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  • Level Requirement: 140 and above and has completed the entrance quest (or Level 100-140 characters who completed the quest before the tower revamp)
  • Recommended Level: 180 and above (estimated)

The Oz Tower (ToZ), or the Seed Tower, is a 50 floor challenge that mainly tests on certain aspects, such as damage, control and game knowledge.

Witch Shop[edit]

The Witch sells a variety of items that costs Seed Points. Some otems require you to attain a certain competency level in clearing the tower.

  • Shovel Dancing (210,000 Seed Points, clear Floor 25)
  • Comic Chair (150,000 Seed Points, clear Floor 20)
  • Alicia Damage Skin (300,000 Seed Points, clear Floor 30)
  • Basic Default Damage Skin (5,000 Seed Points, clear Floor 5)
  • Broken Box Piece (20,000 Seed Points).
    • Exchange 10 Broken Box Piece for a Ring Box that can give an Oz Ring (excluding Ultimatum Ring)
    • Also obtained from Oz Tower Bosses and Ring Boxes.
  • The Seed Question Ring Box (1,000 Seed Points)
    • Provides a ring with random potential (up till Legendary, for 3-7 days)
  • Hazy Stones/Stupid Pills
  • Reindeer Milk (100 Seed Points)
  • Sunset Dew (160 Seed Points)
  • All Cure Potion (160 Seed Points)
  • 100 Spell Traces (1,500 Seed Points)
  • Seed Tower Practice Ticket (10 Seed Point, clear Floor 1)

Seed Tower Practice Ticket[edit]

Using this ticket will send you to the actual floor, which means you can use it to prepare floors so that minimal effort is needed during the actual run, saving time (assuming nobody else is in the same channel). However there is an added cost based on the floor. Certain floors cannot be entered (Floors 5, 10, 15, 20, 25~26, 29~30, 34~35, 40~50)

Seed Point cost in entering:

You cannot get rewards for clearing the practice floor and you will be sent out if you entered the portal to the next floor. You can wear hazy stones to increase time limit for practice floors like the actual run.

Stupid Pills[edit]

The Witch sells Hazy Stones/Stupid Pills to extend your time by a certain amount and consumes 1 pill slot. Base time limit is 10 minutes and can be extended using these stones. Costs Seed Points. Engraved Pills are untradeable but non-engraved pills are tradable.

Hazy Stone Time Extended Price
Engraved Cracked +2 minutes 30 Seed Points
Engraved Basic +5 minutes 90 Seed Points
Engraved Intermediate +8 minutes 150 Seed Points
Engraved Advanced +13 minutes 300 Seed Points
Engraved Premium +16 minutes 600 Seed Points
Cracked +1 minute 60 Seed Points
Basic +3 minutes 180 Seed Points
Intermediate +5 minutes 300 Seed Points
Advanced +7 minutes 600 Seed Points
Premium +9 minutes 1,200 Seed Points

Pill Slots[edit]

You start from 1 pill slot and can be expanded up till 5. Both costs Seed Points and expanding pill slots requires a certain competency level in the tower. Talk to Alicia's Soul to buy pill slots. Prices are not cumulative.

Pill Slots Price Competency (Minimum Highest floor cleared)
1 N/A N/A
2 8,000 Seed Points 10
3 28,000 Seed Points 20
4 55,000 Seed Points 30
5 80,000 Seed Points 40

Weekly Rankings[edit]

Ranks are sorted out weekly for bonus Emblem equipment rewards for the Top 30. It is sorted based on depth, then speed, just like dojo. Based on the ranking, the respective Emblems are obtained.

Rank Emblem Name Stats (combined)
1st (1st place can choose between this emblem or "The Seed Master" emblem) The Seed Legend Emblem
  • All Stats +20
  • Weapon and Magic ATT +5
  • +58% DEF Ignore
  • +12% Weapon ATT or Magic ATT (based on your job)
2nd to 10th (1st place can choose between this emblem or "The Seed Legend" emblem) The Seed Master Emblem
  • All Stats +15
  • Weapon and Magic ATT +5
  • +40% DEF Ignore
  • +70% Damage towards boss monsters
11th to 30th The Seed Expert Emblem
  • All Stats +15
  • Weapon and Magic ATT +3
  • +30% DEF Ignore
  • +30% Damage towards boss monsters
  • +9% Damage

Emblems expires upon next ranking reset, if you are within the same ranking range you get another emblem of the same stats as the previous week. Emblems also give a certain amount of traits EXP upon wearing it for the 1st time.

