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Attacking Skills Passive Skills Active/Supportive Skills
First Job Breeze Arrow Whispers of the Wind Wind Walk Storm Elemental
Second Job Fairy Spiral Gust Shot Trifling Wind I Bow Mastery Physical Training Bow Booster Sylvan Aid
Third Job Sentient Arrow Pinpoint Pierce Trifling Wind II Featherweight Second Wind Albatross Emerald Flower
Fourth Job Song of Heaven Spiraling Vortex Trifling Wind III Bow Expert Emerald Dust Albatross Max Call of Cygnus Touch of the Wind Sharp Eyes
Stat Enhancers
Hyper Skills Hyper Strength Hyper Dexterity Hyper Intelligence Hyper Luck Hyper Jump Hyper Speed Hyper Accuracy Hyper Defense Hyper Magic Defense Hyper Fury Hyper Mana Hyper Health Hyper Critical
Skill Enhancers Active / Supportive Skills
Trifling Wind - Reinforce Spiraling Vortex - Reinforce Song of Heaven - Reinforce Trifling Wind - Enhance Spiraling Vortex - Spread Song of Heaven - Guardbreak Trifling Wind - Double Chance Spiraling Vortex - Extra Strike Song of Heaven - Boss Rush Storm Bringer Monsoon Glory of the Guardians

First Job[edit]

MS Skill Breeze Arrow.png Breeze Arrow
"Fires off a wind-infused arrow."
MS Skill Wind Walk.png Wind Walk
"Your arrows walk on the wind, flying through any monsters they touch."
MS Skill Storm Elemental.png Storm Elemental
"Summons a wind elemental to bolster your powers."
MS Skill Whispers of the Wind.png Whispers of the Wind
"Whispers of the wind teach you ancient knowledge of body and mind."

Second Job[edit]

MS Skill Fairy Spiral.png Fairy Spiral
"Spin to create a vortex of wind that knocks back enemies."
MS Skill Gust Shot.png Gust Shot
"Fire off a speeding arrow in a straight line."
MS Skill Trifling Wind I.png Trifling Wind I
"The Spirit of Wind will confuse nearby enemies."
MS Skill Sylvan Aid.png Sylvan Aid
"The blessings of the Sylph give you a leg-up against your enemies."
MS Skill Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery
"Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of bows."
MS Skill Bow Booster.png Bow Booster
"Increases the attack speed of your weapon."
Requires Level 5 Bow Mastery.
MS Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training
"Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training."

Third Job[edit]

MS Skill Sentient Arrow.png Sentient Arrow
"Shoot off a frigid arrow to attack indiscriminately. Hold down the key button and use direction keys to steer."
MS Skill Pinpoint Pierce.png Pinpoint Pierce
"Shoot off two arrows to strike the same enemy."
MS Skill Trifling Wind II.png Trifling Wind II
"A spirit of the wind will distress nearby enemies."
Requires Level 20 Trifling Wind I
MS Skill Albatross.png Albatross
"Borrow the power of the legendary Albatross to boost your combat stats."
MS Skill Emerald Flower.png Emerald Flower
"Summon a green crystal flower that attracts nearby enemies. Enemies intoxicated by the scent will slow down."
MS Skill Featherweight.png Featherweight
"Your body becomes as light as a feather, gaining freedom from enemy attacks."
MS Skill Second Wind.png Second Wind
"Borrow the power of wind, becoming more skillful at evasion and gaining a chance to counterattack."

Fourth Job[edit]

Those in Italic can be obtained through Combat Orders.

MS Skill Call of Cygnus.png Call of Cygnus
"Receive the blessings of Cygnus's awakening to temporarily increase all stats for you and your party members."
Unlocked at level 120 via quest.
MS Skill Song of Heaven.png Song of Heaven
"Play the song of heavens to sweep away enemies."
MS Skill Spiraling Vortex.png Spiraling Vortex
"Fires a spiraling shot that drives enemies back."
MS Skill Trifling Wind III.png Trifling Wind III
"Harass the enemies with constant gale-force winds."
Requires Level 20 Trifling Wind II
MS Skill Touch of the Wind.png Touch of the Wind
"Become one with the wind through a divine blessing."
MS Skill Sharp Eyes.png Sharp Eyes
"Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy."
MS Skill Bow Expert.png Bow Expert
"Increases Bow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage."
Requires Level 10 Bow Mastery
MS Skill Emerald Dust.png Emerald Dust
"Emerald Flower is enhanced to be more effective in battle."
Requires Level 10 Emerald Flower
MS Skill Albatross Max.png Albatross Max
"Tap into the legendary Albatross's powers."
Requires Level 20 Albatross

Hyper Skills[edit]

Stat Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength
"Permanently increases STR."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity
"Permanently increases DEX."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence
"Permanently increases INT."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck
"Permanently increases LUK."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump
"Permanently increases Jump."
Unlocked at level 146
MS Skill Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed
"Permanently increases Movement Speed."
Unlocked at level 152
MS Skill Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy
"Permanently increases Accuracy."
Unlocked at level 158
MS Skill Hyper Defense.png Hyper Defense
"Permanently increases Weapon DEF."
Unlocked at level 165
MS Skill Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense
"Permanently increases Magic DEF."
Unlocked at level 174
MS Skill Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury
"Permanently increases Max DF (useless for Thieves)."
Unlocked at level 180
MS Skill Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana
"Permanently increases Max MP."
Unlocked at level 186
MS Skill Hyper Health.png Hyper Health
"Permanently increases Max HP."
Unlocked at level 192
MS Skill Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical
"Permanently increases Critical Rate."
Unlocked at level 198

Skill Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Trifling Wind - Reinforce.png Trifling Wind - Reinforce
"Increases Trifling Wind's damage."
Unlocked at Level 143
MS Skill Spiraling Vortex - Reinforce.png Spiraling Vortex - Reinforce
"Increases the damage on Spiraling Vortex."
Unlocked at Level 149
MS Skill Song of Heaven - Reinforce.png Song of Heaven - Reinforce
"Increases the damage of Song of Heaven."
Unlocked at Level 155
MS Skill Trifling Wind - Enhance.png Trifling Wind - Enhance
"Increases the chance to activate Trifling Wind."
Unlocked at Level 162
MS Skill Spiraling Vortex - Spread.png Spiraling Vortex - Spread
"Increases the number of monsters hit by Spiraling Vortex."
Unlocked at Level 168
MS Skill Song of Heaven - Guardbreak.png Song of Heaven - Guardbreak
"Increases Song of Heaven's Monster DEF debuff."
Unlocked at Level 177
MS Skill Trifling Wind - Double Chance.png Trifling Wind - Double Chance
"Additional hit can be carried out to one target of Trifling Wind."
Unlocked at Level 183
MS Skill Spiraling Vortex - Extra Strike.png Spiraling Vortex - Extra Strike
"Increases the number of attacks of Spiraling Vortex."
Unlocked at Level 189
MS Skill Song of Heaven - Boss Rush.png Song of Heaven - Boss Rush
"Increases Boss Attack of Song of Heaven."
Unlocked at Level 195

Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Storm Bringer.png Storm Bringer
"Calls down a torrential storm on your enemies."
Unlocked at level 150
MS Skill Monsoon.png Monsoon
"Summons the seasonal winds to cover the world."
Unlocked at level 170
MS Skill Glory of the Guardians WA.png Glory of the Guardians
"A ceremony for Cygnus Knights to prove their devotion to the Empress. Only applies to Cygnus classes within the party."
Unlocked at level 200