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MS Kerning Tower Icon.png Kerning Tower[edit]

Kerning Tower

Kerning Tower is a theme dungeon accessible to players from Levels 145+ via the Kerning City Subway.

Blake's record company has fallen on hard times, so Jake calls on you to check on him. Blake, having produced new music, asks for your help to look for a new star within Kerning Tower. But little do you know, Kerning Tower is shining with talent.

Kerning Tower consists of several areas: Kerning Square (accessed by a TV in Blake's Office), B1 Electronics Store, 2F Cafe, 3F Arts & Entertainment Shops, 4F Music Shops, 5F Cosmetics Shops, and 6F Hair Salons.


  • Level Range: 145-155 (155-162 for Star Force)
Star Force