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MS Amoria Icon.png Amoria[edit]

  • Region: Amoria (GlobalMS, EuropeMS) / Wedding Village (KoreaMS, TaiwanMS, MapleSEA) / Wedding Town (JapanMS)
  • Roads: Amoria (GlobalMS, EuropeMS) / Wedding Village (KoreaMS, TaiwanMS, MapleSEA) / Wedding Town (JapanMS)
Outside the Cathedral

Amoria is a wedding town, a place where Maplers can get married. This area originated in GlobalMS, and follows the Western marriage system, contrasting the previous marriage system, Peach Blossom Island, which was based on Eastern style weddings. In GlobalMS, Amoria is accessible via Thomas Swift of Henesys, or in KoreaMS, JapanMS, TaiwanMS and MapleSEA, Hera the fairy, who is located in most towns. Amoria is located on its own unique island which seems to be located somewhere south of Victoria Island, nearest to Henesys.

There are two different styles of marriage, and also two different versions of each in most versions. A mapler can choose to have his wedding held in a traditional cathedral, wed by a high priest and receiving a blessing of experience from the guests. The other option, only available in ThailandMS and GlobalMS, is a quick Elvis hosted wedding in the Chapel, resembling a Las Vegas quick wedding chapel. Both wedding types provide the couple with a total of 50 invitations for friends and guild members. Additional invites can be purchased from the cash shop, however the lag from 52 players in the same map usually precludes this option.

A Saint Cathedral Wedding in Amoria.

If the couple chooses a premium wedding, they receive an "afterparty", that works much like a Party Quest. They can then proceed to take pictures on a giant wedding cake, followed by some battles in the Untamed Hearts Hunting ground, taking out cakes and candles while hunting for keys. Once a player has 5 keys, they can proceed to the Love Piñata, where a present awaits them. Upon exiting this map, the guests and couple are returned to Amoria's town, and can receive the contents of the present by taking it to Pila Present, an NPC at the top of the map. Also, there are a number of buildings in the town, notably a Hair Salon, Plastic surgery, and a wedding shop where Tuxedos and dresses can be purchased for mesos.

In addition to those located inside the town itself, there are some Amoria-related maps outside of the main town area. The "Meet the Parents" map is used by the bride in a Cathedral wedding, and located above Henesys Hunting Ground II. There are many other NPCs, such as the various Nana fairies located in each of the main cities that are used in the quests leading up to marriage, and of course Thomas Swift who transports players to Amoria. These are only available in GlobalMS.

A White Chapel Wedding in Amoria.

Amoria is one of the few areas with a significant backstory:

The story of Amoria begins with the story of Elias. Elias was a noble hunter whose love of battle knew no bounds. He fell in love with a maiden of striking beauty, Cecelia. She hoped he would one day realize her love went beyond the mere fleeting of arrows, but Elias continued to hunt on and ignore his wife. During one of his hunting trips, Cecelia was kidnapped by a group of monsters. When Elias returned and found his wife missing, he immediately set out after her, vanquishing any monsters in his wake with his might bow, axe, and powerful magic. Alas, he came upon the cave where his true love has been taken. He heard her voice cry out in terror, and immediately rushed in to find several Drakes prepared to feast on her. Elias defeated the monsters and carried his wife back to their house, but her wounds were too great for even his skill to heal. Saddened by the loss of his wife, he used the last bit of his magic in a sacrificial act and created a place that would allow others to experience the love he once had, and as a lesson to never take it for granted. Thus, the town of Amoria came to be.


MS Monster Cake Monster.png

MS Monster Candle Monster.png

Amoria Dungeon[edit]

  • Level Range: 2-40
Amoria Purple Plains
Purplewood Forest, exhibiting the variety of rare and elusive monsters.

The beginnings of a dungeon have been implemented, with an exclusive monster called Sakura Cellion. It is a Jr. "kitty", with the stats of the weaker Juniors and the meso/item drops of the "senior" form. Sakura Cellion are dark in color, however, and thusly resembles a Jr. form of the most powerful "kitty" Lucida. There are two maps called the Purple Plains. One was implemented almost immediately after Amoria's creation, while the other was added at the same time as Amoria PQ. Both maps have three platforms with different level monsters on each platform. The top platform containing the Sakura Cellions has a particularly fast spawn. Through the Purple Plains, one can reach the Purplewood Forest, which is the latter half of the dungeon. It contains three maps populated with monsters, most in the 30-40 range. These new monsters drop the Lip Lock Key, an item that is needed to gain access to the Amorian Challenge, a Party Quest for all married characters over level 40. At the end of the area, Amos the Strong can be found.

