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Ability Points[edit]


Make the job advancement, then choose whether you want to make your character Dexless or not.


Dexless characters are typically easier to play, because you don't have to worry about equipments. Just add Dex when you level. The good thing to know is that Dexless Brawlers easily reach higher damage values, so if bossing is your favorite activity, then you might want to play this way.

Old advancement

You must have at least 20 Dex for the First Job Advancement. From there, the rest of your AP goes into Str. This will help you get the maximum out of your character.


Old advancement

You must have at least 20 Dex for the First Job Advancement. From there, Str should be equal to your level, and the rest of your AP goes into Dex. This will help you get the maximum out of your character.

First Job Skill Build[edit]

Pirate (Pre-Brawler)[edit]

Damage Build
Points Used Skill Skill Points
4 Flash Fist 4
4 Somersault Kick 4
20 Bullet Time 20 (MAX)
16 Flash Fist 20 (MAX)
16 Somersault Kick 20 (MAX)
1 Dash 1 or MAX (see Speed Build (3)
1 Double shot 1

When you make your job advancement you get one SP. Put that in Flash Fist because level 1 is cheap (6 mana) and fairly powerful (156% base damage). You then put three more points in Flash Fist because the mana cost stays the same but you can do more damage. You should then put 4 SP into Somersault Kick for the same reason as Flash Fist (same mana cost, more damage). This also means that you can keep up to 3 monsters away from your character. Then max out Bullet Time if you know that you need the accuracy. A Dexless brawler will have 4 DEX values. As such, the character will probably have low accuracy which is negligible. Avoidability is typically negligible for a brawler, but always a nice bonus if you end up it (just don't make it a priority). Then you can max out Flash Fist and Somersault Kick because it will be your main attacking skills until the mid 40's or you can go for the 16/15 skill level and max Dash. After you finish Flash Fist and Somersault Kick you will have one SP left over you can put that in Dash.

Dash does NOT override haste. It is not accidentally used often enough to waste mp. You don't move much faster with dash so running into mobs that you wouldn't be near in the first place is unlikely. You can't attack with a hog, and dash is much more useful especially since it can be used before level 70 and doesn't cost 20,000,000 mesos.
Speed Build (1)
Points Used Skill Skill Points
10 Dash 10 (MAX)
4 Flash Fist 4
20 Bullet Time 20 (MAX)
16 Flash Fist 20 (MAX)
7 Somersault Kick 11
Speed Build (2)
Points Used Skill Skill Points
4 Flash Fist 4
4 Somersault Kick 4
20 Bullet Time 20 (MAX)
7 Flash Fist 11
10 Dash 10 (MAX)
16 Somersault Kick 20 (MAX)
Speed Build (3)
Points Used Skill Skill Points
4 Flash Fist 4
4 Somersault Kick 4
20 Bullet Time 20 (MAX)
11 Flash Fist 15
10 Dash 10 (MAX)
12 Somersault Kick 16

This build will let you get max Dash (which is relatively cheap and pretty useful). By putting 4 points into both Flash Fist and Somersault Kick you can play around with them and see which one you like better. Then you decide on which build you prefer (1,2 or 3). Speed Build 3 is designed to let you hit 6 enemies with Somersault Kick and do the most damage with 11 mana with Flash Fist.

Note: The beginner's skill (nimble feet) that adds speed adds 20 speed, which is very good and doesn't have that much cooldown, if you think that 1 minute isn't very much. Dash has no cooldown, and it's really a lot better.

Alternate Build
Points Used Skill Skill Points
1 Somersault Kick 1
1 Dash 1
1 Flash Fist 1
19 Somersault Kick 20 (MAX)
20 Bullet Time 20 (MAX)
10 Flash Fist
Dash 9
Flash Fist 9
or a mix of both

This is an alternate way to do it.

