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Entry Requirements
  • Vanishing Journey: Level 200+, Completed 5th Job Advancement
  • Chu Chu Island: Level 210+, Completed "Vanishing Journey" Quests (except daily quests)
  • Lachelein: Level 220+, Completed "Chu Chu Island" Quests (except daily quests)
  • Arcana: Level 225+, Completed "Lachelein" Quests
  • Moras: Level 230+, Completed "Arcana" Quests

Arcane River is the area which the Erdas are located. To enter, you must have completed the 5th Job Advancement to absorb the Erda's power.


There are 5 main areas in Arcane River: Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, Lachelein, Arcana and Moras.

Vanishing Journey[edit]

There are 4 main areas in Vanishing Journey.

  1. Nameless Village: Town of Vanishing Journey.
  2. Lake of Oblivion: Monster ranges from Level 200 to 203. Requires 30 Arcane Force.
  3. Extinction Zone: Monster ranges from Level 204 to 206. Requires 40 Arcane Force.
  4. Cave of Repose: Monster ranges from Level 207 to 209. Requires 60 Arcane Force.

Monsters have 3x the HP and gives 1.8x the EXP.

There are also 3 "hidden" maps, 1 for each area listed above (except for Nameless Village). Monsters in these maps have 5.2x HP and gives 3x EXP. Requires 80 Arcane Force.

Daily Quests

In Vanishing Journey, you can accept 5 daily quests from Rona in Nameless Town. The list below shows the possible daily quests from Rona. All quests reward 1 "Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey" upon completion. You can change the quest list once and you can choose which quests to keep. After the change, no further change is allowed for that day's quests. Some quests may tell you to go to another map after collecting the etc items as the nature of the quest is item delivery.

Possible Quests
  • Kill 200 Happy Erdas
  • Collect 50 Happy Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Raging Erdas
  • Collect 50 Raging Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Sad Erdas
  • Collect 50 Sad Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Joyful Erdas
  • Collect 50 Joyful Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Stone Erdas
  • Collect 50 Stone Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Blazing Erdas
  • Collect 50 Blazing Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Soulful Erdas
  • Collect 50 Soulful Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Tranquil Erdas
  • Collect 50 Tranquil Erda's Samples
  • Kill 130 Lantern Erdas
  • Collect 33 Lantern Erda's Samples
  • Collect 30 Oblivion Inhibitors and deliver to Jenna (found in Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage and Sorrow)
  • Collect 30 Extinction Inhibitors and deliver to Jenna (found in Extinction Zone: Fire Zone)
  • Collect 30 Repose Inhibitors and deliver to Jenna (found in Cave of Repose: Below the Cave)

After clearing all 5 quests, the last quest will be completed and you will receive 3 Arcane Symbols: Vanishing Journey.

Chu Chu Island[edit]

There are 5 main areas in Chu Chu Island.

  1. Chu Chu Village: Town of Chu Chu Island.
  2. Five-Color Hill: Monster ranges from Level 210 to 211. Requires 100 Arcane Force.
  3. Slurpy Forest: Monster ranges from Level 212 to 213. Requires 100 Arcane Force.
  4. Eree Valley: Monster ranges from Level 214 to 216. Requires 130 Arcane Force.
  5. Skywhale Mountain: Monster ranges from Level 217 to 219. Requires 160 Arcane Force.

Monsters have 6x the HP and gives 3.5x the EXP.

Daily Quest

Chu Chu Island Daily quest is a Party Quest (Hungry Muto). It can be played from 1 to 4 members in the party. Collect ingredients and give it to the birds so that the birds can cook meals for Muto and Muto will be motivated to fend off the shark!

