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Item Description Drops from Purchase-able from Sell value (Mesos) Quest reward Summon
MS Item Black Sack.png
Alien Sack
"A sack full of aliens." N/A N/A ?? Quest: Trading with Alien Gray ??
MS Item Black Sack.png
Black Sack
"If you think your level's too low, don't bother opening it." N/A N/A ?? Quest: Deciphering the Scroll of Secrets ??
File:MS Item Mysterious Sack.png
Mysterious Sack
"Cassandra says that it's impossible to know what monsters will be summoned from this sack, but it may summon special, hard-to-find monsters." N/A N/A ?? ?? ??
MS Item Snowman Summon Sack.png
Snowman Summon Sack
"A sack that summons small Snowman made with hands. After 3 minutes, the summoned snowman will melt and disappear." N/A N/A ?? ?? ??
MS Item Black Sack.png
Suspicious Black Sack
"A sack that Cassandra gave you as a gift. On it appears a note that reads "Open with Friends."" N/A N/A ?? ?? ??
MS Item Black Sack.png
Summoning Superslime
"Summons a Superslime" N/A N/A ?? N/A King Slime
MS Item Black Sack.png
Summoning the Boss
"To the old, the pregnant, and the low-leveled : don't even bother..." N/A N/A ?? N/A The Boss
MS Item Black Sack.png
Toy Robot Sack
"A sack full of toy robots." N/A N/A ?? Quest: Assembling a Toy ??
MS Item Black Sack.png
Toy Trojan Sack
"A sack full of toy trojans." N/A N/A ?? Quest: Mac the Mechanic's Maintenance Manual ??