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MapleStory Luminous selection icon.png
  • Race: Hero
  • Class: Magician
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: INT
  • Weapons: Shining Rod (Primary) and Orb (Secondary)

Luminous is a Magician class, it is also the 5th Hero class to be released in the game. He uses a Shining Rod as his weapon and he uses Orbs as his secondary weapon. Although the story represents him as a male, he can be created as both a male or a female inside the game.

Luminous has a Light/Dark system where he can control and balance his power. In GlobalMS, Luminous heros can freely change from Dark or Light mode (with a 3 minute cooldown) and do not have the option to choose between Light or Dark in the tutorial; you only end up with Dark. Equilibrium can be accessed when switching between Light and Dark.

Non-GMS Light/Dark system

During the tutorial, you are able to select either the Light or Dark path; choosing one will effect your skills. Choosing Light will give you skills that boosts your light and a light attack skill, vice versa if Dark was chosen. After you received your second job advancement, you will get Dark skills alongside with your light skills. Using too many light skills will force your character to enter the Dark mode, your orb will turn purple and your right eye will glow. Entering dark mode will also boost selected dark skills that you have. Using too many dark skills will do the exact opposite, it will turn you into Light mode, your characters eyes will be reverted to normal and the orb will be sky blue. All your light skills now have a boost rather than the dark skills. Also, right before you actually change modes, your character will go into an Equilibrium state, a few skills will have their cooldowns removed and has extra power added, this lasts 10 seconds (15 seconds in 4th job). Equilibrium can only be activated in 3rd and 4th job.


Luminous begins nearby the Black Mage's altar. Several characters have dialogues here, including Phantom, Magnus (an evil character who kills a spirit named Guwaru), Aran, the Black Mage, and Freud. Before getting to the Black Mage, players have to walk to the right and kill a bunch of Void Priests, which is the only fighting done in this tutorial. Freud helps Luminous seal off the Black Mage, which the player has to act out by standing on five different locations around the Black Mage's room (note, if you have trouble with the fifth seal at the bottom, try jumping up the stairs a bit, otherwise just move around until it works). After initiating the sealing ritual, a video plays that shows Luminous creating a barrier around the Black Mage. In his attempt to prevent the Black Mage from breaking the seal, he pushes the Black Mage back with his bare hands and is cursed in the process.

After waking up a few centuries later, Luminous meets a little girl, Lania, who tells him he is near Ellinia. A mini slideshow plays showing Luminous fishing and playing with Lania, Luminous and Lania bonds. Luminous goes to live with the little girl for the next twenty years. One day when Lania tells Luminous to go buy groceries, his chests starts to tighten up getting worse until Lania walks Luminous out. Luminous explodes with uncontrollable dark power from the Black Mage, blasting holes in the nearby trees and lighting the area on fire. Lania is found dead with the house in pure destruction and Luminous begins his quest to utilize his new found strength and to figure out what he should do now. He is then teleported to a zone near Ellinia and he begins his training. At this point, Luminous is level 10 and has completed the first job advancement.

First Job[edit]

  • AP: spend all AP on INT.
  • SP: all skills can be maxed out, so don't worry about spending your SP on the wrong skills.

Second Job Advancement[edit]

You will receive a quest to meet Vieren once you reach level 29; doing this quest will bring you to level 30 where you can do "The Middle Road" quest to job advance.

The second job quest line involves collecting six Augeries: magical crystals of great power that have corrupted Maple World. The six are:

  1. The Ambassador, at the end of Mushroom Castle drops this one. Required level: 30+.
  2. Complete all of Ilji's quests and some of the other ones in Ant Tunnel to get this one. Recommended level: 33-40.
  3. Spirit of Rock, at the end of Kerning Square Shopping Center, has this one. Recommended level: 35-40.
  4. Kriel the Fairy, in Orbis, will give you this one after completing four or five monster killing quests (Jr. Cellions, Luster Pixies, Cellions, and Lucidas). Recommended level: 40-50.
  5. Xerxes, at the end of the Floating Island of Chryse, drops this one. Required level: 50+.
  6. Wiz, the Ludibrium librarian at the bottom of Helios Tower (entrance in Korean Folk Town) will give you this after you complete several item collection quests for him. It is best to combine the Korean Folk Town quests with this one, as you will complete about half of the quest line by doing everything at once. Recommended level: 55+.

Third Job Advancement[edit]

Fourth Job Advancement[edit]