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MS Quest Area Icon.pngMS Ludibrium Icon.png

  • Location: Ludibrium: Origin of Clocktower
  • Summoning Requirement: Piece of Cracked Dimension
Fighting Papulatus Clock.

Papulatus is a ghost plant that pilots a clock-like robot. He stole the clock guarded by Grandfather Clock. And thus, manipulates time and steals Ludibrium's power. He stole a piece of a window (Referred to as Piece of Cracked Dimension in-game) to prevent people from summoning him. He was then encased in an orb and hid himself, only showing himself to anyone who found the piece and put it in. A mapler, with the task of killing Papulatus, puts the piece in and forces him out of his orb, forcing Papulatus to fight with his clock robot. Eventually, the robot becomes dismantled, Papulatus then pilots the remains, but the flying mech is easily destroyed, and Papulatus is defeated. Thus, time and Ludibrium's power went back to normal.

Entry Requirements[edit]

  • Easy: Level 115+, can be entered once daily (shared limit with Normal mode)
  • Normal: Level 155+, can be entered once daily (shared limit with Easy mode)
  • Chaos: Level 190+, can be cleared once weekly. Re-entry cooldown if failed to kill the boss: 30 minutes (measured from entrance time, not applied to practice mode).
    • Practice mode is allowed 5 times daily for Chaos mode only (shared across all the bosses). No rewards (EXP, items, monster collection chance, quests) can be earned even if the boss is killed in practice mode.

Note that if you do not currently have a Piece of Cracked Dimension, one will be given to you upon entry in any mode, before teleporting you to the battle map.

Boss Data[edit]

  • Overall time limit: 30 minutes (20 minutes in Easy mode)
  • Easy Mode:
    • HP:
      • Papulatus Clock: 300,000,000 (300 million)
      • Papulatus: 100,000,000 (100 million)
        • Total: 400,000,000 (400 million)
    • DEF: 50%
  • Normal Mode:
    • HP:
      • Papulatus Clock: 12,600,000,000 (12.6 billion)
      • Papulatus: 4,200,000,000 (4.2 billion)
        • Total: 16,800,000,000 (16.8 billion)
    • DEF: 90%
  • Chaos Mode:
    • HP:
      • Papulatus Clock: 378,000,000,000 (378 billion)
      • Papulatus: 126,000,000,000 (126 billion)
        • Total: 504,000,000,000 (504 billion)
    • DEF: 250%
  • Resists all elements, including Physical.
  • Death Counts Allowed: 5 per person throughout the whole battle (50 in Easy mode)

Battle Mechanics[edit]

As of the Nova update, Papulatus has been reworked with new attack patterns and skills. The Time Sphere phase is still the same as before, but it revives into Papulatus Clock after 6 seconds if undamaged.

NOTE: The Papulatus found in Mu Lung Dojo, Mirror World, Silent Crusade, and Tower of Trials (JMS only) will retain the old attack patterns.

Shared Skills
  • Cranes at the top of the map will descend and ascend throughout, you will be stunned in place for 2 seconds (unaffected by abnormal status resistance) if you touched it.
  • Summons a red laser and blue laser on two sides of the map and rotate in place. If the two lasers touch, it will activate an explosion that kills anyone in the map (similar to Arkarium). Your character will be able to block the lasers.
  • Every 2 minutes, Papulatus will go into Alarm Clock mode, lasts 30 seconds.
    • Deals 10% damage every second (invisible damage)
    • 6 seconds potion cooldown
    • Winding keys will fall from the sky (similar to Magnus's meteors) to deal 10% damage and stuns for 1 second if it lands on you.
Papulatus Clock
  • Smash its hands into the ground and knocks back all players.
  • Create blue clocks on the ground, which ring and explode after 1.5 seconds, dealing high damage (100% damage in Chaos mode) to any players above them (run to the left or right to dodge them)
  • Create time rifts on the bottom of the map which will last for 5 seconds, dealing 100% damage if you stand on them (to dodge them, you must stand on the platforms above, or stand in between two of them (this is risky due to the hand smash attack and blue clocks might spawn at the safe spot)).
  • Create a timer above both its own head and your head; whichever timer reaches 0 first will cause your skills to be sealed until the other timer reaches 0. (To reduce this duration, pick up clocks dropped by the Tick-Tocks and Platoon Chronos around the map to either double or halve the time remaining on your head (note that it will not affect the timer above Papulatus).) The seal effect cannot be dispelled at all.
  • (When HP <20%) Enters into sleep mode for 60 seconds, and a clock will appear in the middle of the map with 6 sections, each with a random percentage (0%, 1%, 10%, or 100% for each section). Clear as many of the sections from the clock as possible, because when Papulatus wakes up after 60 seconds, it will heal itself for the sum of the remaining percentages.
    • To remove the sections, move the clock so that the hour hand (small red hand) of the clock lands on a section (highlighted), and press up on the portal to the left of it to remove that section. (Tip: focus on any 100% sections and remove those first.)
    • To move the clock's hands, pick up clock-related drops from High Darkstars and Low Darkstars that will start to spawn in the map, to advance the clock by 10/30/50 minutes, or 2/4/9 hours.

Once the clock is destroyed, Papulatus will be able to fly freely around the map, but will now be able to fight back.

  • Launch a projectile attack for 30% HP damage
  • Summon Otherworld Papulatus, clones which will fly around and attack you. These clones have low HP, but you must kill them quickly, or else Papulatus will absorb them and heal HP for each one absorbed (1,000,000 (1 million) HP per clone in Easy, 40,000,000 (40 million) HP in Normal, and 25,200,000,000 (25.2 billion, which is 20%) HP in Chaos).
  • Teleport you to a random spot in the map, and place a bomb on you that splits the % damage evenly among multiple players (if you are alone, you will take the full damage).

Reward Drops[edit]

  • (Chaos mode only) Papulatus Mark (low drop rate, unaffected by drop rate boosts, Level 145 Eye Accessory, 8 All Stats, 1 Weapon and Magic ATT, 150 DEF, 5 Upgrade slots before hammer, part of Boss Accessory Set)
  • Papulatus Chair (untradeable, you can right click on another character to invite them to sit on the chair together with you)
  • Crusader Coins
  • 0~3 Papulatus' Soul Shard (untradeable, individual drop, you can exchange 10 shards for a random Papulatus weapon soul)
  • Intense Power Crystal (individual drop, meso values as follows, max 60 per character weekly. Triple value on Reboot servers)
    • Easy Mode
      • 684,500 meso for solo
      • 342,250 meso for party of 2
      • 228,166 meso for party of 3
      • 171,125 meso for party of 4
      • 136,900 meso for party of 5
      • 114,083 meso for party of 6
    • Normal Mode
      • 2,664,500 meso for solo
      • 1,332,250 meso for party of 2
      • 888,166 meso for party of 3
      • 666,125 meso for party of 4
      • 532,900 meso for party of 5
      • 444,083 meso for party of 6
    • Chaos Mode
      • 24,200,000 meso for solo
      • 12,100,000 meso for party of 2
      • 8,066,666 meso for party of 3
      • 6,050,000 meso for party of 4
      • 4,840,000 meso for party of 5
      • 4,033,333 meso for party of 6
  • Suspicious Cubes (individual drop)
    • 1 for Easy mode
    • 3 for Normal mode
    • 16 for Chaos mode
  • Medal of Honor (gives 100~200 Honor Points when picked)
    • 1 for Easy mode
    • 3 for Normal mode
    • 14 for Chaos mode
  • Potions
    • 10 Elixirs for Easy mode
    • 10 Power Elixirs for Normal mode
    • 40 Power Elixirs for Chaos mode