Floor List[edit]

Completing floors will provide Seed Points and EXP. You can clear up till 200 floors daily, if you exceed the floor limit halfway through, you are still allowed to complete that particular run. Similarly for reset, if you are halfway through when the limit resets, the current run will still count towards previous day's limit, so the new day's limit is unaffected.


  • Certain floors will require note-taking for the purpose of Floor 43.
  • Finley the monkey can appear at most floors unless otherwise stated, if you stay in the floor for 5 minutes (warning message when 4 minutes have passed). Excludes floors with internal time limit.

Floor 1[edit]

Kill either 100 monsters OR deal 50 million total damage.

  • Damage dealt (up to 2,147,483,647)
  • Kill count
  • 4 Seed Points
  • 33,474 EXP

Floor 2[edit]

Using cards picked up from the monster drops, trick all 4 altars using the same coloured cards as the altars. There are 4 different altars: Green (bottom left), Red (top left), Yellow (top right), Blue (bottom right). Altars only get tricked by cards of the same colour and a greater number than its own (Number ranges from 1 to 7). Purple Star Card is a wild card. The numbers on the altar slowly decreases until it is back to 1. Purple cards will reset the altar to 1 after some time.

  • First Card
  • Last Card
  • Card loot count
  • Card used to trick Red Altar
  • Card used to trick Blue Altar
  • Card used to trick Green Altar
  • Card used to trick Yellow Altar
  • 12 Seed Points
  • 83,687 EXP

Floor 3[edit]

Collect 1000 eggs combined from the dragons. Alternatively you can bet 1 set of Orange and Blue eggs to any NPC when the bet is open for a chance to receive double the bet if the NPC wins. Bet is refunded if you lose.

  • Number of times you bet on Fleta
  • Number of times you bet on Ripley
  • Number of times you bet on Secreta
  • 14 Seed Points
  • 83,687 EXP

Floor 4[edit]

Collect 300 Balance Points. You gain 5 Balance points for every monster in the correct side killed but -3 Balance points if otherwise. Cross over to the other side through the small platforms, you restart the jump if you fall through the gap. Using long ranged skills to reach the other side will result in loss of Balance Points, even though you technically killed monsters in the other side and Alicia tells you to go to the other side.

  • Balance Points decrease count
  • 16 Seed Points
  • 127,118 EXP

Floor 5[edit]

Take a break. Every 10 floors thereafter you can take the same break. You can relog without restarting the progress of the tower and time remaining will be stopped.

Floor 6[edit]

Kill 300 slimes (King Slimes spawn every 30 seconds, for 10 seconds, provide 30 kill count if killed). Teleporters are around the map to help in travelling.

  • King Slimes kill count
  • 24 Seed Points
  • 143,248 EXP

Floor 7[edit]

Protect Ripley from a set number of waves of Lupins. You fail if he dies. Internal time limit: 5 minutes. For every 20 monsters killed, the wave changes diection.

Sequence (ideal situation):

  1. Right (4)
  2. Left (3)
  3. Right (3)
  4. Left (3)
  5. Right (3)
  6. Both sides (2)
  • 29/36/43/50/58 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 143,248 EXP

Floor 8[edit]

Kill 100 monsters. Lava may be spewed out to do 1/1 attack (reduces HP and MP to 1 at 100% rate) but markings are visible for 2 seconds before it is spewed out.

  • Kill count
  • 35 Seed Points
  • 192,090 EXP

Floor 9[edit]

Guess your way through 8 rows of platforms, from 1 to 4 (1 being left, 4 being right). Internal time limit: 10 minutes.

  • Correct platform for 3rd row
  • Correct platform for 6th row
  • Correct platform for 8th row
  • Mistakes count
  • 46/57/69/80/92 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively.
  • 192,090 EXP

Floor 10[edit]

Kill the Spider Boss. It is Level 129 with 400 million HP and 50% DEF with no resistance. You can die up till 2 times, the 3rd death will boot you out.

Skills used:

  • Weak Damage Reflect for about 3000 damage
  • Hides and teleports to you
  • Spews out seeds to deal 30% damage
  • Spews out purple web to deal 30% damage and petrifys you
  • Summon "food" that hatches for the Spider Boss to eat to heal HP.
  • 75/93/112/131/150 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively.
  • 412,928 EXP

Floor 11[edit]

Kill 300 Golems. It is recommended to kill them slowly as you may be asked to count the number of black Golems killed only in a later floor.

