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Cygnus Knights can use the same class equips as the Adventurer jobs. Certain titles below a player's name and guild symbolize the player's position as a Cygnus Knight.

Noblesse equipment[edit]

New Noblesse characters starting in Ereve will receive two pieces of equipment that are unable to be traded to other players:

  • MapleStory Item Noblesse Elegant Hat.png Noblesse Elegant Hat
    • Required level: 1
    • WDEF +3
  • MapleStory Item Noblesse Gorgeous Robe.png Noblesse Gorgeous Robe
    • Required level: 0
    • WDEF +5


You can acquire improved medals after achieving higher levels, none of which are able to be traded to other players or sold to an NPC store:

  • MapleStory Item Noblesse Medal.png Noblesse Medal
    • Required level: 0
  • MapleStory Item Training Knight Medal.png Training Knight Medal
    • Required level: 10
    • +50 HP, +50 MP
  • MapleStory Item Official Knight Medal.png Official Knight Medal
    • Required level: 30
    • +100 HP, +100 MP
  • MapleStory Item Advanced Knight Medal.png Advanced Knight Medal
    • Required level: 70
    • +150 HP, +150 MP, +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 INT, +1 LUK
  • MapleStory Item Captain Knight Medal.png Captain Knight Medal
    • Required level: 120
    • +200 HP, +200 MP, +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 INT, +2 LUK