Pirate (Pre-Gunslinger)[edit]

Pre-Gunslinger Standard Build
??? Skill Skill Points
20 Double Shot (MAX)
10 Dash (MAX)
20 Bullet Time (MAX)
11 Somersault Kick

The primary skill for Gunslingers is of course Double Shot. Maxing that out as soon as possible is a must. Somersault Kick is usable, but the damage with a gun is terrible. Bullet Time is maxed out after Dash because Gunslingers don't need as much accuracy as Brawlers. Dash is there for moving.

Pre-Gunslinger Build 2
??? Skill Skill Points
20 Double Shot (MAX)
16 Somersault Kick
10 Dash (MAX)
15 Bullet Time Remaining

The reason for this build is that Gunslingers' damage is bad, so they need an attacking skill first, then comes a mobbing skill for close range just in case, then you max Dash and place the remaining points in Bullet Time because you don't need as much accuracy.

Pre-Gunslinger Build 3, Dashless
??? Skill Skill Points
20 Double Shot (MAX)
1 Flash Fist
16 Somersault Kick
4 Flash Fist
20 Somersault Kick (MAX)
20 Bullet Time (MAX)

This build prevents the use of "Dash," which can be very annoying if you accidentally press on or twice thus wasting mp.

Maxing Somersault Kick is useful and is used to enable your first mobbing skill and extra damage compared to lower levels of Somersault Kick. Also, it can attack to up to 6 monsters. However, it increases MP usage by a lot for very little damage, compared to lower levels. So, the other choice is to add 16 skill points instead, to decrease mana usage yet to maintain the ability to attack 6 monsters. Flash Fist has some points added as you will not be using Dash. It also can be used in the very early levels to save bullets or to actually use your knuckles.


It is very important to max Double Shot as soon as possible as it will help you increase the damage you do and will be used very often. It is also important to have at least 11 points added to Somersault Kick for melee or mobbing (attacking multiple monsters). Bullet Time is also useful for extra stats. Dash is useful to get from one place to another in a map or, to escape or get to a monster. Flash Fist is hardly important, however, it can be used to save bullets and mesos.

The Standard Build is great in that it gets Dash maxed early and it helps make you very fast, very soon. Getting Bullet Time Maxed out is useful too, for extra stats. However, it implies that you leave Somersault Kick towards the later levels, levels 2x, levels 20-29. That takes away your ability to attack mobs in early levels.

Build 2 is great in that it gets a mobbing attack, Somersault Kick, early and increases it to level 16, thus you have the ability to attack 6 monsters. Dash is then Maxed out so you can use an interesting combo.

Somersault Kick---> Dash ---> Double Shot

This combo implies that you are close and cannot shoot them and thus used Somersault Kick. However, you still cannot shoot them. You use Dash to jump over them and after a good distance you use Double Shot. The Somersault Kick should be macroed with Dash but you will have to hold down or when you perform the macro. Thus, if you're trying to kill a monster that’s for your level this way, you will do good damage. This can take a while to get used to. The downside to this build is that you don't get 5 extra avoidability and accuracy.

Build 3 is great in that it does not use Dash because it can be a mana waster. Also the Somersault Kick is at a high level so you can mob and melee early on. You also have lots of accuracy and avoidability because of Bullet Time (other name is Quick Motion). Finally, you have Flash Fist to save bullets just in case. The downside is that you don't have Dash, which gives extra speed. Also, Flash Fist may do more damage than you normally can do with a gun early on however, the damage with a gun greatly increases later thus making Flash Fist obsolete. Fortunately, Flash Fist can be used as a macro called "J>PQ" if you use the macro and shout it out, someone will invite you to a party for a Party Quest.

Pre-Gunslinger Build 4, Somersault kick
??? Skill Skill Points
11 Somersault kick
20 Double Shot (MAX)
10 Dash (MAX)
20 Bullet Time (MAX)

The reasoning behind this build is that putting more points in somersault kick earlier allows mobbing, which is very effective for lower levels which can't pq. Having said that, there is the problem of VERY low damage, and to combat that it is suggested that you ditch the gun altogether and wield a polearm, rose, snowboard, or something akin to that.