  • The team will begin at the following progress:
    • 49% if solo
    • 48% if party of 2
    • 47% if party of 3
    • 46% if party of 4
  • Every 10.4 seconds (counted from entry time or last cooked dish), the progress bar decreases by:
    • 1% if solo
    • 2% if party of 2
    • 3% if party of 3
    • 4% if party of 4
  • There is a time limit for cooking a dish, as follows:
    • 2 ingredients: 2 minutes
    • 3 ingredients: 2 minutes 10 seconds
    • 4 ingredients: 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • The team has to collect the ingredients. Some ingredients may not be shown explicitly (so you have to either remember the recipe or guess). Pet looting will not work, the loots disappear in 10 seconds if not looted and if you looted another ingredient, your previous stack will disappear.
  • After collecting the ingredient, report back to Simia in the middle and jump to put the ingredient into the pot.
  • Based on the dish you successfully cooked, the progress bar will increase.
    • 2 ingredients: 11% (if solo), 10% (if party of 2), 9% (if party of 3), 8% (uf party of 4)
    • 3 ingredients: 17% (if solo), 16% (if party of 2), 15% (if party of 3), 14% (uf party of 4)
    • 4 ingredients: 23% (if solo), 22% (if party of 2), 21% (if party of 3), 20% (uf party of 4)
  • Even though there is a cooking time limit, if you cooked the dish fast enough (within the bonus time limit), Muto feels more motivated and will fend off Gulla even more. The progress bar will increase even more, as follows (added with previous increase)
    • 2 ingredients: 12%
    • 3 ingredients: 18%
    • 4 ingredients: 24%
  • Once the progress bar reaches 100%, the team will have cleared the quest and receive rewards based on clearance time.

Rewards (Normal mode)

  • S rank (<5 minutes): 242,714,400 EXP amd 3 Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island
  • A rank (5 minutes 1 second ~ 8 minutes): 222,488,200 EXP and 2 Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island
  • B rank (8 minutes 1 second ~ 10 minutes): 202,262,000 EXP and 1 Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island

Rewards (Hard mode)

  • S rank (<5 minutes): 323,619,200 EXP and 5 Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island
  • A rank (5 minutes 1 second ~ 8 minutes): 283,166,800 EXP and 4 Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island
  • B rank (8 minutes 1 second ~ 10 minutes): 242,714,400 EXP and 3 Arcane Symbol: CHu Chu Island


There are 5 main areas in Lachelein.

  1. Lachelein Main Street: Town of Lachelein.
  2. Alley: Monster ranges from Level 220 to 221. Requires 190 Arcane Force.
  3. Night Market: Monster ranges from Level 221 to 223. Requires 210 Arcane Force.
  4. Ballroom: Monster ranges from Level 223 to 225. Requires 210 Arcane Force.
  5. Clocktower: Monster ranges from Level 226 to 229. Requires 240 Arcane Force.

Monsters have 7.3x the HP and gives 3.5x the EXP.

Lucid Boss

Lucid resides in the Clocktower of Lachelein. To enter, you must be Level 220 or higher and must have completed all Lachelein quests (except "Showdown" quest). Requires 360 Arcane Force.

For more details on Lucid, see MapleStory/Lucid.
Dream Breaker Daily Quest

In Dream Breaker, you have to destroy purple (bad) music boxes to turn them yellow (good). Monsters will however seep in to attack the yellow music boxes to turn them purple. The goal is to maintain more yellow music boxes than purple music boxes (note, it is different from having 5 yellow music boxes) in 3 minutes. If there are more purple music boxes than yellow, the bar will become more purple; if the reverse is true, it will become more yellow.

  • The number matters: if there is a significant difference, the bar will move more; if there is a small difference (3 vs 2), the bar will barely move (but over time it is visible)
    • 5 purple box, 0 yellow box: bar shifts by 7.5% towards purple every second
    • 4 purple box, 1 yellow box: bar shifts by 4.5% towards purple every second
    • 3 purple box, 2 yellow box: bar shifts by 1.5% towards purple every second
    • 2 purple box, 3 yellow box: bar shifts by 1.5% towards yellow every second
    • 1 purple box, 4 yellow box: bar shifts by 4.5% towards yellow every second
    • 0 purple box, 5 yellow box: bar shifts by 7.5% towards yellow every second
  • Every stage starts with 50% yellow 50% purple bar, with 3 purple music boxes and 2 yellow music boxes.
  • Tactic board shows the map layout, you will start from the middle.
    • Purple square indicates purple box at that area, you should tend to that area.
    • Yellow square indicates yellow box at that area, you can ignore that area for awhile.
    • If it is blinking and it is originally yellow, means it is turning purple, prepare to rush there.
    • If it is blinking and it is originally purple, means it is turning yellow, keep hitting.
  • Every stage cleared gives Dream Points that you can use to help yourself in later stages. Dream Points are stored forever in your character (max 3,000 Dream Points can be stored)
  • There is an unlimited number of stages, each stage will increase the HP of music boxes and monsters.
  • You failed the stage if either of these 2 situation happens:
    • Reached 3 minutes time limit but the bar is still not fully yellow
    • Bar is fully purple
  • Every 10 stage is a checkpoint, if you cleared that stage you can start from there directly (however if you started from there and you failed straight away, you get no rewards)
  • Starting from 30 stage, every 10 stage you can claim a useless medal for achievement purposes.
  • Ranking is based on depth (stages), then speed (time taken for the last stage)
  • Top 5 Dream Breaker ranking will be displayed as NPCs in Lachelein (left of clocktower), when you entered Dream Breaker 3 times for the day you can go to each one and get Dream Coins. (24~36 Dream Coins in total) Distribution as follows:
    • 1st place: 10~14 Dream Coins
    • 2nd, 3rd place: 5~7 Dream Coins
    • 4th, 5th place: 2~4 Dream Coins
  • Daily Limit 3 entries per day. Dream Breaker is closed at the last 30 minutes of Sunday to the first 30 minutes of Monday, so take note if you wish to perform the quest near reset time.

