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This area is based on Japanese culture. It was the first original area created, and was long thought to be exclusive to JapanMS. Zipangu consists of three towns, and is renowned as a great place to train at almost every level. All three areas are host to a number of bosses. It is by far the largest World Tour map. The name varies by version:

  • Zipangu (JapanMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS, EuropeMS)
  • Edo Village (ChinaMS, TaiwanMS)
Zipangu's world map

MS Mushroom Shrine Icon.png Mushroom Shrine[edit]

  • Region: World Tour.
  • Roads: Zipangu (JapanMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS).
  • Level Range (JMS): 10-161
Mushroom Shrine's world map
Mushroom Shrine

The first town you arrive at when entering Zipangu is the Mushroom Shrine, a beautiful town filled with Cherry Blossom Trees, and the backdrop of Mount Fuji. The shrine area is full of shops, selling a variety of foods with different effects. There are Takoyakis, Ramens, Octopus Balls, Dangos and many more. Mushroom Shrine is always in Springtime, so the fair climate is great for the growth of monsters, plants, and players alike. Various monsters roam the nearby countryside, from the common and weak mushroom species, to the monsters that only appear in Zipangu, like the Cloud and Night foxes, and the great for training Crows. Off the main town is an area called the Cemetery, which houses a number of undead monsters, like Ghosts and Coolie Zombies. In the last map of the Cemetery are some Bains. Nearby is a hidden street called Hall of Mushroom, where the mutated mushroom god Blue Mushmom spawns. In another map off of Mushroom Shrine, a bamboo and pine forest branches off, leading through throngs of Paper Lantern Ghosts, Water Goblins and Dreamy Ghosts, finally up to the Black Crow boss.

In all versions, Mushroom Shrine is reached via Spinel the Tour Guide as part of the World Tour. In JapanMS and TaiwanMS, Zipangu can also be reached by Perry the Pelican Taxi. In JapanMS, Perry carries travelers in his mouth back and forth from Kerning City. In TaiwanMS, Perry is located in Ximending instead of Kerning City.



  • Level Range (JMS): 10-162
  • Level Range (other): 10-150
Mushroom Shrine's Cemetery.

Near the Mushroom shrine is a dark area called the Cemetery. It has a bright moon shining over Mount Fuji, and as would be expected, all of the monsters here are dark or undead. Zombie Mushrooms and other undead beings walk the area, under Japanese shrines to the dead. Further out, crows, which in many cultures represent the reincarnated souls of humans, fly around, and Dark Stone Golems and Big Cloud Foxes walk the earth. At the very end, a map called the WanWan Spa of Hell, where water is found, is made up exclusively of Bains (Black Snakes in JapanMS). The Cemetery area is one of the few places in MapleStory that has a night sky scene, along with Korean Folk Town's Black Mountain, Formosa's Night Market and Magatia. There is also a map that leads to Momijigaoka, which is part of the Cemetery, but separate from the rest of the Cemetery maps in JapanMS.

Monsters (JMS)[edit]

Monsters (Non-JMS)[edit]

MS Monster Crow.png Crow (160)

MS Monster Night Fox.png Night Fox (160)


Pine Forest Area[edit]

  • Level Range: 40-115.
Mushroom Shrine's Pine Forest.

This area contains a number of monsters, including a boss. It is a foggy area with bamboo and wrecked boats in the background. Unlike the Cemetery, the moon in this map is full and overpowers the majestic image of Mount Fuji. The first map is made up of Paper Lantern Ghost, a great training spot that has, in JapanMS, become the new alternative to Zombies. The next map is made up of Three-tailed foxes, called Samiho, and Water Goblins, green kappa-like monsters. These are also a great training spot for higher levels. Beyond the Water Goblins are Dreamy Ghosts, ghostly female forms that roam on a flat and even map. At the far end is a giant golden Buddha statue, under which the Black Crow boss spawns. It is a powerful and annoying boss, often leading to the death of unsuspecting people training here. This area is commonly called Himes by Maplers. In MSEA, the ghostly female ghost is called Mong.



