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Dark World Tree map
  • Level requirement: 190+
  • Recommended level: 200+

Corrupted World Tree is the area which Damien has stolen power from to make him stronger. To find out more about the back story of Damien you can do the Blockbuster on Heroes of Maple. However to enter this area, you do not need to complete the Heroes of Maple Blockbuster (but you will need to clear it to attempt Damien boss).

Map Layout[edit]

There are 5 main areas in Corrupted World Tree.

  1. Abandoned Campsite: Town of Corrupted World Tree. The house for all demon soldiers, although a majority of them wanted to continue to seek for power even though the downfall of Damien has proven the consequences of being power hungry.
  2. Lower Branch: Lower part of the Corrupted World Tree. Monster ranges from Level 210 to 211.
  3. Middle Branch: Middle part of the World Tree. Monster ranges from Level 212 to 215.
  4. Upper Branch: Upper part of the World Tree. Monster ranges from Level 216 to 219.
  5. Top of the World Tree: Where Damien resides. The boss monster for Corrupted World Tree is found here.
For more details on Damien, see MapleStory/Damien.

Daily Quests[edit]

In Corrupted World Tree, you can accept daily quests from the Demon NPC in Abandoned Campsite. Each quest completed rewards 10,000,000 EXP (10 million EXP) and 1 Faded Brand Soulstone.

  • Lower: Kill 100 Decayed Saps and 100 Corrupted Saps
  • Middle: Collect 20 Demon Swords from Corrupted Sword Demons and 20 Demon Axe from Corrupted Axe Demons.
  • Upper: Collect 20 Demon Shield from Corrupted Demon Soldiers and 20 White Fangs from Corrupted Demon Wolves.

Bonus Daily Quest[edit]

This quest appears after clearing all 3 daily quests above. Essentially, it gives you 1 Faded Brand Soulstone for free as gratitude for your help.

The Stigma Coin[edit]

A Stigma Coin can be obtained by exchanging 20 Faded Brand Soulstone with 1 Warped Brand Soulstone.

  • Faded Brand Soulstones can be obtained from Daily Quests as well as monsters in Corrupted World Tree at a really low rate (to the point of practical non-existence). Faded Brand Soulstones are tradable.
  • Warped Brand Soulstones can be obtained by eliminating Damien. Warped Brand Soulstones are untradeable.

You need both ingredients, 20 Faded Brand Soulstones and 1 Warped Brand Soulstone to exchange for 1 Stigma Coin.

Stigma Shop[edit]

You can use the Stigma Coins that are exchanged with an NPC to buy Absolab Equipments. Not all equipments in the set are sold.

  • Absolab Lucky Item Scroll 50% (1 Stigma Coin, include Lapis/Lazuli into the Absolab Warrior set.)
  • Absolab Essence (4 Stigma Coins, needed to upgrade Lapis/Lazuli Type 7 to Type 8)
  • Absolab Weapons (5 Stigma Coins, 60 Primary and Secondary Stats, 1.2 times the ATT value of Fafnir Weapons, 8 upgrades)
  • Absolab Hats (2 Stigma Coins, 45 Primary and Secondary Stats, 3 ATT, 400 DEF, 10% Ignore DEF, 11 upgrades)
  • Absolab Overalls (2 Stigma Coins, 65 Primary and Secondary Stats, 5 ATT, 300 DEF, 12 upgrades)
  • Absolab Shoulderpads (2 Stigma Coins, 14 All Stats, 10 ATT, 100 DEF, 1 upgrade)

Set bonuses

  • 2 items: 20 ATT, 1,500 HP and MP
  • 3 items: 25 ATT, 30 All Stats
  • 4 items: 30 ATT, 10% ignore DEF, 200 DEF
  • 5 items: 20 ATT, 30% Damage to boss monsters
  • 6 items: 20 ATT, 20% HP and MP
  • 7 items: 20 ATT, 10% ignore DEF

Damien Boss[edit]

Damien resides in the Corrupted World Tree to steal power from the World Tree. To enter, you must be Level 190 or higher and must have completed Heroes of Maple Act 4 at least once. If you replay Heroes of Maple, you are still allowed to participate in the fight even if you did not complete the replay.

For more details on Damien, see MapleStory/Damien.