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  • Location: Ludibrium, Ludibrium : Origin of Clocktower
  • Summoning Requirement: Piece of Cracked Dimension
Fighting Papulatus Clock.

A ghost plant named Papulatus lies deep in Ludibrium with a robot clock.

Protecting Ludibrium is a highly difficult series of quests which requires at least level 120+ characters to complete it. Upon accepting the last quest "Papulatus", one must fight the Gatekeeper or Thanatos and receive the Ludibrium Medal, which is a key to enter the power generating room of the clock tower, where Papulatus resides. It has a large amount of HP, and cycles through an active and inactive mode. When it is inactive, the whole clock sits still, everything retracts and nothing much can be done about it. It cannot attack anybody, and neither can anybody attack it.

It also has the ability to summon High Darkstars and Low Darkstars, which move rarely or do not move at all. They usually reside on platforms, possibly to knock off Assassins and Bowmen with their high damage, and can explode when players move nearby. Other than that, it can also use dispel, which can pose a threat to characters with Low HP (Mages losing Magic Guard is one of the main dangers.) and stun.


  • When the main clock is defeated, Papulatus itself ejects from the clock and begins to fly around the map. It also has to be killed for the quest to be complete. This time, the weapon stat is higher compared to the clock, but it has a much lower HP.
  • A Piece of Cracked Dimension is required to summon Papulatus, which can be received from the saving Ludibrium Quest.
  • For jobs with Power Stance, it is possible to solo the Papulatus at high levels. Papulatus is unable to affect you with debuffs such as stun, dispel, or slow while you are above him.
  • It's recommended to forfeit the the quest every time you kill it, so you can keep getting 2 Piece of Cracked Dimension every day. If you don't complete the quest, you can get as many Piece of Cracked Dimension a day as you want and stack them in storage, but you can only enter the room where Pap is 2 times in 24 hours.
  • A Recent update to this boss made it drop level 100 Weapons/Armor instead of its level 90 counterparts. It also drops Elixirs now.