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  • Minimum Level: 250 or higher
  • Additional Requirements: Completed Labyrinth of Suffering quests

Verus Hilla is a boss found at the end of the Labyrinth. She deceived you into thinking that all hope is lost and you will be stuck forever in the labyrinth, however, you figured that it is all an illusion.

Entry Requirements[edit]

  • Level 250 or higher
  • Completed Labyrinth of Suffering quests
  • Entry limitations
    • Entry to the labyrinth dungeon is allowed 3 times daily.
    • Entry is allowed once daily, after completing the labyrinth dungeon if you did not take Verus Hilla down.
    • Clear count is allowed up till once per week. Resets on Thursday midnight.
    • Practice mode is allowed 5 times daily (shared across all the bosses). Practice Mode can be accessed without needing to clear the labyrinth dungeon. No rewards (EXP, items, monster collection chance, quests) can be earned even if the boss is killed in practice mode.

Boss Data[edit]

  • Overall time limit: 30 minutes
  • Level: 250 (Character Level 255 for 1.2x/1.1x damage dealt in Non-Reboot/Reboot world respectively)
  • Required Arcane Force: 900
Arcane Force Damage dealt proportion
0~89 10%
90~269 30%
270~449 60%
450~629 70%
630~899 80%
900~989 100%
990~1,169 110%
1,170~1,349 130%
1,350 or higher 150%
  • Story Mode HP: 100,000,000 (100 Million)
    • Takes 100,000 (100 Thousand) fixed damage
  • Hard Mode HP: 176,000,000,000,000 (176 Trillion)
  • DEF: 300% throughout the battle (30% in Story Mode).
  • Resists all elements, including Physical.
  • Death Counts Allowed: 5 per person throughout the whole battle, denoted by skulls. Getting trapped by red bullets will also lower death count but it can be restored (denoted by pink skulls)
  • Damage percentages are based on your HP.



Verus Hilla drops the following items (definite drop unless specified)

  • Glowing Soul Crystal (individual drop, meso values as follows, max 60 per character weekly. Triple value on Reboot servers)
    • 110,450,000 meso for solo
    • 55,225,000 meso for party of 2
    • 36,816,666 meso for party of 3
    • 27,612,500 meso for party of 4
    • 22,090,000 meso for party of 5
    • 18,408,333 meso for party of 6
  • 16 Suspicious Cubes (individual drop)
  • 10 Suspicious Additional Cubes (10 Master Craftsman Cubes for Reboot Worlds)
  • 14 Medal of Honor (gives 100~200 Honor Points when picked)
  • 40 Power Elixirs
  • 3 Essence of Dark Energy (individual drop, untradeable, use 1 and combine with 50 tradable flames of desire for an entrance item to black mage)
  • Crusader Coins
  • Up to 3 Verus Hilla's Soul Shard (individual drop, collect 10 to exchange for a random Verus Hilla Soul)
  • Root of Suffering pendant (low drop chance, tradable until equipped. Level 160, 10 All Stats, 3 ATT and Magic ATT, 5% HP, 200 DEF, 5 upgrades, part of Black Boss Accessory set)
  • Arcane Umbra Gloves, Shoes, Capes, Weapons (low chance, unaffected by drop rate increasing effects including Reboot world passive)