In general, it is somewhat related to Mu Lung Dojo. 1 Dojo floor cleared = about 1~1.3 Dream Breaker stage (not applicable if cleared floor 41 in dojo)


  • 1 Dream coin every 1 stage cleared, if you started from checkpoint it assumes you cleared all the stages before the checkpoint (assuming you cleared at least 1 stage when you entered from the checkpoint). 30 Dream Coins = 1 Arcane Symbol: Lachelein
  • 3,634,300 EXP + 363,430 EXP every 1 stage cleared, if you started from checkpoint it assumes you cleared all the stages before the checkpoint (assuming you cleared at least 1 stage when you entered from the checkpoint).


Monsters have 8x the HP and gives 3.65x the EXP. There are 4 main areas.

  1. Entrance to Arcana: Monsters range from Level 230 to 232. Requires 280 Arcane Force.
  2. Spirit Tree: Town of Arcana.
  3. Deep Forest: Monsters range from Level 233 to 236. Requires 320 Arcane Force.
  4. Cave: Monsters range from Level 237 to 240. Requires 360 Arcane Force.
Spirit Saviour

This is the daily quest to obtain Arcane Symbol : Arcana. You will have to kill obstacles that traps spirits (exactly 500 Million HP) and use the NPC Chat key to carry the spirit while dodging the growing evil spirit. Bouncers are placed all around the map so that you can play hide and seek with the evil spirit to rescue the trapped spirits.

  • 3 minutes time limit, 3 attempts daily.
  • Evil spirit will take 1 second to transform and it transforms upon killing an obstacle trapping the spirit, up till 5 freed spirits (regardless if you carried them or not).
  • You have a Defense bar that will determine if you can continue on with the quest. If it reaches 0, you will be booted out immediately.
    • Defense bar starts from 20/20 (100%)
    • Each time you touched a floating blue spirit, your defense decreases by 1 (5%)
    • If you touched a big evil spirit, you will lose all spirit on hand and your defense bar will be decreased according to the evil spirit's transformatio stage (1 released spirit regardless of carried or not = +1 stage)
      • Stage 1: -2 Defense (-10%)
      • Stage 2: -4 Defense (-20%)
      • Stage 3: -6 Defense (-30%)
      • Stage 4: -8 Defense (-40%)
      • Stage 5: -10 Defense (-50%, means if you touch the evil spirit when it is the biggest twice in the same round, you will definitely get kicked out)
    • If you have 6/20 Defense or less (30% or less), the defense bar will start blinking.
  • Based on the number of spirits on hand, you get spirit points. Playing in a PC room yields 30% more points than listd below.
    • 1 spirit: 200 points
    • 2 spirits: 500 points
    • 3 spirits: 1,000 points
    • 4 spirits: 1,500 points
    • 5 spirits: 2,500 points
  • 1,000 points --> 1 Spirit Coin (rounded down, so example: 900 points will give you 0 coins; 7,800 points will give you 7 coins). 3 Spirit Coins --> 1 Arcane Symbol : Arcana. There is no EXP reward for this quest.
  • Max 30 Spirit Coins daily can be obtained.


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Monsters Level 236 to 240 have 8x the HP and gives 3.65x the EXP. Monsters Level 241 to 245 have 10x the HP and gives 3.7x the EXP. There are 4 main areas in Moras.

