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  • Race: Resistance
  • Class: Warrior
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: STR
  • Weapons: One-Handed Axes or One-Handed Blunt Weapons (Primary), Aegis Shields (Secondary)
Demon Slayer character creation button.

Demon Slayer is the fourth branch of the Resistance (as a warrior-type class), and the last new job of the 3 in the Legend update. It was first released on August 4, 2011 in KoreaMS.

Demon Slayers have many exclusive aspects. Unlike many other warriors, Demon Slayer utilizes one handed blunt weapons, one handed axe, and scepters as their primary weapon, furthermore with their Force Shields as their secondary weapon. Also, Demon Slayers replaces MP with DF (Demon Fury), which acts in a peculiar manner. It will be explained later in this wiki. Demon Slayers have if not the most mobile skills present in any of the classes (Dark Winds, Devil Wings, Shadow Swiftness, etc.)

Demon Slayer starts in the Temple of Time, at the past. He was a general, supporting and staying loyal to the Black Mage. But one day in a conference, the generals discuss attacking all of Leafre, including the southern part of Leafre, the place where Demon Slayer's family resided, and where the Black Mage promised he would not invade. Demon Slayer quickly leaves the conference and heads to Leafre, only to see the area obliterated, and his family murdered. Being betrayed by his own allies, Demon Slayer, enraged, decides to confront the Black Mage. After meeting Mastema (loyal to Demon Slayer), and Akyrum (another general), Demon Slayer battles the Black Mage, only to be sealed in an egg. Many years later, Demon Slayer "hatches" from the egg, only to see that the Black Wing has utilized a mechanism to drain the power of the egg, thus lowering the Demon Slayer's level to 10. After slaying the two Black Wing members in his proximity, he faints, where Agent J (of the Resistance) takes the Demon Slayer to the Resistance Base. Here you can select the path of becoming a Demon Slayer or Demon Avenger.

Demonslayer begins in Temple of Time, but ultimately its main town is Edelstein, where the Resistance is located.

First job advancement[edit]

You automatically gain the First Job Advancement after coming to the "present."

Training areas[edit]

The First Job Advancement is a breeze, much like other Resistance classes. Grinding is minimal.

  • Level 10~20: The given string of Resistance quests are optimal, as they give sufficient experience, and one has to do them sooner or later anyway. The quests include training from Elex, and the regular helping of Edelstein and the Resistance. One can also skip the quests and head straight to Blue Ribbon Pigs (Nautilus Port) and grind there.
  • Level 20~25: Continue with the Resistance quests, although one can also head to Temple of Golem and train on golems there (Mixed Golems and Ice Golems at this level), as they give extremely good experience at Level 20.
  • Level 25~30: Continue with the string of Resistance and Edelstein quests, it should occupy one until Level 30. Alternatively, now is a good level to take up Partyquesting (KPQ, LPQ, and HPQ), as they can provide massive experience each round. Temple of Golem is still a decent grinding area, especially Fire Golems at this level.

Second job advancement[edit]

Training areas[edit]

  • Level 30-45 Go to CD's in Kerning City Mall
    • Alternative: Level 38-48 Scarecrows
  • Level 45-55 Go to Jesters In Haunted house in NLC (New Leaf City)
  • Level 55-60 Do the Chryse Dungeon in Orbis Themed DUNGEON

Third job advancement[edit]

Training areas[edit]

  • 70-80: Jesters
  • 80-100: MP3
  • 90- 110 Aliens
  • 100-110: Romeo and Juliet PQ Grind
  • 110-200: LHC/MPSH