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MS Ellinia Icon.png Ellinia

  • Region: Victoria Island
  • Roads: Way to the Forest, Ellinia, Chimney Tree, North Forest, Cursed Forest
  • Level Range: 7-33
  • Job Type: Magician
The Tree dungeons near Ellinia.

Ellinia is the place to become a magician, and to do so you need to be level 10. This town has a forest-like theme to it. It is located on the eastern side of Victoria Island, between Perion and Nautilus Harbor. Around this town are a few tree dungeons populated by Curse Eyes and Cold Eyes. Located on Victoria in the nearby mountains is Happyville, the Christmas Event town, and Shalom Temple, the Hanukkah event town. Also, in one of the giant trees is a portal that, when carrying a special seed, can be used to warp directly to Leafre. Ellinia is accessible via Six Path Crossway.


MS Monster Slime.png Slime (7)

MS Monster Bubbling.png Bubbling (10)

MS Monster Fairy.png Fairy (13)

MS Monster Royal Fairy.png Royal Fairy (15)

MS Monster Evil Eye.png Evil Eye (26)

MS Monster Curse Eye.png Curse Eye (27)

MS Monster Cold Eye.png Cold Eye (28)

MS Monster Surgeon Eye.png Surgeon Eye (29)


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