  • Black Golem Kill count
  • 58 Seed Points
  • 412,928 EXP

Floor 12[edit]

A jump quest with 3 main sections split up into 5 boxes.


  1. Jump up the steps while avoiding spikes. Then, out of 2 possible paths, choose 1 (either of them is a trap that restarts you without resetting the answer) If you choose the top path, you must not drop down sonce that is the trap spot for the bottom choice. Afterwards jump up towards the right by following the steps.
  2. Jump up the steps towards the left, avoiding spikes that can sprout upwards. At the final platform, press Jump, Right Arrow Key to propell yourself over the wall. Choose 1 path out of 3 (2 of them are traps that restarts you in this section only without changing the answer). Then jump up the steps.
  3. Now, the path looks very smooth and you might wonder what is the use of the box below the straight path. The path actually contains cracks that you may fall through. It is very easy to avoid however, just image the straight paths to be the platforms in the box below which has gaps and jump through it as if you are jumping through an evenly-broken bridge. (For GMS, you may use simple mini map). Enter the portal to finish.
  • 73 Seed Points
  • 571,006 EXP

Floor 13[edit]

If you are in tutorial mode ensure that the left side does not contain falling bombs before continuing to prevent death. Internal time limit: 10 minutes.

This stage is a defense game, you kill monsters to prevent them from touching the stone at the left, at the same time avoiding bombs that fall. Green bombs deal 70% damage while blue bombs deal 100% damage. Monsters travel from right to left. There are 5 waves: 15 Blue Flower Cows, 15 White Bears, 15 Green Bears, 15 Green Flower Cows, 25 total monsters of a random composition. Kill at least 80 monsters to clear this stage. It is advised to finish the last wave slowly so that you can do note taking.

  • Green Flower Cow kill count
  • White Bear kill count
  • 77/96/115/134/154 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively.
  • 571,006 EXP

Floor 14[edit]

Internal time limit: 3 minutes

It is shooting time! Using as little bullets as possible, kill 15 Flying Bats within 3 minutes. You can miss up till 3 times before time penalty kicks in. Any additional misses afterwards will reduce internal time limit by 15 seconds and overall time limit by 30 seconds.

  • 96 Seed Points
  • 571,006 EXP

Floor 15[edit]

Take a break!

Floor 16[edit]

Kill 200 monsters.

  • 112 Seed Points
  • 640,872 EXP

Floor 17[edit]

It is a jump quest with limited vision. If you fall you have to walk all the way back to the starting area personally.


  1. Firstly jump up the steps and follow closely until you reach a point where there is no platform in the forward direction
  2. Then walk down calmly. Continue jumping until you see a small spike at the right edge of a platform (there will be 2 platforms adjacent to it at the left). Use it to propell yourself towards the rope.
  3. Climb up the rope to the highest point and jump towards the right, pressing the up and right arrow key. Do it for 2 times. For the 3rd time you do not need to press the up key (but you still need to press the right arrow key). You will land on a longer platform.
  4. Jump and touch the spike on the right edge of this longer platform to propell yourself to the next longer platform.
  5. At the next longer platform, there is a spike in the middle, avoid it by jumping over it. Then follow the steps to your finishing portal.
  • 137 Seed Points
  • 839,876 EXP

Floor 18[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

Collect 10 coconuts. You can obtain coconuts from 2 ways:

  1. Hitting wooden boxes 3 times for a chance for 1 to 2 coconuts
  2. Hitting coconut trees (a coconut reactor is visible) for 4 times to get 1 coconut.

If the wooden box does not contain coconut it will spawn 10 Lorangs or Clangs. You need to kill all of them by the time you finished collecting the 10 coconuts.

  • 139/173/208/243/278 Seed Points for Tower Boost Ring Level 0/1/2/3/4 respectively
  • 839,876 EXP

Floor 19[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

Escort Fleta to the end. There are 8 possible routes. It will definitely involve walking up the clouds and the broken cloud bridge though.

You must stay with her and protect her from the monsters. If she dies or you went too far away from her for an extended amount of time, you fail.

  • 169/211/253/295/338 Seed Points for Tower Boost Ring Level 0/1/2/3/4 respectively
  • 903,628 EXP

Floor 20[edit]

Tinman boss. Kill him to clear this floor. He is Level 150 with 1 Billion HP and 50% DEF with no resistance.

