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MS Kerning Party Quest Icon.png
Lakelis, the NPC who starts the PQ.
  • Availability: see MapleStory/Availability#Accompaniments.
  • Requirements: Level 70+
  • Time Limit: 20 minutes (Average time needed: 2-3 minutes)
  • Max entries daily: 5 (Can be increased up till 8 using guild skill "More Party Play")

First Time Together (also known as 1st Accompaniment or Kerning City Party Quest) is a Cross World Party Quest based on Kerning City. It contains four stages and a boss stage. It can be completed by four players from levels 70 and above.

To enter the Party Quest, one must enter the Cross World Party Quest portal at Spiegelmann's Guest House while this Party Quest is part of the current rotation. The rotation also consists of Moon Bunny's Rice Cake, Forest of Poison Haze, Remnant of the Goddess, and Ariant Coliseum.

  • Level 70+
  • 4 Members
  • 20 minutes Time Limit (Average time needed: 4-5 minutes)
  • Max 5 entries daily (Use guild skill "More Party Play" to increase from 5 up till 8)

Kerning Stage 1[edit]

Kerning PQ
Stage 1

The first stage of the Kerning City Party Quest/ Accompaniment requires that each player in the party collect a specific number of coupons (red card-like etc. item) by defeating the Ligators around the zone. By speaking with Cloto on the right side of the zone, each player will be given a random number of coupons they need to collect by killing the monsters. When you have obtained the correct amount of coupons, talk to Cloto. After all 3 passes are collected, have your leader click on Cloto to open a portal to Stage 2. If a party member disconnected the pass is automatically generated and covered up.

Kerning Stage 2[edit]

Kerning PQ
Stage 2

This part of the Accompaniment/Party Quest consists of 4 ropes. The objective is to arrange 3 of your members on these ropes to try to find the right combination, while the leader stands on the ground and clicks Cloto to determine if the combination is correct (a giant "Wrong" or "Clear" will appear on all players' screens). It is wise to have only 1 member move at a time, in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction, as this will prevent confusion. After discovering the correct combination, continue through the portal for yet another puzzle.

Kerning Stage 3[edit]

Kerning PQ
Stage 3

This area consists of 5 platforms labeled 1-5, indicated by the number of cats on the stump. The objective is to arrange 3 of your members on these platforms to try to find the right combination, while the leader clicks Cloto to determine if the combination is correct. It is recommended that you follow this pattern to prevent confusion:

123 - 124 - 125 - 134 - 135 - 145 - 234 - 235 - 245 - 345

After the first Wrong try, a hint will appear which stats how many platforms are correct. Use it to help you clear the stage.

Now continue through the portal for the final puzzle area of the Accompaniment/Party Quest.

Kerning Stage 4[edit]

Old Kerning PQ
Stage 4

There will be Curse Eyes spawning on platforms of this map and they will drop number items, your objective is to kill them and use the number to manipulate them into the requested number. It is advised to only have one member looting the numbers to prevent confusion, since numbers when picked up, will affect the current number. The number can be manipulated by picking up the number items by either Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, which can be toggled anytime by anyone. The number will be 0 at the start.

This is how it works. For example, the addition rune is lit up, so if you pick up a number 3, your number will become 0+3=3. If you pick up another number it will also be added up. Note that multiplication and division is applied to the current number regardless of mathematical rules of multiplication and division coming before addition and subtraction. Numbers range from 1 to 4.

Kerning Final Stage[edit]

Kerning PQ
Last Stage

This is it, the final stage. Once again, it is a combat stage. The Slime King is right below you after you proceed to the final stage, your objective is to kill the Slime King.

King Slime
    • Primary Attack: its only offensive skill is a small hop that causes a shock wave, dealing damage to anyone on the ground within a certain distance. As long as you keep a fair distance away or you are in the air, this attack will not be a problem. It is possible to dodge this attack by jumping, but due to lag, is better avoided by climbing the ladders or moving out of the way.
    • Supportive Skill: The King Slime also has a supportive skill, in which it raises its Defense.


You will obtain 10 Party Points. Party Points can be exchanged at NPC Pub in Spiegelmann's Guest House, for many items such as Party Quest equipment, scrolls, a chair, and damage skin. Items available are unlocked based on level. The newest 'Sticky Shoes' can be obtained from the PQ Equipment Box bought from Pub for 30 Party Points, at a chance.

Party Points left will be reset once ever 8 weeks.

Sticky Shoes
  • All stats +6
  • Weapon Attack +1
  • Magic Attack +1
  • DEF +50
  • Speed +5
  • Jump +2
  • 7 slots
  • Gives 40 charm EXP when equipped for the first time
  • If equipped, when clearing a Cross World Party Quest, get 10% more clear EXP, stacks with Rainbow Rice Cake Topper(additively) and Party Quest set effects(multiplicatively).
EXP Reward
  • Level 170+:

EXP stated are before equipments (EXP reward +0%/10%/20%) and PQ set effects (Final EXP reward +0%/3%/9%/18%)


Note: The monster stats will vary based on the average level of the party, but will NOT be affected by penalties in level difference.

Name Monster Info Notes
MS Monster Ligator.png
  • Level: 70-180
  • HP: Varies
  • MP: Varies
  • PDR: Varying %
  • MDR: Varying %
  • EXP: 0
This must be killed in order to obtain Coupons for the first stage of Kerning PQ.

Curse Eye
MS Monster Curse Eye.png
  • Level: 70-180
  • HP: Varies
  • MP: Varies
  • PDR: Varying %
  • MDR: Varying %
  • EXP: 0
Must be killed in order to complete the fourth stage of Kerning PQ.

King Slime
MS Monster King Slime.png


  • Level: 70-180
  • HP: Varies
  • MP: Varies
  • PDR: Varying %
  • MDR: Varying %
  • EXP: 0
The final foe in the Kerning City Party Quest. The King Slime possesses a ground-stomping earthquake attack, and can raise its defense. King Slime was apparently created by Lakelis, who admits players into the party quest, with the same Magic Potion of Growth that created Dyle. Work together to defeat it! Drops Squishy Shoes which can only be obtained by defeating King Slime.

Monster Book: It is a mutated slime which once was a regular slime before transforming into King Slime due to the three sisters that were experimenting with magic. Though it looks like a regular slime of jelly-like substance, it can probably turn the world upside down with its gigantic, heavy body. The three sisters are busy recruiting adventurers who can defeat this King Slime.