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MS Not Available Icon.png Peach Blossom Island[edit]

  • Region: Victoria Island
  • Roads: Peach Blossom Island
Peach Blossom Island,
Matchmaking Hall

Peach Blossom Island is the Marriage System in ChinaMS. It is a traditional Eastern style wedding, based on Chinese culture. For TaiwanMS and MapleSEA, this wedding system has been retired already to make way for Amoria.

Peach Blossom Island

A Monk located in Henesys, Ludibrium, and Orbis takes a player to the Island for a fee of 2,000 mesos. At the island, there is an NPC that sells various good potions for cheap prices and wedding overalls. Unlike Amoria, there are no monsters, and the wedding is straightforward and simple. To get married, each player needs over 100,000 mesos to even enter the wedding area. Occasionally, GM events are normally held here.