  • Jumps ahead and slams you with his axe
  • Raises his axe and slams it down
  • Super knockback
  • Oils himself through Dorothy (use a push/pull/Hookshot skill to stop this process and momentarily stuns him for about 5 seconds), after oiling is successful his axe skills will be buffed to deal 100% damage.
  • 255/318/382/446/510 Seed Points for Tower Boost Ring Level 0/1/2/3/4 respectively
  • 1,355,442 EXP

Floor 21[edit]

Kill Eliza. Eliza spawns after 300 monsters in the map are killed. Note that this progress is saved in the map rather than in the character, so previous kills will also be counted towards the spawn progress. Eliza will disappear after some time if she is not killed.

  • Monsters killed (exclude Eliza)
  • 186 Seed Points
  • 1,656,447 EXP

Floor 22[edit]

Cloud theme jump quest. There are 2 parts.

  1. Jump through the clouds that covers the platforms. Note that there are gap holes, so jump over them.
  2. Clouds will appear and disappear. Step on the appeared clouds and move towards the top, then to the right. The right edge of most clouds are solidified platforms that you can stand on even if the cloud has disappeared.

If you fall down and land on the cloud ground, you will teleport to the start, 1 minute penalty will be applied.

  • Number of times fall down (only count if you received the 1 minute penalty and got teleported back to the start)
  • 223 Seed Points
  • 1,656,447 EXP

Floor 23[edit]

Invisible maze. Jump on the invisible platforms to clear. Press the "Up" button on the portals to reveal the platforms one by one, you cannot move while it is revealed to you (if you requested it). You can reveal up till 3 times per checkpoint, and the portals in the checkpoint will show you the platforms up till the next checkpoint. Also if you reached a certain checkpoint and used the portal in it, it saves that as your progres, so if you fall down and you use the Alicia Soul Connector to teleport back up, you will be teleported to the latest checkpoint accessed. Note that she can only show the platforms to one person at a time, so you may be requested to wait awhile while she helps the other person.


Down refers to going a lower level platform, same means jumping to the next platform of the same level, up means going a level higher, double down means going to a platform that is 2 levels below.

  1. Down, Same, Up, Up, Up, Up, Same, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down
  2. Same, Up, Double Down, Up, Up, Up, Down
  3. Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up, Up, (drop to the platform with the door to the next floor)
  • Number of times you fall down (only count if you used the Soul Connector to teleport back up, do not rely on Alicia too much as she can lose count)
  • Did Alicia ask you to wait?
  • 243 Seed Points
  • 1,656,447 EXP

Floor 24[edit]

Music quiz. Based on the background music played, write down the name of the Town that plays that music. There are 4 questions.

If you get it wrong, 5 minute penalty is applied. Note that spelling errors and capitalisation errors are also counted as wrong.

  • Answer for 1st question
  • Answer for 2nd question
  • Answer for 3rd question
  • 264 Seed Points
  • 1,830,930 EXP

Floor 25[edit]

Take a break!

Floor 26[edit]

Jump up the platforms and kill Ancient Orange Slimes for Orange Slime Goo. Each slime drops 1 goo at 100% rate. Collect 10 and drop it in front of the altar drectly below the platform with the natural spawn (2 every 8 second) in stacks of 10 to spawn 20 slimes at either left or right areas. Spawn fails if there is 30 or more slimes existing already, you will lose your goo!

Kill 300 slimes to move on. Recommended to have upward mobility (such as Grappling Hook from 5th job)

  • Number of ttimes successfully spawned additional slimes
  • Number of goo collected (10×spawn attempts + goo left when leaving)
  • 280 Seed Points
  • 2,395,173 EXP

Floor 27[edit]

This is a RNG jump quest. At the beginning there will be 4 paths, choose 1 and if it is the "correct" one, you can continue. If it is not, you will teleport back to the start and a throwing star will be spawned at a spot (30% damage if you touch it)

Then, proceed through the lower path towards the rope section (don't use the upper path, you will teleport back to the start). At the ropes, similarly, choose 1 out of 4 (only the higher ropes are counted). If it is not the correct one, you will teleport back to the beginning of the ropes section.

Then, proceed through the middle path towards the left. Then jump upwards towards diagonally right. There will be a section with 2 different platforms, this one does not matter. However there is a column with 4 different platforms after it, similarly, choose 1 and if it is correct, you can move on. Otherwise, you just have to restart this part.

