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AP Distribution

Since all your AP are reset to the proper requirements once you make your first job change, your AP distribution should be optimized to get through the first 10 levels the quickest. There are two possibilities as a Noblesse.

All AP in STR

This increases your melee attack, with a fairly large damage range.

All AP in INT

The mana you gain from leveling up will permanently enhance your character. You can also use the extra mana when using Three Snails to help training.

Skill Build

Considering Recovery only heals about 2HP/second when fully leveled, and that a First Job Cygnus Knight can deal about 50-100 damage, the best build is to quickly level Three Snails to maximum, and then put your remaining 3 points into Nimble Feet (this skill can be used effectively until 3rd Job).

Level Skill New SP Total SP
2 Three Snails 1 1
3 Three Snails 1 2
4 Three Snails 1 3 (Max)
5 Nimble Feet 1 1
6 Nimble Feet 1 2
7 Nimble Feet 1 3 (Max)