Arcane Force and Arcane Symbols[edit]

Arcane force is used in Arcane River to penetrate the defence system of Erdas. Arcane Symbols are the only source of Arcane Force. Based on your Arcane Force and required Arcane Force, your damage is adjusted to between 10% to 150% of the original damage and monster damage will hit between 0% to 280% of its original damage.

Arcane force requirement met (in %, rounded down) Damage dealt to monsters (in % as comapred to actual damage) Monster Damage Multiplier
0% to 9% 10% 2.8x
10% to 29% 30% 2.4x
30% to 49% 60% 1.8x
50% to 69% 70% 1.6x
70% to 99% 80% 1.4x
100% to 124% 100% 1x
125% to 149% 110% 0.8x
150% or higher 150% 0x (monster will hit 1 damage)

Arcane Symbols[edit]

Arcane Symbols can be levelled up to give more Arcane Force by equipping duplicated Arcane Symbols. Arcane Symbols can be obtained from different ways.

  • Vanishing Journey: Daily Quests and Monster Drops
  • Chu Chu Island: Daily Party Quests and Monster Drops
  • Lachelein: Daily Dream Breaker Quest and Monster Drops
  • Arcana: Daily Spirit Saviour Quest and Monster Drops
  • Moras: Monster Drops

Note: Monster Drop rate is insanely low (about 1 in 20,000+ monsters at 1x drop rate)

  • Required number of symbols to level up:
  • Required mesos to level up:

Arcane Symbols will increase your Final Stats and Arcane Force.

  • All Jobs (except Xenon and Demon Avenger): 100 Final Primary Stat per 10 Arcane Force
  • Xenon: 39 Final STR, 39 Final DEX, 39 Final LUK per 10 Arcane Force
  • Demon Avenger: 1400 Final HP per 10 Arcane Force

Core Gemstones[edit]

Core Gemstones, or Node Gemstones, are dropped by monsters in Arcane River (about 1 in 5,000+ monsters at 1x drop rate). They will give a random core/node when you open them (about 80% chance to get a Skill Enhance core/node, about 15% chance to get a new Skill core/node, about 5% chance to get a Special core/node)

Cores/Nodes will enhance your 5th Job Abilities. They can also be enhanced by feeding duplicates to level up to increase the abilities. Special cores cannot be enhanced.

Core Types[edit]

There are 3 types of cores.

  • Skill: Gives a new skill
  • Enhance: Enhance 3 existing skills except 5th Job Skills. (Base skill + 2 random skills)
  • Special: Gives effects when conditions are met. Expires in 7 days.

Enhancing Cores[edit]

You can level up cores by feeding duplicates by talking to the V Core Master NPC in Arcane River. Right click the core you want to enhance and then click on the cores to feed them to the core you chose to enhance. For enhance type cores, duplicate is defined by 2 cores with same base skill. You cannot wear duplicate cores.

You can enhance up till Core Level 25.

Skill Core EXP[edit]

  • Core EXP Required to level up core:
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 1): 50
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 2 or higher): , rounded up

Enhance Core EXP[edit]

  • Core EXP required to level up core:
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 1): 50
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 2 or higher): , rounded up

Skill Levels[edit]

Your 5th Job Skill Levels will be the sum of core levels. For enhance core, a specific skill's enhance skill will be the sum of core levels of all cores enhancing that skill only.

Max skill levels are as follows

  • 5th job skills: 25
  • Enhance skills: 50
  • Special skills: 1

Disassemble Cores[edit]

Cores can be disassembled to give core pieces by talking to V Core Master NPC in Arcane River. Right click the cores that you want to disassemble. Core pieces can be used to create core gemstones or a core of your choice (for enhance cores, only base skill can be chosen).

Disassemble rates (Core Level 1)
  • Skill: 40
  • Enhance: 10
  • Special: 50
Disassemble rates (Core Level 2 or higher)
  • Skill:
  • Enhance:
Crafting Rates
  • Core Gemstone: 35
  • Enhance: 70
  • Skill: 140
  • Special: 250

Core Slots[edit]

Based on your level, you get core slots in your V matrix. In general, you get 4 slots at Level 200 and every 5 levels you get 1 more slot.

Level Slots
200 to 204 4
205 to 209 5
210 to 214 6
215 to 219 7
220 to 224 8
225 to 229 9
230 to 234 10
235 to 239 11
240 to 244 12
245 to 249 13
250 14