Then, jump towards the right using the higher platforms, you will fall and land on the ropes section if you use the lower path. When you reached the longer platform with the sign, down jump into a hidden duplicate platform and press up to enter the hidden portal to teleport to the portal for the next floor. Do not jump towards the right as you have to restart the entire jump quest.

  • 331 Seed Points
  • 2,395,173 EXP

Floor 28[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

This map has no monsters as they are all hiding in the tree. Use normal attack to shake the tree for monsters to spawn for about 10 seconds, after which they will disappear. There are 2 monsters: Meercat and Snake. Kill 20 of each to move on. Each spawn will spawn 7 monsters of either type.

  • Number of times spawned at top left
  • Number of times spawned at top right
  • Number of times spawned at bottom left
  • Number of times spawned at bottom right
  • Number of times spawned at very bottom left
  • Number of times spawned at very bottom right
  • 323/403/484/565/646 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 2,622,873 EXP

Floor 29[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

The sand is blocking the path to the next floor. To open the path, you need to collect crystals and use it to blow the sand away. To obtain crystals you need to collect 10 crystal powders from the Sand Dwarfs. Crystals will be made automatically at the top left. Collect it and drop it at the hole at the top right in stacks of 1 to 7 (answer is a random number between it). Once the crystal is successfullt absorbed, the sand is blown away and you can proceed.

  • Number of crystals needed
  • 380/475/570/665/760 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 2,622,873 EXP

Floor 30[edit]

Cowardly Lion boss. Click on the Fear Amplifier NPC at the top left to spawn it. It is Level 170 with 6.3 Billion HP and 80% DEF with no resistance. Overtime, he will drink a potion and it will fill up his potion meter. However you can talk to the same NPC again to reduce the meter by 10. Maximum meter is 20. His damage dealt to you scales with the potion meter strength. Death counts: 5

Potion Meter Strength Damage
0 ~10%
1 ~30%
2 38%
3 44%
4 49%
5 54%
6 58%
7 62%
8 66%
9 70%
10 73%
11 76%
12 79%
13 82%
14 85%
15 87%
16 89%
17 91%
18 93%
19 95%
20 100%


  • Claws ahead of him
  • Roars loudly, causing superknockback
  • Hides and teleports to either the left or right
  • Runs away from you (if the above skills are not used)
  • 555/693/832/971/1,110 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 4,667,404 EXP

Floor 31[edit]

Kill 200 slime monsters of any colour. However there are also fairies spawning, try not to kill them. If you kill fairies, they will respawn as many invincible ones and casts invincibility buff to nearby slimes. The fairies will doe after 30 seconds.

  • Number of times the fairy respawned as invincible ones (number of times you killed fairies, regardless of the number of invincible fairies that spawn as a result)
  • 394 Seed Points
  • 4,667,404 EXP

Floor 32[edit]

Internal Time Limit: 10 minutes

Kill all the slimes at the above platforms that you cannot stand. Instead you can propel upwards using invisible bouncers at the corners of the lower platforms. You can only attack once per upward bounce.

Make sure to leave 2 Etc slots before entering the next floor.

  • 419/523/628/733/838 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 5,909,948 EXP

Floor 33[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

You are stuck in a maze with directions that you can change using the keys. The final goal is to move 4 times right and 4 times down. The direction is randomly configured at the start and you are given 2 clockwise key and 2 anticlockwise keys. Drop them 1 by 1 in front of the portal to change the specified direction. Use the Alicia Soul Connector and pay 33 Seed Points to restart the level.

Hint: Drop the keys 2 by 2 at the corner of the starting box and restart, drop again and restart again, then loot all the keys, you should have 6 clockwise and 6 anticlockwise keys.

Alternatively you can buy keys using more Seed Points from NPC Secreta at the left side if you restarted a few times. (After buying a bundle, NPC Secreta will disappear)

Restart count Key bundle available (previous bundles are also available) Cost
0 None 0
1 1 clockwise + 1 anticlockwise 100 Seed Points
2 2 clockwise + 2 anticlockwise 300 Seed Points
3~4 3 clockwise + 3 anticlockwise 500 Seed Points

You can only restart 4 times maximum, if you still get stuck you have to leave the tower!

