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This party quest takes place in Amoria, requires 6 people over the level of 40 who are married, and the party must be made up of both genders (though not necessarily in equal proportions). Bringing the spouse is optional, but recommended. All party members must fit these criteria. This is by far the most difficult party quest, with one of the strongest bosses for a Party Quest. To enter, collect 10 Liplock Keys from Indigo Eye or Crystal Boar at Purplewood Forest 1 or 2, and trade them in to Amos for an Entrance Ticket. Be warned, however, that the ticket can be exchanged without a full party, and if this happens then the player will not be able to attempt the Party Quest again until 6 hours have passed.

You can obtain a ticket every 6 hours. The time limit starts from when you receive your ticket, not when you enter the quest. Therefore, it is possible to do two PQ's in a row by getting a ticket in advance and using it after the 6 hours, then collecting another 10 keys and getting a new ticket to enter again. This method is beneficial in the newer, less crowded servers where it may be hard to find parties at certain times of day.

Stage 1: Magik Mirror[edit]

the Magik Mirror.
the entrance with invisible portals.

This is the first stage, which can seem quite confusing at first. Don't go through the glowing blue portals, as they lead nowhere. instead, have the leader of the party talk to Amos. He will explain something, and 3 portals will open up. Only one works, however, and it leads down to the central area of the "pyramid" like map. From there, talk to Glimmer Man. There are signs pointing to two warps: One for females and one for Males. Defeat every monster on both sides, and then talk to Glimmer Man again. He will allow you to warp up to the magik Mirror located in the center. By pressing up, it will inform the party that they have missed one Magik Fiarry, the giant one. It is easily distinguished because it is the only monster in this stage which gives EXP when killed. Kill it, and it will drop the Wing Hammer. Place the Wing Hammer on top of the mirror, and the mirror will shatter; grab a shard of the mirror and hand it to the Glimmer Man. Talk to him again, and he will warp you back to the top of the Pyramid with Amos the Strong. Speak to him once more to progress to the next stage.

Note that the screen will go black during these warps; this is normal.

This stage awards 2000 experience.

Stage 2: Heart Strings[edit]

the Moon Rope, in the center.

This stage is very much like Kerning City's stage 2. However, the ropes that must be hung on are far into the sky, suspended from a Star, Moon, and Sun. To reach them, go through one of the three blue warps. Then, jump and press (and hold) the up button. The player will be warped high into the sky and fall past the rope. By holding up, the player can grab onto the rope. The best strategy for this stage is to send 5 people on the star rope, then gradually move them outwards. After a certain number of failures, a huge number of monsters are summoned, however they are incredibly weak and can be defeated with ease. Numbers of people for each rope are often called out, in the form "032", which would mean for 0 people to be on the star rope, 3 people to be on the moon rope, and 2 people to be on the sun rope. While this stage can be time consuming, it isn't particularly difficult. The leader will receive hints that indicate how many, if any, of the ropes have the right number of people on them. Also, this stage can change, between Daytime, Twilight, and night time, and with these changes, the stage layout also changes.

This stage awards 4000 EXP.

Stage 3: Twisted Switcher[edit]

The third stage of the Amorian Challenge.

It is like an enhanced version of Ludibrium PQ's stage 8. There are a number of spring loaded platforms which the players must stand on. These aren't only numbered, but lettered as well. They are, from top left to bottom right,

A 2 B 3
C 6 D 9 5
The reasons for this number and letter arrangement aren't clear, but the same strategy as Ludi PQ can be used, though it's incredibly time consuming with this many boxes. This is generally known as the "Brute Force" method. Also, with each failure, a large number of monsters are summoned. 4 colors of slimes can appear, however these slimes are incapable of dealing damage; the real threat comes from the Crystal Boars, which knock players off of their platform causing them to lose track of where they are in the pattern. Don't go out of your way to defeat the slimes, since they are harmless. Large area attacks are very helpful, like a Dragon Knight's roar or a Crusader's Shout. Haste is also a useful as the platforms are higher than a normal jump can reach.
A GM commented that in Stage 3, the number of slimes that appear indicate how many players are standing on correct platforms. Have one person then move off their platform. If the numbers of slimes decrease, then that person was standing on the right one. If the numbers of slimes remain the same, then that person was on the wrong platform, or it could also mean that both of them were right. If the number of slimes increases, then the one they moved to is right. The most slimes that can appear is 4. The lowest possible is 1 slime, because there are only 9 platforms and 5 must be correct. Since 5 people must stand on them, it's impossible that every player is on an incorrect platform.

