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Name Effects Available from
MS Item Coffee Milk.png
Coffee Milk
Returns you to the nearest town.
MS Item Fruit Milk.png
Fruit Milk
Returns you to Showa Town.
MS Item Masked Man's Invitation.png
Masked Man's Invitation
An invitation from the Masked Man to the Halloween Party at the Haunted Mansion. Double-click to move straight to the mansion. ??
MS Item Pachinko Parlor Return Scroll.png
Pachinko Parlor Return Scroll
This scroll enables you to return to the Pachinko Parlor. This is a one use item and will disappear after use.
  • Quest: Pachinko Debut
MS Item Phyllia's Warp Powder.png
Phyllia's Warp Powder
Warp powder made by fairy Phyllia. Teleports you to Magatia when used inside the Nihal desert region. ??
MS Item Strawberry Milk.png
Strawberry Milk
Returns you to Mushroom Shrine.