  • Number of clockwise keys left
  • Number of anticlockwise keys left
  • Number of sets of keys you bought from Secreta (1 set = 1 clockwise + 1 anticlockwise, only count it for the round where you actually cleared the floor)
  • 489/611/733/855/978 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 5,909,948 EXP

Floor 34[edit]

Collect 10 purple leathers from the monsters above. To reach the higher platforms you need to collect 10 yellow leathers from monsters below and use the teleporters at both sides to go upwards. The monsters can superknockback, so you can end up falling down from above.

  • Number of times teleported
  • 472 Seed Points
  • 5,909,948 EXP

Floor 35[edit]

Take a break!

  • Time left in seconds

Floor 36[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

Simon says... Talk to NPC Secreta to start the game. It starts from 3 monsters and each round, it increases by 1, up till 8 (the combination remains the same for previous monsters). Talk to Secreta after every round cleared. Once you cleared the 8 monster combination, you can move on. Attack the monsters to indicate the combination. If you attack the wrong monster you have to restart (combination will be reset also) by talking to Secreta.

  • 8 monster Combination (write in numbers as follows: 1 = Orange Mushroom, 2 = Snail, 3 = Ribbon Pig, 4 = Slime)
  • 580 Seed Points
  • 7,038,672 EXP

Floor 37[edit]

Kill 100 of each type of monsters (so total 400). Kiyos will spawn at top right, Scorpions will spawn at top left, Meercats will spawn at the bottom and Sand Rats will spawn everywhere. Best is to target the Scorpions and Kiyos first since their spawn rate is the lowest.

  • 557 Seed Points
  • 7,983,508 EXP

Floor 38[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

Talk to the Explorer to begin exterminating Dark energy. There is 1000 points worth of Dark Energy to exterminate, each monster killed is 10 Dark Energy. However the Dark Energy only exist for a specific type of monsters and it can change every 10 seconds. Killing the wrong type will not eradicate the Dark Energy away. Remove 1000 Dark Energy points to proceed.

  • Number of times the Dark Energy changed monsters
  • 587 Seed Points
  • 7,983,508 EXP

Floor 39[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

Quiz time for the geeks! Answer 10 questions correctly in a row to proceed. You are allowed up till 1 mistake in the streak, if you get 2 wrongs the streak restarts.

Question list (credits to original writers):

  • 679 Seed Points
  • 10,080,948 EXP

Floor 40[edit]

Scarecrow boss is blocking your way to the next floor. However you cannot destroy it using your attacks but it can be burned slowly to ashes by the fire in the middle of the map (you will not get burned, don't worry)

Similar to the Cowardly Lion, it has a potion meter that increases based on how long it is burnt. Each time the scarecrow enters or remains in the flame area, the meter increases by 1 (cooldown 10 seconds)

Based on the meter, the damage dealt by his skills also adjusts (but the damage he receives from the burn also increases). In addition there is a 0.01% damage per second overtime damage. It has 1.5 Billion HP and you attacks will hit for 10 damage. Death counts: 10

Potion Meter Damage dealt by him Damage received from burn every second
0~1 100% 0
2 22% 1,500,000
3 23% 1,800,000
4 24% 2,000,000
5 25% 2,500,000
6 30% 3,000,000
7 35% 3,200,000
8 40% 3,500,000
9 45% 3,800,000
10 50% 4,000,000
11 55% 4,200,000
12 60% 4,500,000
13 65% 5,000,000
14 70% 7,000,000
15 75% 8,000,000
16 80% 9,000,000
17 85% 10,000,000
18 90% 11,000,000
19 95% 12,000,000
20 100% 20,000,000
  • Magnet attract you towards him
  • Summons 2 doppelganger and teleport to a random spot within the 3 possible spot (doppelgangers cannot be damaged)
  • Attacks ahead of him
  • Lightning strikes at various areas in the map
  • Touch damage hitting 20% every second of nearby contact.

Note: If you are dead, meter cannot increase and he will not receive damage over tome until you revive.

  • 975 Seed Points
  • 12,601,185 EXP

Floor 41[edit]

This is a jump quest with 160% speed and 123% jump. Basically, you start from the middle left, jump towards the right without falling down, jump through the small platforms while avoiding flamethrowers. Then, observe the platforms diagonally below you and jump towards them. Use the bumper to jump to the top platforms while avoiding the hammer below that platform. Then jump towards the left. There is a monkey at 1 of the platforms but just dodge accordingly when he throws the banana skin.