After this Double Shot should be maxed to maximise damage with a gun, and then bullet time or dash, depending on personal preference.

The alternative would be to put 20 points into somersault kick, and the max Double Shot, before maxing dash and putting the remaining points into bullet time. The way it works is that if you plan on giving up gun toting as suggested, you may as well go all the way with it. The remaining + 9 acc and avoid which you would gain by maxing bullet time instead of somersault kick are useful, however as a gunslinger's main stat is dex anyway, you may as well max that at the end of 2nd job instead of grenade, as it is a somewhat useless skill, and faster leveling with somersault kick would be highly preferable.

Second Job Skill Build[edit]


Non-Funded/Standard Build
Points Placed (in order) Skill Total Skill Points
10 Improving Max HP Increase (MAX)
20 Knuckle Mastery (MAX)
20 Corkscrew Blow (MAX)
20 Backspin Blow (MAX)
20 Double Uppercut (MAX)
10 MP Recovery (MAX)
1 Oak Barrel 1
Remainder Points Knuckle Booster (MAX)
1 First job skill
1 Oak Barrel
Funded/Damage Build
??? Skill Skill Points
10 Improving Max HP Increase (MAX)
19 Knuckle Mastery 19
6 Knuckle Booster 6
20 Corkscrew Blow (MAX)
20 Double Uppercut (MAX)
20 Backspin Blow (MAX)
10 MP Recovery (MAX)
14 Knuckle Booster (MAX)
1 Knuckle Mastery (MAX)
1 First job skill
1 Oak Barrel
Oak barrel build
??? Skill Skill Points
19 Knuckle Mastery 19
6 Knuckle Booster 6
20 Corkscrew Blow (MAX)
20 Double Uppercut (MAX)
20 Backspin (MAX)
10 Oak Barrel (MAX)
1 Mastery (MAX)
1 MP Recovery 1

Infighter Build 3
??? Skill Skill Points
10 Improving Max HP Increase (MAX)
10 Knuckle Mastery 10
20 Knuckle Booster (MAX)
20 Backspin Blow (MAX)
10 MP Recovery (MAX)
20 Double Uppercut (MAX)
20 Screw Punch (MAX)
10 Knuckle Mastery (MAX)
Any Skill 1

Infighters use knuckles, which will probably have the same range as daggers, meaning that your character has to be pretty close to the monster. This means that you're prone to taking more damage than Gunslingers. Therefore, you need HP Increase to provide your character with more HP. Next, you will max out Knuckle Mastery, which will provide you with more accuracy and stabilize your damage. Next, you'll put 6 SP into Knuckle Booster, making you attack really fast. Then you max out Screw Punch because out of all your skills it will do the most damage (420% × 3 monsters = 1260% v.s. Backspin Blow 240% × 3 monsters = 720% v.s. Double Upper 290% × 2 × 1 monster = 580%). You then max out Backspin Blow because it deals the second most amount of damage and it stuns. Then you can max out MP Recovery if you want to save quite a lot of mesos or if you're rich you can max Double Upper which will let you take on single monsters better. You then max the skill you didn't max before and finish off Knuckle Mastery. You can then put 1 SP anywhere, though 1 Dash (2) or 1 Oak Barrel (1) if Dash is maxed is a good idea. Oak Barrel isn't that good; it has a chance to be canceled and it has a cool down though these decrease if you put points into it.


