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Entry Requirements
  • Road to Extinction: Level 200+, Completed 5th Job Advancement
  • Chew Chew Island: Level 210+, Completed "Road to Extinction" Quests (except daily quests)
  • Lachelm: Level 220+, Completed "Chew Chew Island" Quests (except daily quests)

Arcane River is the area which the Erdas are located. To enter, you must have completed the 5th Job Advancement to absorb the Erda's power.


There are 4 main areas in Arcane River: Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, Lachelein and Arcana.

Vanishing Journey[edit]

There are 4 main areas in Vanishing Journey.

  1. Nameless Village: Town of Vanishing Journey.
  2. Lake of Oblivion: Monster ranges from Level 200 to 203. Requires 30 Arcane Force.
  3. Extinction Zone: Monster ranges from Level 204 to 206. Requires 50 Arcane Force.
  4. Cave of Repose: Monster ranges from Level 207 to 209. Requires 80 Arcane Force.
Daily Quests

In Vanishing Journey, you can accept daily quests from the Priest in Nameless Village. The list below shows the possible daily quests from each Patrolbot. All Quests reward 1 "Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey" upon completion. You can change the quest list once and you can choose which quests to keep. After the change, no further change is allowed for that day's quests. Some Quests may tell you to go to another map after collecting the etc items as the nature of the quest is Item Delivery.

Possible Quests
  • Kill 200 Joyful Erdas
  • Collect 50 Joyful Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Angry Erdas
  • Collect 50 Angry Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Sad Erdas
  • Collect 50 Sad Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Pleasant Erdas
  • Collect 50 Pleasant Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Rocky Erdas
  • Collect 50 Rocky Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Blazing Erdas
  • Collect 50 Blazing Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Robust Soul Erdas
  • Collect 50 Robust Soul Erda's Samples
  • Kill 200 Erdas of Rest
  • Collect 50 Erdas of Rest's Samples
  • Kill 130 Erda's Lanterns
  • Collect 33 Erda's Lantern's Samples
  • Collect 30 Memory Loss Medications and deliver to Jenna (found in Wild-borne Land of Anger and Sadness)
  • Collect 30 Extinction Saver and deliver to Jenna (found in Land of Flames)
  • Collect 30 Rest Medications and deliver to Jenna (found in Cave: Lower Part)

After clearing all 5 quests, the last quest will be completed and you will receive 3 Arcane Symbols: Vanishing Journey.

Chu Chu Island[edit]

There are 5 main areas in Chu Chu Island.

  1. Chu Chu Village: Town of Chu Chu Island.
  2. Five-Color Hill: Monster ranges from Level 210 to 211. Requires 100 Arcane Force.
  3. Slurpy Forest: Monster ranges from Level 212 to 213. Requires 100 Arcane Force.
  4. Eree Valley: Monster ranges from Level 214 to 216. Requires 130 Arcane Force.
  5. Skywhale Mountain: Monster ranges from Level 217 to 219. Requires 160 Arcane Force.


There are 5 main areas in Lachelein.

  1. Lachelein Main Street: Town of Lachelein.
  2. Alley: Monster ranges from Level 220 to 221. Requires 190 Arcane Force.
  3. Night Market: Monster ranges from Level 221 to 223. Requires 210 Arcane Force.
  4. Ballroom: Monster ranges from Level 223 to 225. Requires 210 Arcane Force.
  5. Clocktower: Monster ranges from Level 226 to 228. Requires 240 Arcane Force.
Lucid Boss

Lucid resides in the Clocktower of Lachelein. To enter, you must be Level 220 or higher and must have completed all Lachelein quests. Requires 360 Arcane Force.

For more details on Lucid, see MapleStory/Lucid.


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Arcane Force and Arcane Symbols[edit]

Arcane force is used in Arcane River to penetrate the defence system of Erdas. Arcane Symbols are the only source of Arcane Force. Based on your Arcane Force and required Arcane Force, your damage is adjusted to between 10% to 150% of the original damage.

Arcane Symbols[edit]

Arcane Symbols can be levelled up to give more Arcane Force by equipping duplicated Arcane Symbols. Arcane Symbols can be obtained from different ways.

  • Vanishing Journey: Daily Quests and Monster Drops
  • Chu Chu Island: Daily Party Quests and Monster Drops
  • Lachelein: Monster Drops

Note: Monster Drop rate is insanely low (about 1 in 20,000+ monsters at 1x drop rate)

  • Required number of symbols to level up:
  • Required mesos to level up:

Arcane Symbols will increase your Final Stats and Arcane Force.

  • All Jobs (except Xenon and Demon Avenger): 100 Final Primary Stat per 10 Arcane Force
  • Xenon: 40 Final STR, 40 Final DEX, 40 Final LUK per 10 Arcane Force
  • Demon Avenger: 1500 HP per 10 Arcane Force

Core Gemstones[edit]

Core Gemstones, or Node Gemstones, are dropped by monsters in Arcane River (about 1 in 5,000+ monsters at 1x drop rate). They will give a random core/node when you open them (about 70% chance to get what you can wear, about 30% chance to get unusable core/node)

Cores/Nodes will enhance your 5th Job Abilities. They can also be enhanced by feeding duplicates to level up to increase the abilities. Special cores cannot be enhanced.

Core Types[edit]

There are3 types of cores.

  • Skill: Gives a new skill
  • Enhance: Enhance 3 existing skills except 5th Job Skills. (Base skill + 2 random skills)
  • Special: Gives effects when conditions are met. Expires in 7 days.

Enhancing Cores[edit]

You can level up cores by feeding duplicates by talking to the V Core Master NPC in Arcane River. Right click the core you want to enhance and then click on the cores to feed them to the core you chose to enhance. For enhance type cores, duplicate is defined by 2 cores with same base skill. You cannot wear duplicate cores.

You can enhance up till Core Level 25.

Skill Core EXP[edit]

  • Core EXP Required to level up core:
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 1): 50
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 2 or higher): , rounded up

Enhance Core EXP[edit]

  • Core EXP required to level up core:
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 1): 50
  • Core EXP provided to another core if used for enhancement of another core (Core Level of core used is 2 or higher): , rounded up

Skill Levels[edit]

Your 5th Job Skill Levels will be the sum of core levels. For enhance core, a specific skill's enhance skill will be the sum of core levels of all cores enhancing that skill only.

Max skill levels are as follows

  • 5th job skills: 25
  • Enhance skills: 50
  • Special skills: 1

Disassemble Cores[edit]

Cores can be disassembled to give core pieces by talking to V Core Master NPC in Arcane River. Right click the cores that you want to disassemble. Core pieces can be used to create core gemstones or a core of your choice (for enhance cores, only base skill can be chosen).

Disassemble rates (Core Level 1)
  • Skill: 40
  • Enhance: 10
  • Special: 50
Disassemble rates (Core Level 2 or higher)
  • Skill:
  • Enhance:
Crafting Rates
  • Core Gemstone: 35
  • Enhance: 70
  • Skill: 140
  • Special: 250

Core Slots[edit]

Based on your level, you get core slots in your V matrix.

Level Slots
200 to 205 4
206 to 211 5
212 to 217 6
218 to 223 7
224 to 229 8
230 to 235 9
236 to 241 10
242 to 250 11