discover Burke making a deal with Baroq (the Master of Disguise) from the Black Wings. They discover you there, and proceed to attack you.

Spoiler Alert !

  • For the fourth job advancement at level 100, Jett will receive a quest via lightbulb from Bart at Nautilus Harbor. Bart will hand you a letter from Burke, and you will be warped to the map you met Burke at previously. Burke will be found lying on the ground with Baroq standing over him. Baroq will summon Black Wings Henchmen (rabbits) to attack you, and you must defeat them. Once you do so, Baroq seals the cave with a barrier, preventing any means of escape. Burke reveals that he never hated Jett, but was instead envious of her Core's Power. Burke also reveals that he hid the Core in Leafre due to being unable to make use of it, and to prevent the Black Wings from getting their hands on it. Burke uses the last of his powers to destroy the barrier, and refuses to escape with Jett, instead just choosing to die in the cave. After refusal, you will be sent to Leafre, where you must head to Steep Hill to retrieve the core. Once you do so, you will also get a new weapon. Jett reminisces about her past and Burke, and painfully decides to move on with life as a space bounty hunter.