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Korean Folk Town's world map

MS Korean Folk Town Icon.png Korean Folk Town[edit]

Korean Folk Town
  • Region: Ludus Lake
  • Required Level: 125+

Korean Folk Town is one of two towns based on Korean culture, sharing that distinction with the area of Mu Lung. Bamboo huts are scattered around the town. Korean Folk Town is located on a small island in Ludus Lake, alongside its twin island Omega Sector, both of which are used to keep Ludibrium afloat via two massive towers. There are two ways to travel to Korean Folk Town:

  1. Going to the far right end of Aquarium, at a point called The Sharp Unknown, and entering the giant magical storybook portal. Upon entering, you will then emerge from a well into the town.
  2. Going down Helios Tower from Ludibrium, to the tower's library on the first floor, and entering the giant magical storybook portal.

As a result, Korean Folk Town serves as a gateway between Ludibrium and Aqua Road.

The Dimensional Crack in Ludibrium, as well as an assortment of seven mysterious gemstones stashed away from the library, led to the books of Helios Tower's Library becoming distorted. Many of the quests here involve setting the legends straight and helping the characters overcome their problems caused by the seven stones. The stories are as follows:

  1. Helping Hongbu overcome his resentment towards his brother Nolbu, caused by the Stone of Rage.
  2. Helping Mr. Shim overcome his feelings of regret after his daughter Shim Chung's disappearance, caused by the Stone of Regret.
  3. Helping Haenim deal with a Hogul affected by the Stone of Gluttony, who threatens to eat Haenim's family if they don't feed him rice cakes every day.
  4. Helping Chil Nam and Chil Sung deal with a love triangle involving both of the brothers falling in love with Seolie, caused by the Stone of Envy.
  5. Helping God of Mountains resolve Tree Cutter's lust for money, caused by the Stone of Greed
  6. Helping Kong Ji resolve her laziness caused by the Stone of Sloth, as well as to help her win the heart of the Magistrate.
  7. Helping to prevent a Goblin from using the Stone of Jealousy to engulf Korean Folk Town in flames out of revenge for his late friend, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Black Mountain[edit]

  • Level Range: 130-140
Korean Folk Town's Black Mountain

On the left side of town, you will find the entrance to Black Mountain. There, you can find monsters taken from Korean mythology. One of these monsters is the Moon Bunny that looks the same as the one that must be protected in Henesys Party Quest. The early Black Mountain area has a sunset background, while later areas as well as early divergent paths have a night sky background. At the end of the black mountain, there are monsters called King Goblins, which appear in three colors: blue, green, and yellow.



The NPC's in Korean Folk Town are characters found in Korean Folktales. Each character provides a quest fairly related to the original stories they are from.

NPC Location Notes
File:MS NPC Mr. Noh.png
Mr. Noh
File:MS NPC Bung's Mama.png
Bung's Mama
File:MS NPC Nolbu.png
File:MS NPC Hongbu.png
File:MS NPC Sparrow.png
File:MS NPC Moki.png
File:MS NPC Dori.png
File:MS NPC Chumji.png
File:MS NPC Chil Nam.png
Chil Nam
File:MS NPC Grandma Yeon.png
Grandma Yeon
File:MS NPC Kong Ji.png
Kong Ji
File:MS NPC Chil Sung.png
Chil Sung
File:MS NPC Haenim.png
File:MS NPC Mr. Shim.png
Mr. Shim


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Ghost Park[edit]

Ghost Park is a training map that takes place after Korean Folk Town's story (note that you don't need to complete the quests to enter). It can be entered at the top right portal of the town. You can enter 5 times daily, each time lasting 10 minutes (if you can survive). If you die, you will be booted out immediately with no EXP loss.

Entry Settings[edit]

  • Enter in a party of 1~6 people.
  • Leader of the party can set the charm enhancements. There are 7 different charms, each having a different effect
    • Charm Enhancements make it harder for you to survive and/or kill monsters but EXP is increased (not affected by your multipliers).
    • Charms can be set to Level 0~3. Having multiple charms of the same level will invoke a set bonus to increase the EXP enhancements.
  • Monster Level scales up to 145, and it is determined by average level of party members.

Kill Count[edit]

As your party kills monsters inside, kill count increases. A high kill count will increase the monster EXP further (increment is not affected by your multipliers), up to +1,000%.

Note that monsters spawned will be bigger and also deals more damage too. Monsters deal % HP damage so nobody can run away from dying.

HP Risk[edit]

As your HP (measured by the proportion of your existing HP compared to your maximum HP) goes lower, your EXP gain will increase momentarily until you regain lost HP, up to +500%.

No healing or drain effects, as well as recovery potions, can be used. Instead, every 1 minute, there will be a recovery rune that spawns. Use it to recover 100% HP for all party members.

Additional Rewards[edit]

Additional rewards can be gained by participating in Ghost Park.

Pocket Item (dropped by monsters inside Ghost Park)
  • Level 120, Untradeable, Provides +2 of either Weapon ATT, Magic ATT, STR, DEX, INT, LUK, or +50 HP.

There are 7 different colours of the pocket item. Collect 1 of each and talk t Spiegelman to trade for a Golden Charm pocket item (Level 120, untradeable, All Stats +4, Weapon and Magic ATT +4, HP +200)

  • Enter 10 times: Ghost Park Bronze medal (Level 130, untradeable, All Stats +4, Weapon and Magic ATT +4)
  • Enter 100 times: Ghost Park Silver medal (Level 130, untradeable, All Stats +8, Weapon and Magic ATT +5)
  • Enter and survive 100 times: Ghost Park Gold medal (Level 130, untradeable, All Stats +9, Weapon and Magic ATT +6)
Maple Achievement Points
  • Kill 1,000 monsters: 10 points
  • Kill 10,000 monsters: 20 points
  • Kill 100,000 monsters: 30 points
  • Obtain all ghost park medals: 30 points
  • Trade for 1 Golden Charm pocket item: 40 points