NPCs that appear in multiple towns
  1. Cassandra (right area of the map).
  2. Gachapon (right area of the map).
  3. Spinel (far left side of the map).
Unique NPCs
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Robo.png
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine

MS Item Ramen.png Ramen - 1,100 meso
MS Item Kinoko Ramen (Roasted Pork).png Kinoko Ramen (Roasted Pork) - 1,600 meso
MS Item Kinoko Ramen (Pig Bone).png Kinoko Ramen (Pig Head) - 850 meso
MS Item Kinoko Ramen (Salt).png Kinoko Ramen (Salt) - 550 meso

MS NPC Janken.png
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine

MS Item Fish Cake (Skewer).png Fish Cake (Skewer) - 550 meso
MS Item Fish Cake (Dish).png Fish Cake (Dish) - 1,300 meso

MS NPC Jin Jia.png
Jin Jia
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine

MS Item Yakisoba.png Yakisoba - 1,800 meso
MS Item Yakisoba (x2).png Yakisoba (x2) - 3,800 meso

MS NPC Bronze.png
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine

MS Item Takoyaki (Octopus Ball).png Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) - 2,000 meso
MS Item Takoyaki (Jumbo).png Takoyaki (Jumbo) - 4,200 meso

MS NPC Taru.png
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine

MS Item Dango.png Dango - 650 meso
MS Item Tri-colored Dango.png Tri-colored Dango - 1,350 meso

MS NPC Thunder the Samurai.png
Thunder the Samurai
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine Not available in GMS.

Raimushi (雷霧侍?)


MS Item Bamboo Spear.png Bamboo Spear - 60,000 meso
MS Item Blue Arrow for Crossbow.png Blue Arrow for Crossbow - 40 meso

MS NPC Kino Konoko.png
Kino Konoko
Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine Mushroom Shrine Tales NPC]]

MS Showa Town Icon.png Showa Town[edit]

Showa Town World Map
Showa Town
  • Region: World Tour.
  • Roads: Zipangu (JapanMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS, EuropeMS, BrazilMS) / Showa Village (ChinaMS, TaiwanMS).
  • Level Range: 45-95.

When most people think of Zipangu, they are usually remembering parts of Showa. After walking to the right of Mushroom Shrine, the maps begin to change into a street or alleyway. The enemies look like players, and roam the streets wielding guns, swords, baseball bats and bricks. In one of these streets, the Male Boss of the Yakuza, the Japanese gangster group that operates like the Mafia, spawns. These Yakuza members and random bosses pose a hazard to lower level players venturing to Showa. Once in Showa's Main town, there is a sauna, with secret maps filled with monsters. There's a number of quests and even a Free Market Entrance. The NPC shopkeepers here sell different items that act like return scrolls, instantly taking you back to areas of Zipangu. Also, there are hair and skin salons, and NPCs selling rare Gachapon only items for very high prices, some of the only items from an NPC for over 1 million mesos.

  • Red Slime
  • Extra A (JMS, MSEA, ThaiMS, TMS, CMS, GMS, EMS)
  • Extra B (JMS, MSEA, ThaiMS, TMS, CMS, GMS, EMS)
  • Extra C (JMS, MSEA, ThaiMS, TMS, CMS, GMS, EMS)
  • Leader A (JMS, MSEA, ThaiMS, TMS, CMS, GMS, EMS)
  • Leader B (JMS, MSEA, ThaiMS, TMS, CMS, GMS, EMS)
  • Male Boss - Boss (JMS, MSEA, ThaiMS, TMS, CMS, GMS, EMS)