Gunslinger Build 1
??? Skill Skill Points
1 Invisible Shot 1
5 Gun Mastery 5
6 Gun Booster 6
15 Gun Mastery (MAX)
19 Invisible Shot (MAX)
5 Wings 5
20 Recoil Shot (MAX)
20 Fake Shot (MAX)
5 Wings (MAX)
14 Gun Booster (MAX)
9 Grenade 9

First and all, you put one point into Invisible Shot for the mob attack. Then you get 5 Gun Mastery; to get the 6 Gun Booster. Then you max mastery, why? Well Gun Mastery works like Assassins' Claw Mastery, it adds more bullets to your current bullets, plus you also have more damage unlike Claw Mastery. So it's a must get. You later max Invisible Shot if you don't want to continue party questing. Later, you get 5 Wings for Recoil and max Recoil to travel, NOT TRAIN! but to travel. Here, you can max Wings (if you want to get on top of the rooftop in Henesys), or you can max Fake Shot. Wings is meant for traveling, while Fake Shot is meant to stun monsters (really helpful trying to get to Lower Ascent). Then you max the other skill out (If you max Fake Shot, you max Wings or vice versa). After that, you max Gun Booster for more time into booster. Then with the last 9 points you have a choice. If you didn't max Bullet Time in 1st job, use those points for Bullet Time for the extra Avoid (really helpful) and then use the last two points into Grenade. If you did max Bullet Time, then you can put the last 9 points into Grenade. Now, you mite say "Why not max Grenade?" Well one, it's weak compare to Invisible Shot Second, it's hard to aim with it due to the little power bar. And third, due to the power bar, you can't spam it. But I'm still testing a Grenade Build for something.

Gunslinger Build 2
??? Skill Skill Points
20 Gun Mastery 20 (MAX)
20 Gun Booster 20 (MAX)
20 Invisible Shot 20 (MAX)
10 Wings 10 (MAX)
20 Recoil Shot 20 (MAX)
11 Grenade 11
20 Fake Shot 20 (MAX)

This build is for the people who find actually killing the monsters instead of stunning them to be more important. You can even max Float before adding AP to Fake Shot if you prefer and you can max Gun Booster before Grenade to make your existing attacks more efficient.

Gunslinger Build 3
??? Skill Skill Points
19 Gun Mastery 19
6 Gun Booster 6
20 Invisible Shot 20 (MAX)
5 Float 5
20 Recoil Shot 20 (MAX)
14 Gun Booster 20 (MAX)
20 Grenade 20 (MAX)
12 Fake Shot 12
Gunslinger Build 4
??? Skill Skill Points
10 Wings
20 Withdraw
20 Gun Mastery
20 Gun Booster
20 Invisible Shot
20 Fake Shot
11 Grenade
Level ??? Skill
30 1 Invisible Shot
31-35 2 Invisible Shot
31-35 1 Gun Mastery
36-41 2 Invisible Shot (MAX)
36-41 1 Gun Booster
42 1 Gun Booster
42 2 Gun Mastery
43-47 3 Gun Mastery
48+ Wings (MAX)
48+ Withdraw (MAX)
48+ Grenade (MAX)

Third Job Skill Build[edit]