It's best to check all the platforms on the bottom before moving people on to the correct boxes that are down there, since the leader could be moving that person off of a correct box. Once the party knows how many correct platforms there are on the bottom, move people from the beginning boxes first (A, 2, etc.) to the correct ones that were found on the bottom. Once again, if the number of slimes goes down then that person was moved off of a correct box, and thus they should be sent back to where they were. Using this method it's possible to pretty much finish the combination in a few turns. This is a lot more like a stage from Orbis PQ than it is Ludibrium PQ's stage 8.

This stage awards 6000 EXP.

Stage 4: Last Man Standing[edit]

The fourth stage of the Amorian Challenge.

This is by far the easiest stage. Merely defeat the monsters present and collect 50 Cupid Code Pieces. Various monsters spawn here, including Curse Eyes, Zombie Lupins, and Toy Trojan Soldiers.

The reward for this stage is 8,000 EXP.

Stage 5: Fluttering Hearts[edit]

The fifth stage of the Amorian Challenge.

This stage is rather confusing and has a very intense feeling to it. After passing through Stage 4's gate, it has suddenly become night time, and dozens of monsters have begun pouring out. First come Skeledogs, Dirty Ratz, and Wraiths capable of flight. Players must hit the gate with their regular attacks to bust it open in time, before an army of angry Rombots come and destroy them. These Rombots are not the pushovers found in Eos Tower or Ludibrium PQ; They can inflict 10,000 touch damage. Open the gate quickly by having each member of the party hit the gate, and run toward the exit. After the first gate, lava plumes begin to appear, which can deal about 300 damage each. These aren't much of a threat, nor do they slow down the PQ very much. However, mages will need to be careful as Magic Guard doesn't protect from environmental damage. Everyone must survive this stage to progress on.

This stage awards 9000 EXP upon completion.

Stage 6: Love Hurts[edit]

The Geist Balrog, flinching from attacks in the Boss stage.

After dashing through the gate in stage 5, the party spawns on an isolated platform where an invisible barrier marked by trees stops them from dropping down to where the Balrog is waiting. Once the leader is done talking to Amos, the whole party will be sent down into the area where the Balrog spawned. The bottom of the map is filled with spikes on the ground, dealing about 40 damage on contact. Several platforms are floating, each with one or two spikes which are warp points linking to each other.

After defeating the Jr. Balrog, a Crimson Balrog will spawn. Once this is defeated, the Balrog changes into the Geist balrog, signaled by a color change from dark to purple and white. The Balrog does no more than 700 bump damage and around 1,400 with a magic slash attack. A slash is signaled by the Balrog 'Disappearing', immediately followed by the attack. Upon defeating it, it drops the Geist Fang and by turning it in to Amos, the party can proceed to the bonus.

This stage awards 11000 EXP upon completion.

Stage 7: Amos' Vault for Couples[edit]

The left side of the couples Bonus stage.

This is the Bonus Stage for a party that is made up of three couples. In this stage, the three couples are split up and must compete to see who can kill 35 monsters first. The monsters are summoned from boxes, and drop cupid code pieces from stage 4. The couple must collect all 35 and turn them in. Each couple to accomplish this receives 4000 EXP. If no couple gets all 35, then EXP is awarded according to which couple gathers the most. The couple that finishes collecting first and has all 35 pieces will earn a special chance to get something besides EXP, which are the following capes:

For males
  • Legendary Elias Cape 1 (untradeable, 7 slots)
  • Legendary Elias Cape 2 (untradeable, 7 slots)
  • Legendary Elias Cape 3 (untradeable, 7 slots)
For females
  • Cecelia Cloak 1 (untradeable, 7 slots)
  • Cecelia Cloak 2 (untradeable, 7 slots)
  • Cecelia Cloak 3 (untradeable, 7 slots)

Unfortunately, in order for one member of the couple to get a prize, the other must sacrifice their chance. This is to honor the story of Elias and Cecelia, detailed on the Amoria page. The odds of getting a cape are extremely low, and since few parties attempt to do the Couples stage, they are among the rarest items in the game.

Stage 7: Amos' Vault[edit]

The Bonus stage of Amoria PQ

Another bonus stage room. This follows the preceding one in an all-couples Party, or the boss fight if the party is not made up exclusively of couples. Items can be found by popping boxes, just like in Ludibrium PQ and the Guild Quest.

Rewards include
  • Amorian Relaxer
  • Celestial Earrings
  • Cecelia Earrings
  • Moonstar Earrings
  • Amos Royal Cape
  • Amos Spirit Cape
  • Onyx Apple
  • Amorian Rice Cookie
  • Crystallized Pineapple Chew
  • Gold Plate
  • Diamond
  • Black Crystal Ore
  • Power Elixir
  • Victoria's Amorian Basket
  • Grape Juice
  • Reindeer Milk
  • Mushroom Miso Ramen
  • 60% Glove ATT
  • 30% Cape LUK
  • 30% Cape STR
  • 30% Cape DEX
  • 30% Cape INT
  • 10% Helmet HP