Try to open the resolution to 1024*768 to see the platforms better. There is a safety platform for the flamethrower section so if you pand on it, you can restart from there. However if you are too far away, you have to jump back up to the beginning (the starting point is elevated on top of the small platforms with many monkeys)
  • 750 Seed Points
  • 13,096,065 EXP

Floor 42[edit]

Probably the first floor that you will actually see a real chance of failing. Kill 30 Beetles, 30 Dual Beetles, 30 Harps and 30 Blood Harps. Beetles are found at the bottom, Dual Beetles on top, Harps and Blood Harps on the small platforms as well as the final platforms at the top right. Based on spawn logic, it is advised to kill the harps and blood harps first before dealing with the beetles. (There are many beetles anyway, don't worry too much about them)

Navigation Tips
  • Connecting the beetles to Dual Beetles are 2 disappearing platforms, and the one connecting the Dual Beetles to the Harps (1 way only) are also 2 disappearing platforms.
  • At the harps area, platforms with grass pointing the left is fake, grass pointing the right is real. If you tried jumping on a fake platform you simply won't land on it because it is only a graphical effect.
  • Green meteors will fall form the sky, hitting 40% damage. Beware, you may die due to this and it is 1 of the reason why many people failed.
  • The monkey will only appear 7 minutes later, so relax. Mobbing skills which allows you to attack other areas without being physically there works good here too.
  • At the final platform, there are invisible platforms and an invisible jumper. The invisible platforms are denoted by the green trunk's length, followed by a gap in between that platform and the next platform. The next platform spans until just another gap just before the platform with the portal. There is also an invisible jumper at the beginning of this longer invisible platform that will send you flying to the start, so be careful! (You will probably end up dying since you will take damage from green meteors during the flight)
  • If you fall down at the cloud area on bottom right, you will be teleported to the start.
  • 715 Seed Points
  • 13,096,065 EXP

Floor 43[edit]

This floor is basically a recount of your previous activities. Look at the Notes section for Floors 1 to 38 and Fleta will ask you 7 questions within that list. If you get it wrong, you have to kill monsters (10 for 1st wrong, 20 for 2nd wrong, 30 for 3rd wrong). If you get the 4th wrong, you basically fail but you will still remain in the tower (but you cannot do anything anyway so just use the Soul Connector to exit)

Number of wrong answers are cumulative and not reset upon correct answer. You cannot skip the question either, which means if you get it wrong, you will get back the same question after killing the monsters needed.

  • 749 Seed Points
  • 13,096,065 EXP

Floor 44[edit]

Another jump quest, this jump quest operates by invisible bouncers. Forstly you bounce to the right while avoiding the hammers, then you jump towards the right on the small platforms and dodge falling rocks. Then, you walk over the S shape maze and you jump towards the longer platform. There will be a small platform to the right of it, jump on it and you will fly very high towards the right. Grab the very small vine and climb up. Then jump down and dodge the black circles below you while falling. If you touched the black circles, you will be teleported to a random small platform below the longer platform.

  • 862 Seed Points
  • 13,562,465 EXP

Floor 45[edit]

Take a break!

Floor 46[edit]

Kill 200 Wyverns of any colour. Probably the last easy stage you will ever meet.

  • 856 Seed Points
  • 13,562,465 EXP

Floor 47[edit]

Internal time limit: 5 minutes

In the dark room with invisible platforms, you will have to find a hidden switch that will activate if your character touches it. Rope connect is super useful here. There are 7 possible switches but only 1 will work. They are all found at falling spots, so if you reached the left or right most platform and you walk down, you will be able to touch it. Activate the switch and hack open the door by dealing 63 Billion damage. Since this is a normal monster, Damage to Boss Monsters boost will not work.

Side note: If you turn on the Music, this Music is the last music in the Seed Tower series that is only played in Floors 47, 49 and 50. Little congratulations to you if you made it this far!

  • 982/1,227/1,473/1,718/1,964 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 13,562,465 EXP

Floor 48[edit]

Internal time limit: 10 minutes

Probably the hardest skill-based floor ever. This floor is basically a fusion of escortion and invisible jump quest. It is similar to Floor 23 where the NPC will sort of show you where to jump, except this time round Fleta will be leading you the way. She will jump alongside with you, so as far as possible do not lag too far behind. Monsters are also found, you can just kill them. If you fall too far behind, sorry but Fleta will just move on unless she is blocked by a monster (and you have to try to figure out how to get back up now that Fleta is on another section and you lost your guide). At higher up, there will be throwing stars and balls to knock you off, so be careful about that too. (Invincibility extension methods will work)

If you do not go back to Fleta within 30 seconds after she call you back, or if she dies from monsters, you will automatically fail.

