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  • Race: Hero
  • Class: Magician
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: INT
  • Weapons: Wands or Staves (Primary), Shields or Documents (Secondary)

Evan is a Magician-type Hero class that is separate from Adventurers; similar to Aran.

Character creation button for Evan.

Once, there was a normal boy that lived near the village of Henesys.
In a field, he discovered a dragon egg that he saw in his dreams.
And so, the story of Evan the Dragon Master unfolds.
In the beginning, Evan and the baby dragon knew nothing.
But with the growth of the baby dragon, Evan’s strength continues to increase endlessly.

AP Distribution[edit | edit source]

Since Evans are in the family of Magicians, they use INT as their main stat and LUK as a secondary. It is recommended to add into INT only, since LUK is no longer useful as of the Tempest Patch.

Unique Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Evan class has a unique element that no other class has: a dragon that attacks for you. All attacks and buffs are executed through your dragon. The dragon is not a summon; it's a part of your character. After a player achieves level 10 and completes the first job advancement, a baby dragon awakens from a Dragon Egg.

The Dragon can grow and evolve ten times, at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, and 160. These levels of growth are known as Mastery levels. This means that traditional job advancements are not required, as your dragon will evolve automatically at the designated levels.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Evan[edit | edit source]

  • A party skill that gives a percentage avoid rate.
  • A party skill that can resurrect party members.
  • A party skill that gives resistance to magic attacks.
  • A skill that allows all single target attacks to be directed towards a targeted mob.
  • A party skill that heals 80% MP at Max every 10 seconds(Lasts 30 secs)
  • A skill like Berserk, but for MP.
  • Combination of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark elemental attacks.
  • Dragon Soul (like Meditation) is passive. Being passive, this skill requires no MP and it cannot be canceled by bosses.
  • Quests that give additional SP to let you max all your skills. Evans receive loads of SP of their new attacks and has full SP in every single move until level 60.
  • Higher HP than Adventurer Magicians
  • Skills such as Flame Wheel have an extremely long range, rivaling the Mechanics Laser Blast and CannoneerCannon Bazooka.
  • Job advancement is automatically made upon reaching given level.
  • Evan has a broken version of Teleport Mastery known as Blink Dragon. This skill allows you to teleport around the map to random locations being both useful and possibly detrimental.
  • Has an Elemental Cancel out Skill.
  • Dragon has the potential to be very powerful.
  • Most Evan attacks are unidirectional with the exception of Earthquake which is a bidirectional Area of Effect attack.
  • Mastery comes later in 4th Mastery at level 40 as opposed to Explorer Magicians at level 30.
  • No MP Eater or Max MP Increase skills.
  • Magic Guard at level 30 (Adventurer Magicians are able to get this skill starting at level 10).
  • Poor MP recovery.
  • In GlobalMS, you have to buy mastery books from cash shop to max Magic Guard, Critical Magic, and Magic Booster.
  • No HP healing skills.
  • If you received a mount from a prior mastery such as 5th/6th mastery and recently advanced to 7th/8th mastery, you will be unable to use the mount again until completing a certain quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

New Evans begin in a dream. Run to the right and continue through the maps until you reach the dragon.

After conversing with the dragon, you wake up in your bed at home on Utah's Farm. Well wasn't that a weird dream? Walk right to get some yummy cookies an- Oh! What's that? Dirt in the form of a symbol, how usual. Head down and talk to your mother (Anna). Head outside and talk to your big bro Utah. Complete the quest and fetch some exp. (level 2) Accept the next quest and go left. You should see a dog. Complete the quest and level-up. (level 3) Head back to Utah to accept another quest. Open up your item inventory (I button) and eat the sandwich. Afterwards, head into the house and talk to Anna to complete the quest. (level 4) Equip the straw hat and accept the next quest. Go back outside and FOLLOW (!) the arrows. If you don't follow them in the next map, you have to backtrack. After another map teleport, you should be at the NPC Gustav. Complete the quest to level-up. (level 5) Accept another quest and jump down to kill the stumps for 3 branches. Complete the quest and accept the next one. (level 6) Follow the arrows again for two maps, and fall in the pitfall. Head right two maps and click on the giant egg. When you've returned, talk to the pig and return left to Gustav. (level 7) Accept another quest and head back to Anna. (level 8) Return outside and talk to Utah. Head to the right to kill the foxes. Head back to Utah to scare him and fetch some exp. in progress. (level 9) You will also get a wand but you can't equip it until you're lvl10. Accept another quest, head left and talk to Gustav (follow the arrows). Attack haystacks and collect whatever they drop. Feed Mir(your dragon). Head left to kill some pigs. Keep killing pigs until you have 10 porks.

Training Guide[edit | edit source]

  • This Training Guide is for versions without the Big Bang Patch*

*Lv. 1-20 Evan quests, Horny Mushroom(Singing Mushroom Forest:Windflower Forest), other quests

*Lv. 20-30 Curse Eye/Evil Eye(North Forest:Green Tree Trunk), Mini Dungeon, Quests

*Lv. 25-30 Sand Rat, Scorpionguides on moneee people lv25-30 kill a lv 80 monsters , Kerning PQ, Abandoned Subway PQ, The Rememberer's quests in Sleepywood to kill Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom

*Lv. 30-35 Eos Tower, Scorpion, Mushroom Kingdom Quests, Helmet Pepe Spear Pepe, Iron Mutae, Jr.Grupin, Amoria Dungeon, Cloud Fox and Fire Raccoon

*Lv. 35-40 Eos Tower, Cold Eye, Kerning Square, Iron Mutae, CarnivalPQ.

*Lv. 40-50 Iron Mutae, Mithril Mutae, Roid, CPQ, Latest Hits Compliation, Pyramid Clean Up,Extra A, Extra C

*Lv. 50-60 Sleepy Dungeon 4-5, Golem Temple, Drake, Mysterious Path 3, NeoHuroid, CPQ2

*Lv. 60-70 Singapore, Clock Tower, Yeti, Mysterious Path 3, Dead Mine, Showa Street 2, Showa Manshion, Lower Ascent

*Lv. 70-80 Malaysia, Leafre Dungeons, Harp, Blood Harp, Rash, Hobi, Cerebes, Extra D

*Lv. 80-90 Ludi Dungeons, Forgotten Path of Time, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, Black Kentaurus, Bain, Vikerola, Gallopera,

*Lv. 90-100 Memory Monk, Spirit Viking, Aqua Dungeons, Red Wyvern, Blue Wyvern, Dark Wyvern, Vikerola, Gallopera, Crimson Wood Keep

*Lv. 100-110 Qualm Monk,Qualm Monk Trainee, Gallopera, Deep Forest Of Zipangu,The End Of Aqua Dungeon,Mu Lung Dojo, Cornians, Ice Field, Temple Of Time Quests

*Lv. 110+ Gallopera, Qualm Guardian, Chief Qualm Guardian, Skelosaurus, Skelegon, Temple Of Time Quests, Some bosses