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Entry requirement: None. Just travel to the hallway on the lowest level of Sleepywood.

Updates advisory: The minumum level for Lord Balrog has been increased from level 50 to level 65, and only Easy Mode remains which is open to all level ranges. This means that you can use any skill 3rd job until 6th job, and the time limit is only 20 minutes (which is sufficient). Unique to this boss, it has an entry count of 7 for every character, and it does not provide any mesos, through boss crystals or otherwise. For Monster Collection purposes, as the ultimate Balrog, Lord Balrog summons all types of balrog over the course of the battle. Hence you can just wait for Lord Balrog to summon other balrogs then kill all of them at once for collection.

Lord Balrog (usually just called Balrog) is the second boss content available, with the first being Easy Zakum. Players must be level 65 or higher to enter.

To get to Balrog, go to the Sleepywood dungeon and go down the stairs all the way to the door. You can teleport close to the entrance by paying the Danger Zone Taxi of Sleepywood or Manji in Perion (10,000 mesos). You can also move there through the boss menu.

When you begin the fight, attack as much as you can. However note that balrog's HP will only be affected after 3 minutes into the fight. You have a total of 20 minutes for the boss (effectively only 17 minutes to damage it).


  • Full map rock drop
  • Zombify
  • Balrog-exclusive heal (he will be invincible and to break his healing process you have to repeatedly hit a specified altar otherwise he can literally heal back to full HP). Summons Baby Balrogs during this time.
  • Damage reflect (When his health reaches less than 50%, does 200-500 reflective damage every time you hit it)
  • Summon 2 Jr. Balrogs which has very low HP.
  • As the fight progresses summons 1 to 2 Crimson Balrogs (flying area boss) which also has very low HP.


After killing it you will teleport to another room with a red jewel. Hit it with normal attacks until items drop.

  • Balrog Skin (Can be exchanged for balrog equipments)
  • Balrog soul piece (collect 10 to swap it for a Balrog Weapon Soul)
  • Potions
  • Balrog equipments themselves

After that, exit on the portal at the right to receive EXP reward and guaranteed one more Balrog Skin.

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