Build 1
Skill Level Skill
40 Energy Charge
01 Transform
30 Shockwave
20 Stun Mastery
20 Energy Buster
20 Energy Drain
19 Transform
Build 2
??? Skill
1 Energy Charge
1 Drain
12 Energy Charge
11 Blast
20 Energy Charge
21 Blast
11 Drain
40 Energy Charge (MAX)
30 Blast (MAX)
20 Stun Mastery (MAX)
1 Transform
30 Shockwave (MAX)
19 Transform (MAX)
Build 3
??? Skill
70 +1 Stun Mastery
71 +1 Stun Mastery, +1 Transformation, +1 Shockwave
72 +2 Stun Mastery, +1 Shockwave
73 +2 Stun Mastery, +1 Shockwave
74 +2 Stun Mastery, +1 Shockwave
75 +2 Stun Mastery (10), +1 Shockwave (5)
76 +1 Shockwave, +1 Energy Blast (1), +1 Energy Charge (1)
77 +2 Shockwave, +1 Energy Blast
78 +2 Shockwave, +1 Energy Blast
79 +2 Shockwave, +1 Energy Blast
80 +2 Shockwave (14), +1 Energy Blast (5)
81 +2 Shockwave, +1 Energy Blast
82 +2 Shockwave, +1 Energy Blast (7)
83 +3 Shockwave (21),
84 +2 Shockwave, +1 Transform (2)
85 +2 Shockwave (25), +1 Transform (3)
86 +2 Shockwave, +1 Transform
87 +3 Shockwave (30, MAX)
88 +2 Transform (6), +1 Energy Charge (2)
89 +1 Energy Blast (8), +2 Energy Charge (4)
90 +2 Energy Blast (10), +1 Energy Charge
91 +2 Energy Blast, +1 Energy Charge
92 +2 Energy Charge (8), +1 Energy Blast (13)
93 +2 Energy Blast, +1 Energy Charge (9)
94 +2 Energy Blast (17), +1 Energy Charge
95 +2 Energy Charge (12), +1 Energy Blast
96 +2 Energy Blast (20), +1 Energy Charge
97 +2 Energy Blast, +1 Energy Charge
98 +2 Energy Charge (16), +1 Energy Blast (23)
99 +2 Energy Blast, +1 Energy Charge
100 +2 Energy Blast (27), +1 Energy Charge101: +2 Energy Charge (20), +1 Energy Blast
102 +2 Energy Blast (30, MAX), +1 Energy Charge
103 +2 Stun Mastery (12), +1 Energy Charge (22)
104 +2 Energy Charge (24), +1 Stun Mastery
105 +2 Stun Mastery (15), +1 Energy Charge
106 +2 Stun Mastery, +1 Energy Charge (26)
107 +2 Energy Charge (28), +1 Stun Mastery (18)
108 +2 Stun Mastery (20, MAX), +1 Energy Charge
109 +2 Transformation (8), +1 Energy Charge (30)
110 +2 Energy Charge (32), +1 Transformation (9)
111 +2 Transformation (11), +1 Energy Charge
112 +2 Transformation (13), +1 Energy Charge (34)
113 +2 Energy Charge (36), +1 Transformation (14)
114 +2 Transformation (16), +1 Energy Charge
115 +2 Transformation (18), +1 Energy Charge (38)
116 +2 Transformation (20, MAX), +1 Energy Charge (39)
117 +1 Energy Charge (40, MAX), +2 Energy Drain
118 +3 Energy Drain
119 +3 Energy Drain
120 +3 Energy Drain (11)

The reason to max Shockwave over Drain is that you still use Shockwave in 4th and not Drain. Also you should not get Shockwave and Transform until you have maxed your main attacking skill, because Transform has a cooldown time and through level 80 and 90 you don't want to be fighting for two minutes then stopping. Some people may argue that maxing Drain is better than maxing Shockwave, but it's a better choice because Shockwave is your mobbing skill in Transformed state, and doesn't get replaced like Drain does.

A counterpoint: Shockwave can still be a useful skill during the 4th job. But it is getting replaced by Dragonstrike. DS has more power and don't need transform to use. So leaving Shockwave at lvl 21 and maxing out Drain may be a better choice. Shockwave is still powerful enough to use and at that lvl you can hit 6 mobs with it. Drain heals you and your energy will be charged more than you use transform.


Build 1
??? Skill
20 Burst Fire (Triple Fire)
30 Flamethrower
30 Ice Splitter
30 Octopus
30 Gaviota
30 Homing
11 Flamethrower
11 Ice Splitter
Build 2
??? Skill
20 Burst Fire (Triple Fire)
1 Gaviota
30 Flamethrower
30 Ice Splitter
30 Octopus
26 Flamethrower
26 Ice Splitter
14 Gaviota
30 Homing Beacon

You don't need Homing right away because it has 2/3 the attacking power of Burst Fire and isn't that important until 4th job. Level 30 Octopus and 15 Gaviota is needed for 4th job parallels. Ice Splitter is a better choice to be maxed instead of Flamethrower. It is more useful to a corsair which needs to constantly freeze the monster to prevent the battleship from taking damage. Build 2 is the most commonly used build for MapleGlobal outlaws, because it offers more options on mob training and Jr. Newtie sniping. Build 1 is more pure Jr. Newtie sniping (better 1v1 damage than build 2). It should be noted that both build 1 or build 2 are good choices and will not cripple you in 4th job Corsair (Gaviota will be replaced by Airstrike skill and normally Flamethrower will be replaced by the Battleship Torpedo skill).