Countdown during the boss fight.
Amoria is not available in ChinaMS. Purple Plains is only available in GlobalMS and EuropeMS. Purplewood Dungeon is only available in GlobalMS, TaiwanMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS , however in TaiwanMS and MapleSEA, they are directly connected to the town instead of coming after the Plains. Amoria Party Quest is available in GlobalMS, TaiwanMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS.


NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Alex The Rite-Aid Guy.png
The Rite-Aid Guy
Amoria: Amoria Rite-Aid's advertisement representative. "With us, it's personal!"
MS NPC Ames the Wise.png
Ames the Wise
Amoria's Curing Light
Amoria: Amoria
MS NPC Amos the Strong.png
Amos the Strong
Hidden Street: Amos' Training Ground Allows married players to enter a special hunting ground after giving Amos 10 Lip Lock Keys.
MS NPC Angelique.png
Amoria: Amoria Located at the fountain.
MS NPC Assistant Bonnie.png
Assistant Bonnie
Chapel Staff
Amoria: Amoria
MS NPC Assistant Nicole.png
Assistant Nicole
Cathedral Assistant
Amoria: Amoria Located on the steps of the Cathedral.
MS NPC Ben.png
Amoria: Amoria "What am I going to do?" Found below and to the left of Cody.
MS NPC Claudia.png
Amoria: Amoria Hair Salon Starts and finishes the quest "Amoria: Beauty or Beast!".
MS NPC Cody.png
Wizet Wizard
Amoria: Amoria "What's going on? I'm Cody, the head programmer of MapleStory~"
MS NPC Dr. Roberts.png
Dr. Roberts
Lens Expert
Amoria: Amoria Plastic Surgery Mispelled as "Dr.Roberts" in GMS.
MS NPC Dr. 90212.png
Dr. 90212
Makeover Magician
Amoria: Amoria Plastic Surgery ??.
MS NPC Gary and Shatima.png
Gary and Shatima
Amoria: Amoria After getting married, these two offer an over Level 35 quest, "Circle of Trust" that requires 20 ring fragments from the Tweeters in Orbis Tower. The reward for this quest is a Chocolate Gelt.
MS NPC High Priest John.png
High Priest John
Cathedral Wedding Official
Amoria: Amoria Located at the gate of the Cathedral.
MS NPC Intern Shakihands.png
Intern Shakihands
Amoria: Amoria Plastic Surgery
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MS NPC Jacob.png
Amoria: Amoria Starts the quest "Amoria: The Sakura Garden 1".
MS NPC Julius Styleman.png
Julius Styleman
Heavenly Hair-Bringer
Amoria: Amoria Hair Salon
MS NPC Moony.png
Wedding Jeweler
Amoria: Amoria Makes wedding rings (requires 4 Proof of Love from Nana) and annulments.
MS NPC Mr. Sandman.png
Mr. Sandman
Amoria: Amoria ??.
MS NPC Nicholas.png
The CVS Guy
Amoria: Amoria CVS' advertisement representative. "We've got something for all the ways you care!"
MS NPC Pila Present.png
Pila Present
Wedding Planner
Amoria: Amoria Lets you pick out the gifts your friends gave you during your wedding. Can open Onyx Chests and Onyx Chest for Bride and Grooms.
MS NPC Salon Seamus.png
Salon Seamus
Amoria: Amoria Hair Salon
MS NPC Spinel.png
World Tour Guide
Amoria: Amoria Teleports you to Mushroom Shrine for 3,000 Mesos.
MS NPC Thomas Swift.png
Thomas Swift
Amoria Ambassador
Amoria: Amoria Teleports you to Henesys.
MS NPC Victoria.png
Cathedral Wedding Coordinator
Amoria: Amoria Located below the Cathedral.
MS NPC Vivian Boutique.png
Vivian Boutique
Amoria: Amoria Wedding Shop Sells suits and dresses for guests to wear to weddings.
MS NPC Wayne.png
Chapel Wedding Coordinator
Amoria: Amoria