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MapleStory Mihile selection icon.png
  • Race: Chief Cygnus Knight
  • Class: Warrior
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: STR
  • Weapons: One-Handed Swords (Primary), Soul Shield (Secondary)

Mihile is the Cygnus Knights Dawn Warrior instructor in Ereve. He is one of the jobs introduced in the Justice update. Players can only make a Male Mihile. He uses one-handed swords and has a special shield called the Soul Shield. The shield can gain experience and level up and is upgraded in every job advancement. Mihile is also known as Mikhail to some servers.

Other benefits over Dawn Warriors:

  • Special quest line that helps him level up quickly.
  • First job skills are as strong as second job skills. These skills include one attack skill that can hit up to five enemies, the typical Warrior's HP increase passive, a mid-air horizontal boost (like Dawn Warrior's Soul Rush), and two passives that together significantly boost DEF, MDEF, Accuracy, Speed, and Jump.
  • Fourth job is much different from Dawn Warriors

AP Builds[edit]


Do not add DEX, as it will make your Mihile weak. This is preferred and will keep your damage very high from levels 10-70.

Introduction area and the first job advancement[edit]

A cutscene takes place in a shop with a dialogue between your character and Neinhart. When you gain control, you will notice you are in Hidden Street: Limbert's Shop.

  1. Speak to Limbert and get the quest "Manual Labor". Climb up to the attic (follow the arrows). Double click on the potion and complete the quest. After turning in the quest you will level up and a Soul guardian fairy will appear and disappear.
  2. Talk to Limbert for "Mopping Up". Destroy five Garbage Piles. Turn in the quest.
  3. Accept "Tread Carefully in the Back Yard". Go to the backyard and get 10 eggs from the chicken coop. Contrary to Limbert's request, defeat Bigby. Go back inside and turn in the quest.
  4. Go outside and talk to Cygnus and Neinhart. Defeat the 10 Assailants to complete the first job advancement. Complete the quest and accept "A Knight of Light" to teleport to Ereve.

You will now be level 10 and at your first job.

If you haven't already, spend your SP on Nimble Feet and Recovery.

First job[edit]

Upon reaching first job and appearing in Ereve, check your inventory for some new equipment, including a good overall, a sword, and a medal. Before proceeding, make sure you are applying your AP and SP wisely. Due to Mihile's passives (DEF and Accuracy bonuses), going DEXless is very easy, so do it! Spend all your AP on STR. You will have five SP to use, so determine which build you will follow before spending your points. For tips, see Mihile/Builds.

If you haven't noticed by now, you have an additional passive ability on the basic skills page that is unique to Mihile characters. It will allow you to reduce knock back effects by 100% for 30 seconds, and it doesn't cost any mana! Assign it to one of your hotkeys far up on the keyboard (e.g. 9, 0, -, or +), since using it won't be necessary until second job and beyond.

Leveling up

Simply follow the quests given to you by the Cygnus Knights and you will reach second job in no time.

Second job advancement[edit]

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When you reach level 27, you will receive the first quest required to advance. There are three quests that must be completed before the job advancement test can be taken at level 30.

Second job[edit]

For more details on second job builds, see MapleStory/Mihile/Builds.
AP and SP

Continue as Dexless.

For your new skills, you should first get the two new attack skills, which will give you some ways to attack (Ret driver is good for keeping enemies away from your party), and begin building up Sword Mastery, as it greatly improves your damage. Then build up your other stats, focusing on Rage before Physical Training (attack is better than strength for increasing damage).

Some people prefer to level up Sword Booster to level 10 before Rage and Physical training. This is because it makes your melee attack very strong against single targets (you can hit them about 2-3 times in the time it takes you to use one of your three attacks), but unless you used up all of your potions and you are doing party quests with people who are very weak, you you will very rarely use your sword.

Finish up your build with Final Attack and Radiant Driver. Dot not max out Soul Driver, as this skill will be replaced by Radiant Buster at 3rd job.


At 30, continue following the Cygnus Knights quest lines. Complete any remaining ones you have before tackling the Mushroom Kingdom. At 40, head down into Sleepywood and get all of the quests. During all of these, make sure you keep one fire feather from Red Drakes, and an Ancient Scroll from Taurospears. After Sleepywood you should be about 45. Either complete miscellaneous quests in Victoria Island (you can get the Hero's Gladius that has 63 attack from Manji's request at 48), or finally say farewell and head to Orbis and El Nath.

Third job advancement[edit]

At 60, Neinheart will ask you to return to Ereve. Go to him and accept the quest. You will enter a mini dungeon full of Jr. Cacti (under the name Prickleface). Kill 100 of them and then take the portal and speak with Neinheart to advance.

Third job[edit]

Training areas
  • 60-90 Aswan or Jesters in the Haunted Mansion of Masteria.
  • 70-90 Desert Rabbits M&F in Ariant Desert.
  • 90-100 Aliens in NLC

Fourth job advancement[edit]

Once again, Neinheart will ask you to return to Ereve. This time he wants you to become the chief knight of the Dawn Warriors. While you think about it, Ereve is attacked. You return and Neinheart directs you to where the enemies are still in Ereve. You have to kill 100 Ensorcelled Knights. They can be killed in 1-3 hits. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Fourth job[edit]

Training areas
  • 100-110 Aliens in NLC
  • 110-125 LHC