  • 1,024/1,280/1,536/1,792/2,048 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 13,562,465 EXP

Floor 49[edit]

Internal time limit: 5 minutes Yes, Alicia is just 1 floor below. Meanwhile she decides to test you on monster knowledge. At the right, shadows of various monsters are shown and you have to guess what is the monster. There are 5 questions. If you get it wrong, 5 minutes will be deducted from your Overall Timer. Spelling errors are also assumed to be wrong answers. Meanwhile, as a form of leniency, you are allowed to change question once, but only once. Take note of the 5 minutes internal time limit too, so that leaves about less than 1 minute per question. Get all 5 questions correct and you get to face her!

  • 1,067/1,333/1,600/1,867/2,134 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 13,562,465 EXP

Floor 50[edit]

Finally. The battle of you against Dorothy. Kill her off and you are done! Death counts: 30

  • Level: 210
  • HP: 840,000,000,000 (840 Billion HP)
  • DEF: 250% (requires 60% ignore DEF to deal damage)
  • Resists all elements (Damage dealt reduces to half)
  • Summons a clone that will clone her attacks (deals the same damage as the normal version)
  • Summons Toto to aid in her battle with you
  • Super knockback, dealing 2% damage
  • Charged attack based on distance away from her (25%/50%/75%/100%/125%/150%)
  • Landmines (100%)
  • Spews out purple balls (40%)
Map mechanics
  • 0.01% damage per second
  • Meteors will fall from a 45° angle.
    • Small, red (30%)
    • Medium, purple? (40%)
    • Big, pink/purple (70%)
  • Protection Aura

If you stand too close to her, your final damage reduces by 90% and you receive 25% damage per second.

  • Infinite flames (30%), for this skill she just stands there, available when her HP below 50%.
  • 2,020/2,525/3,030/3,535/4,040 Seed Points for Level 0/1/2/3/4 Tower Boost Ring Skill respectively
  • 16,274,958 EXP

Final Reward[edit]

Whether or not you killed Dorothy, it is still courageous to attempt climbing the tower. As a form of appreciation, Alicia decided to reward you with items.

Number of Honor medals are approximated.

Floor cleared Box rank (lower the number, the better) Seed Honor Medal (100 Honor each)
0 None 0
1~5 10 0
6~9 9 1
10 9 2
11~13 8 2
14~15 8 3
16~17 7 3
18~20 7 4
21~23 6 5
23~27 5 6
28~30 5 7
31~33 4 8
34~35 4 9
36~37 3 9
38~40 3 10
41~45 2 11
46~47 1 12
48~49 1 13
50 1 20

Within the box, you can get various items. Some items are limited to certain ranks only.

  • Spell Trace
  • Seed Point Pouch (100~500 points each)
  • Skill Rings (Level 110, 4 All Stat, 4 ATT and Magic ATT, 0 slots, no potentials)
  • Ryude's Sword (Level 150, 2 handed sword, 45 STR, 35 DEX, 165 ATT, Damage to Boss Monsters +10%, Ignore 10% DEF, 70% chance for 1 additional strike for that attack skill during that strike, rank 2 and 1 only)
  • Ocean Glow Earrings (Level 150, 7 All Stat, 5 ATT and Magic ATT, 700 HP and MP, 7 upgrade slots before hammer, rank 2 and 1 only)
  • Aquarius Crown (Level 150, 1 All Stat, 1 ATT and Magic ATT, 22 upgrade slots before hammer, rank 2 and 1 only)
  • Broken Box Piece (collect 10 to exchange for a ring box for 100% chance to get a Skill Ring excluding Ultimatum Ring)

You will also receive EXP directly proportional to number of floors cleared based on your level as well as the base number of Seed Points given by the last floor that you cleared before multipliers (Multipliers: 0.4x for Floor 1, 1.1x for Floors 2, 3, 9, 12, 14, 17, 19, 22~24, 27, 29, 33, 36, 39, 41, 44, 47~49, 1.5x for Floors 10, 20, 30, 40, 2x for Floor 50). Number of Seed Points awarded for clearing the floor itself is after adding the multiplier, so divide away the multiplier to get the base amount.

If your last floor cleared is a rest floor (5, 15, 25, 35, 45), base points will be the average of the floor below and the floor above it.