Build 3
??? Skill
20 Burst Fire
25 Ice Splitter
25 Octopus
30 Flamethrower
15 Gaviota
5 Ice Splitter
30 Homing Beacon

Homing goes last for obvious reasons (useless until late 4th job, or mid 4th job depending on your build). Burst Fire is your primary attack for 3rd job. Ice Splitter gets 25 points so that it can freeze six enemies for long enough to shoot five times between freezes (3 seconds). Octopus is next because you can use it fighting anywhere and use your other skills at the same time - it is useful for any training ground. Flamethrower is useful if you want to train at ice based enemies, and even if you don't it is your most powerful mobbing skill (alternating between Flamethrower and Burst Fire or Ice Splitter). Gaviota comes next because you need 15 to get Air Strike, which is awesome. 5 Ice Splitter to max it out because you will be using Ice Splitter all the way up to level 200. 30 Homing Beacon because you need it for Bullseye. However, this build is the biggest regret for many Corsairs due to the fact Octopus isn't maxed you can not get Wrath of the Octopi (4th job skill that greatly increases Octopus ability).

Info on Icesplitter[edit]

  • Can be used on battleship
  • 6 targets
  • Doesn’t affect monsters immune to ice
  • Won’t get dispelled
  • Can be macro casted with Flamethrower for quick damage combo

Info on Fakeshot[edit]

  • Can’t be used on battleship
  • 3 targets
  • Affect all monsters
  • Dispelled if monster get hit by octopus or gaviota

Fourth Job Skill[edit]


??? Skill
20 Wind Booster
30 Dragon Strike
20 Super Transform
30 Demolition
30 Time Leap
30 Snatch
30 Energy Orb
30 Fist
21 Any Skill
Level Guide
Level add x amount of points Skill current lv of skill
120 1 Speed Infusion 1
120 1 Barrage 1
120 1 Time Leap 1
121 1 Dragon Strike 1
121 2 Speed Infusion 3
122 3 Speed Infusion 6
123 3 Speed Infusion 9
124 2 Speed Infusion 11
124 1 Dragon Strike 2
125 1 Super Transform 1
125 1 Demolition 1
125 1 Dragon Strike 3
126 2 Dragon Strike 5
126 1 Barrage 2
127 2 Dragon Strike 7
127 1 Barrage 3
128 2 Dragon Strike 9
128 1 Barrage 4
129 2 Dragon Strike 11
129 1 Barrage 5
130 2 Dragon Strike 13
130 1 Barrage 6
131 2 Dragon Strike 15
131 1 Barrage 7
132 2 Dragon Strike 17
132 1 Barrage 8
133 2 Dragon Strike 19
133 1 Barrage 9
134 2 Dragon Strike 21
134 1 Barrage 10

After level 134 you should choose what you need. You can carry on with Dragon Strike or leave it at level 21. Most people choose to leave it at level 21 because it can hit 6 enemies, so they will carry on maxing Barrage. Other people add points into demolition and super transformation for bossing.

Do not add any more points into Speed Infusion. Leave it at level 11 until there are some spare points. If you want best training, keep adding to Barrage until it is maxed, and then finish off Dragon Strike. Once both are maxed, you should add to Super Transformation and Demolition.


??? Skill
1 Elemental Boost
1 Wrath of the Octopi
1 Battleship
30 Battleship Cannon
30 Air Strike
30 Battleship Torpedo
30 Rapid Fire
20 Bullseye
19 Wrath of the Octopi
29 Elemental Boost
20 Hypnotize
30 Extra