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MS Lith Harbor - Florina Beach Icon.png Lith Harbor

  • Region: Victoria Island
  • Roads: Lith Harbor, Port Road
  • Level Range: 1-10
Buildings of Lith Harbor.

Lith Harbor is the first town a new player arrives in from Maple Island. It is a coastal town that appears to have a lot of fishermen and sailors. Lith Harbor is located on the Southwestern corner of Victoria Island. The monsters surrounding it are very weak. There are also a number of beginner quests here, mostly concerned with picking a job. It is a small town that loses its importance as a player progresses in level. In some versions, a blue chair can be purchased in the shop that allows a player to regain HP over time. Players can go to Rien from here. The Big Bang patch has interlinked all the cities and towns in Victoria Island via Six Path Crossway.

The boss of Lith Harbor is Mano, the grandfather of all snails, available in all versions. It is the largest snail, and presumably their leader. It respawns quickly and has the ability to summon more companions in the form of Red Snails, Blue Snails, and Green Snails to aid him.

In JapanMS and ChinaMS, players can return to Southperry from here. But only the players with 300 or more fame can in JapanMS.

MS Monster Snail.png Snail (1)

MS Monster Blue Snail.png Blue Snail (2)

MS Monster Shroom.png Shroom (3)

MS Monster Red Snail.png Red Snail (5)

MS Monster Mano.png Mano - Boss (10)

Six Path Crossway

As of the Big Bang patch, all major towns in Victoria Island are connected via the Six Path Crossway. The Station Platforms for Ereve, Orbis, and Edelstein are also located here. You can also access Singapore from here in some versions.

Lith Harbor Department Store

Item Price
Red Potion 5
Orange Potion 48
White Potion 96
Blue Potion 20
Mana Elixir 186
Dex. Potion 500
Speed Potion 400
Magic Potion 500
Warrior Potion 500
Sniper Potion 500
Apple 3
Egg 5
Meat 10
Orange 10
Lemon 93
Chocolate 2100
Arrow for Bow 1
Arrow for Crossbow 1
2,000 Arrow for Bow 1400
2,000 Arrow for Crossbow 1400
Alien Socket Creator
Only available in GMS
Subi Throwing-Stars 500
Bullet 600

Lith Harbor Armor Store

Item Price
Brown Skullcap 500
Red Headband 1000
Black Headband 450
Green Headband 450
Yellow Headband 450
Blue Headband 450
Black Swimming Cap 800
Blue Swimming Cap 800
Red Swimming Cap 800
White Bandana 2000
Metal Gear 3000
Blue One-lined T-Shirt (M) 3000
Orange Sporty T-Shirt (M) 3000
Pink Starry Shirt (F) 3000
Red-Striped T-Shirt (F) 3000
Jean Capris (M) 1000
Grey Thick Sweat Pants (M) 2800
Ice Jeans 4800
Sandblasted Jeans 4800
Red Rubber Boots 50
Yellow Rubber Boots 50
Blue Rubber Boots 50
Leather Sandals 50
Bronze Aroa Shoes 5000
Brown Aroa Shoes 5000
Green Aroa Shoes 5000
Blue Ankle-Strap Shoes 10000
Red Ankle-Strap Shoes 10000
Brown Ankle-Strap Shoes 10000
Stolen Fence 2000
Sky-blue Wooden Chair 1000

Lith Harbor Weapon Store

Item Price
Sword 50
Hand Axe 50
Wooden Club 50
Long Sword 3000
Double Axe 3000
Fruit Knife 1000


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