NPCs that appear in multiple towns
Unique NPCs
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Boss Kitty.png
Boss Kitty
Showa Town
  • Quest: Sakura, the Kitty and the Orange Marble
MS NPC Fraidy Cat.png
Fraidy Cat
Showa Town
  • Quest: Sakura, the Kitty and the Orange Marble
MS NPC Grako.png
Showa Town
  • Quest: Find Mariwaka's Purse!
  • Quest: Grako and Candles
  • Quest: Grako's Key Chain Collecting
  • Event Quest: Grako's Hinamatsuri
MS NPC Hikari.png
Showa Town
MS NPC Hikekuro.png
Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgery
  • VIP Plastic Surgery
  • VIP Cosmetic Lenses
MS NPC Konpei.png
Showa Town
Near the Hideout
The Nightmarish Last Days
  • Transports you between Showa Town and Near the Hideout maps.
  • Transports you between Armory and The Nightmarish Last Days maps.
MS NPC Midori.png
Assistant Hair Stylist
Hair Salon
  • REG Change Hairstyle
  • REG Dye Hair
MS NPC Momoyo.png
Locker Room (F)
Locker Room (M)
  • Item Seller

MS Item Bathrobe for Men (M).png Bathrobe for Men (M) - 30,000 meso
MS Item Bathrobe for Women (F).png Bathrobe for Women (F) - 30,000 meso
MS Item Coffee Milk.png Coffee Milk - 400 meso
MS Item Strawberry Milk.png Strawberry Milk - 500 meso
MS Item Fruit Milk.png Fruit Milk - 500 meso

MS NPC Poni Chai.png
Poni Chai
Showa Town
  • Quest: War of Pang Pang
  • Quest: The Maestro of Showa
  • Quest: Project 「ZO・U・RI」
  • Quest: Poni Chai's Good Friend
  • Quest: Changed Poni Chai
  • Quest: Team Poni Chai
MS NPC Popo.png
Showa Town
  • Quest: Find Mariwaka's Purse!
  • Quest: Special Investigation Group Against Flaming Raccoons' Monetary Circulation
  • Event Quest: Grako's Hinamatsuri
MS NPC Sakura.png
Showa Town
MS NPC Saeko.png
Plastic Surgery
  • REG Plastic Surgery
  • REG Cosmetic Lenses
MS NPC Tepei.png
Hair Stylist
Hair Salon
  • VIP Change Hairstyle
  • VIP Dye Hair
MS NPC Yai Bua.png
Yai Bua
MS NPC Yuse.png
Showa Town
  • Storage
Street Market
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Doran.png
Showa Street Market
  • Item seller
MS NPC Faito.png
Showa Street Market
  • Item Trader
MS NPC Furano.png
Showa Street Market
  • Quest: Movie Star
MS NPC Hanako.png
  • Quest: Three part Foxtail chain quest (for total of 700 foxtails)
MS NPC Mariwaka.png
Showa Street Market
  • Quest: Actor Training
MS NPC Shinta.png
Showa Street Market
  • Weapon Seller:

MS Item Mystic Cane.png Mystic Cane - 2,000,000 meso
MS Item Bushido.png Bushido - 2,000,000 meso
MS Item Bamboo Sword.png Bamboo Sword - 80,000 meso
MS Item Pico-Pico Hammer.png Pico-Pico Hammer - 1,250,000 meso
MS Item Silver Crow.png Silver Crow - 500,000 meso
MS Item Aluminium Baseball Bat.png Aluminium Baseball Bat - 150,000 meso
MS Item Fish Spear.png Fish Spear - 150,000 meso
MS Item Wooden Baseball Bat.png Wooden Baseball Bat - 30,000 meso
MS Item Red Brick.png Red Brick - 15,000 meso
MS Item Green Paint Brush.png Green Paint Brush - 100,000 meso
MS Item Steel Guards.png Steel Guards - 250,000 meso

MS NPC Skai.png
MS NPC Tsuri.png
Showa Street Market
  • Quest: Read The Newspaper!
  • Quest: Tsuri And Gourmet Dish
  • Quest: Tsuri's Special Seafood
MS NPC Ueriba.png
MS NPC Umi.png
MS NPC YokoYoko.png

Showa Hideout (Yakuza Mansion)[edit]

  • Level Range: 45-136 (160-170 in JMS)
Showa Hideout

Inside Showa, an NPC will lead you to the Showa Hideout, where large numbers of the human monsters appear. These are far stronger than the members roaming outdoors. The maps range from Parking Lots to Break Rooms. Towards the end, a Female Boss, commonly called Anego, is found, and beyond her is the room where both Bodyguards and the Grandpa Boss are found, the most difficult single form boss in the game. Showa Hideout is currently not available in ChinaMS.


MS Neo TokyoK Icon.png Kamuna[edit]

Forest of Oblivion
  • Region: World Tour.
  • Roads: Zipangu (JapanMS).

This a relatively small forest area located between Mushroom Shrine and Outside Ninja Castle. It is accessible by entering a huge red gate portal located near the Mushroom Shrine Gachapon. This place has no monsters but it serves as a pit stop before accessing Neo Tokyo by talking to the NPC Asia who is located in a map accessible by entering a massive tree.


NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Asia.png
Zipangu: Kamuna
Zipangu: Kamuna 3
Zipangu: Kamuna 4
Āshia (アーシア?)
  • Quest: Meeting with Asia
  • Quest: Activation of Coreblaze
  • Quest: Coreblaze Runaway
  • Quest: Feelings of Zipangu
  • Quest: Shadow of Dunas
  • Quest: Blazebreak
  • Quest: Broken Pieces of Hope
  • Quest: Cradle into the Future
  • Quest: City of Conflict
  • Quest: Ego of Machine
  • Quest: Missing you
MS NPC Crystal.png
Zipangu: Kamuna Transports you to:
  • Odaiba Year 2100
  • Public Park Year 2095
  • Akihabara Year 2102
  • Tokyo Skies Year 2102
  • Shibuya Year 2012
  • Ninja Castle: Halcyon Times of Peace (Ninja Castle in MapleSEA)

MS Mushroom Shrine Icon.png Ninja Castle[edit]

Outside Ninja Castle - Town area
Ninja Castle World Map
  • Region: World Tour
  • Roads: Zipangu (JapanMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS, EMS) / Edo Village (TaiwanMS)

Ninja Castle can be accessed from Kamuna via the Warp Crystal (JapanMS, TaiwanMS, MapleSEA, EMS), or from Mushroom Shrine via the Feudal Lord's litter (GlobalMS). There are NPCs who give quests and sell the same items that are available in Showa Town. There is another map before entrance into the castle where a number of NPCs are also gathered, though unlike a traditional town map there are also monsters here.

Ninja Castle Interior[edit]

  • Level Range: 25-180 (170-180 in JMS/GMS)
Inside Ninja Castle.

Ninja Castle is one of the strongest areas in Zipangu. On the outside of the castle there are many lower level minions. Once the player enters the castle, the monsters instantly become stronger, and by the time a player reaches the center, the monsters reach level 100 plus. The maps are difficult to navigate, as there are no blue portals to signify doorways, and there are trap doors that can send a player backwards all over the place. Subi throwing stars and arrows can be seen sticking out of the walls,and even walked on. At the heart is the 2nd highest level boss in the game, the Feudal Lord.


MS Monster Kacchuu Musha.png Kacchuu Musha (178)

MS Monster False Daimyo.png False Daimyo - Boss (180)

MS Monster Emperor Toad.png Emperor Toad - Boss (180)


MS momijigaoka icon.png Momijigaoka (もミジヶ丘)[edit]

  • Region: World Tour.
  • Roads: Zipangu (JapanMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS,) / Edo Village (TaiwanMS).
  • Level Range: .

MS honnouji icon.png Honnou-Ji[edit]

  • Region: World Tour.
  • Roads: Zipangu (JapanMS, MapleSEA, GlobalMS,) / Edo Village (TaiwanMS).
  • Level Range: .